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The Freedom Movement Takes Back the Tea Party with Rand Paul - And his New Book "The Tea Party Goes to Washington"

The Freedom Movement Takes Back the Tea Party with Rand Paul!

Boris in Miami – November 23, 2010

Ah… Sweet realization; Dr. Ron Paul, the most constitutional of all Congressmen in memorable history, who re-ignited the Freedom Movement in 2007 with the announcement that he would run for president of the US, has inserted -whether by plan or happenstance- his son, Rand Paul, into the mainstream of the Tea Party and general politics, and now Rand Paul is about to lay out the Tea Party program to reach the Freedom Movement’s goals with his new book “The Tea Party Goes to Washington“.

The Tea Party started in Ron Paul’s Freedom Movement as the economy started to implode, and the bailout plans began to surface. The movement grew at staggering rates as the education emanating from this extremely dedicated group, influenced Americans of all political stripes. The time was ripe for it, the people were furious with a government out of control, which was unable to say no to the bankers.

But, as with all things that threaten it, the establishment tried to co-opt this pro-small government movement, and tried to change it into a ‘war all the time’, and therefore a big government, big spending, nationalistic movement, by positioning pro-war Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck as the face of the Tea Party.

To a great degree they succeeded, and they promoted the Tea Party to those conservatives who were still getting their “news” from their cable tv stations. Bringing millions more people to the movement, and with them, mainstream respect. Of course, what started as a radical Constitutional Movement got diluted and in some degree corrupted. This is always the price to pay for growth in political movements.

Many in the Freedom Movement have realized that the future of the Constitutional Republic depends on the Freedom Movement’s Tea Party, and have, despite their reservations about some of their new members, or because of it, decided to remain active in the Tea Party, to continue to educate the new members, and to provide them with the philosophical basics, just as Ron Paul always has done with us, as is now doing with the new members of the Tea party.

His son, Rand Paul who decided to Run for Senate in Kentucky as a Tea Party Republican, won his office easily, riding the Constitutional revolt wave. Now he is the face of the Tea Party; Probably much more than Palin, who is not in any office, and Beck, who everyday is seen more and more as the entertainer than he is.

And now Rand Paul is publishing the book “The Tea Party Goes to Washington“, in which he presents “…his ...

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Rand Paul 2016

At the risk of repeating, I

At the risk of repeating myself, I will repeat myself: Beware of Establishment Republicans, RINOs, Neocons and other wolves in sheep's clothing. I am referring to individuals trying to infiltrate the Tea Party Movement in order to neutralize it, and assimilate it into the Republican Party.

I am speaking of individuals like Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin. These peoples' loyalties are to the GOP Establishment, not the Tea Parties, and certainly not the Constitution.

If the Tea Parties can work within the Republican Party, that is based on who is in control; us or them. We can't allow the globalists, Neocons and RINOs to pass themselves off as Tea Party people. And we can't allow these "moderate" candidates to run as Tea Party candidates.

For the Tea Party to become one with the Republican Party, the GOP leadership needs to be changed. I mean all new leadership. We can't work with people who have no allegiance to our Constitution. These people simply cannot be trusted. They will sell us out.

We need to educate our creation; the Tea Party.

We need to be responsible parents of what we created. We can not leave the tea party to be educated by the neocons.

We should follow Ron Paul's example and reach out to them with educational points. That is what the Daily Tea Party is about.

Those who fail to see how important the Tea Party will be in deciding what will happen in 2012 will be the ones most loudly protesting that the tea party 'has been co-opted'

Either we engage the tea party or we have no business complaining and moaning in 2012 if the tea party selects Palin as their candidate.

You can scream all you want about being principled, and moan and complain, but if we are not educating the tea party we are not furthering those principles to the most relevant audience.

"it is good for the establishment to adopt liberty ideology, but it is not good for those who have already adopted liberty to fall to the feet of the establishment." ~ Annica2

interesting take..

interesting take..

Pray tell Crickett, criticize away...

Interesting take, but...?

"it is good for the establishment to adopt liberty ideology, but it is not good for those who have already adopted liberty to fall to the feet of the establishment." ~ Annica2