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CIA & Blackwater Infiltrated Ron Paul's 2008 Campaign - Russia Today.

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That should illustrate where

That should illustrate where they stand. The Ron Paul campaign has always stood for Constitutional government. Our opponents stand for tyranny.

Well of course.

CIA is where the action is. That is the nature of the beast.

What I want to know about is Blackwater , Nights Templar use in the Desert. That mention was squashed.

Wouldn't really surprise me

Wouldn't really surprise me at this point.. seeing as how he just dropped out like he did. That was a huge let down for me.

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in retrospect

i'm pretty sure that i was "interviewed" during the campaign by an operative. i was very active with writing, rallies, fund raising, etc. got an email out of the blue through meet-ups and we met at a local pub.

looking back on the questions and conversation, his demeanor, build....i really wonder.

Let's keep some perspective

This is an old story and this is State run Russian TV.
Have you ever seen such great propaganda? Not only are the women smokin' hot they are articulate and smart.

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It would explain that first

It would explain that first "He's catching on" ad. I get the shakes just thinking about that one.

I didn't hear anything in there about infiltrating the campaign

other than a statement to that effect.

The explanation given to back it up dealt with someone being present at the primary debates for both parties. Gravel and Paul were mentioned, but no explanation as to how this presence at the debates, with approval from the Secret Service in the case of the Democrat debate, has anything to do specifically with the Gravel and Paul campaigns.

Madsen himself has credibility issues.

Claiming an infiltration and then using this as evidence of it is a damper on anyone's credibility who does so as well.

Is there any more to this story?

old news

this is old news. google it.

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Great find, Swede!

Great find, Swede!
I had never seen this clip before. The link that you posted was dated 11/23/2010, but then I found another link to the same clip which was already from 8/31/2009:

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that RT is running old reports. Thanks for the info.

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Based on the testimony of Wayne Madsen

who is not completely credible in my opinion. So I take him with a grain of salt.

I take you with a grain of salt.

I like to self cross check info and let the info stand for itself. So when I hear someones opinion of a investigative journalist I question the person who thinks they know credibility.

Fair enough

One of Madsen's published indictments of Wikileaks was full of speculation, contradiction, and errors. It was like a crazy person wrote it. The fact that the article went viral made the shoddiness of it all the more annoying.

Do you see the holes here?

Well I for one question wikileaks.

It's amusing they have to build up by saying they are going to release info?? Really.. sounds staged. Just release the info and let people go through it instead of hold back the REAL INFO. Why the buildup and suspense. Its ridiculous what's the purpose other then to occupy and divert time.. It's a strategy you know.. put focus on this to secretly do something over there. Magicians do it all the time.. its called slight of hand.

Once again you merely state it was full of speculation as an opinion to and of yourself to discredit Madsden.

Therefore grain of salt.

Wikileaks' strategy is to select a few news venues

and tip them off to the upcoming release of documents. You have assumed you know why they do that, and then proceeded to criticize them.

Contrary to your assumptions about his motives, Julian Assange explained that Wikileaks has learned that if they leak something big without the prior announcement, nobody covers the leak. They have gotten more success with this tactic.