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Pope Now Says That Condom Use O.K.!

This is nothing less than a miracle of enlightenment.

Women and men can use condoms to protect themselves from Aids, Vatican says
Women as well as men can use condoms to protect themselves against diseases such as Aids, the Vatican has confirmed at the launch of a new book about the Pope.

By Nick Squires in Rome 5:58PM GMT 23 Nov 2010

Pope Benedict XVI had said in a new book that the use of condoms by Catholics would be morally justifiable in "certain cases", citing as an example the responsibility of a male prostitute not to pass on the deadly disease to a client.

The 83-year-old pontiff's initial comment on condoms was contained in the book "Light of the World", extracts of which were published at the weekend, but they were so ambiguous that the Vatican was forced to yesterday [Tue] offer clarification and interpretation.

The Vatican's spokesman said that the Pope intended that the change of policy should apply to anybody with HIV/Aids, on the basis that preventing another person from being infected was the lesser of two evils, even it meant averting a possible pregnancy.

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