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Domestic Terrorist Organization: TSA

We were told that the terrorists hate us because we are free.

The TSA has no regard for the Constitution, and could not care less about our 4th Amendment right to be free from unwarranted search and seizures.

We were told the terrorist might try a "dirty bomb" approach.

The TSA is radiating tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands and eventually ALL, air passengers (with train, bus and other terminals to follow) thus increasing, albeit slowly, the incidence of cancer in America.

We were told the terrorists might try a "biological" attack.

The easiest way for a pathogen to spread is air travel.

The TSA has been documented to not be changing gloves after sexually assaulting passengers, thus increasing the likelihood that disease will spread and in essence making themselves a guaranteed vector for a pathogen whether or not intentionally introduced.

We were told by the terrorists themselves (allegedly) that they intend to inflict upon America, "death by 1000 cuts."

Does this not meet that definition?

  • Slow but sure radiation doses.
  • Spreading of germs and bacteria, one passenger at a time
  • inciting rebellion via blatant sexual assault as a condition of air (and soon all) travel
  • Further straining our Health Care delivery systems via increased usage for cancer and pathogen related illnesses.

Folks, I submit to you:

TSA - Domestic Terrorist Organization

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Yep..just the choir here,

Yep..just the choir here, echoing your sentiments..maybe you should write it to Huffington or your senator?