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FOXnews: Ron Paul: Crotch Groped by TSA, Calls for Boycott of Airlines

From FOXnews:

Appearing on the Alex Jones Show today, Texas Congressman Ron Paul expressed his outrage and disgust with the TSA and its unconstitutional naked body scanners and genital groping under the transparent pretense of protecting the American people from terrorists in distant caves.

"If we tolerate this," Paul said, "there's something wrong with us." He added that the American people deserve to be humiliated and demeaned by the government if they refuse to stand up and resist.


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Nice story

but is that a real FOx news site? Terms such as "naked body scanners" and "transparent pretense" do appear in newsy articles, but usually clearly ascribe the terms to a particular person.

Defend Liberty!


good interview.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Expedia joins in boycott of American Airlines (Unrelated to TSA)

This doesn't seem to be related to the TSA outrage, but it looks like Expedia.com has decided to boycott American Airlines to an extent.


Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

Good riddance!

Take Michael Chertoff with you, you bunch of crooks.

I'm glad Delta Airlines and American Airlines pulled themselves all the way out. Boycott these Airlines & let the little guys flourish.

Boycott One At A Time

Pick an airlines and boycott that one alone. Don't do them all at the same time. Change their minds so they're willing to give up government security one at a time.
Someone somewhere pick one to boycott. When a union strikes they don't strike all companies at the same time. One at a time means leverage.

American Airlines


^^^So Southwest Airlines seems to understand our point of view here...

Maybe the fairest way to do this is to go down the alphabet.

If you don't count Air France (as it's a foreign airline), AirTran would be the next logical choice...but they're going to be bought out by Southwest.

So then, the next major airline would be American Airlines.

So if we could make it into a mass movement...then potentially there's money to be made here by shorting American Airlines (AMR), and going long Southwest Airlines (LUV) (if airline stocks are your thing...which they're not for me...but I did have a very profitable trade on AirTran a few years back).

So Stage 1 of boycott: American Airlines, agreed?

Only the acceptance of the truth can defeat systemic evil.

Odd enough, Easter Island oly

Odd enough, Easter Island oly has 1 airline. LAN. My dad, mom and an uncle talked about the idea of having another airline or 2 to compete with LAN, so that way there can be more competition and low prices.

Luckily though, I may go on the Chilean Air Force plane to Easter Island for the summer with my sister.

I was going to post this

I was going to post this article til I saw it here. It's crazy that fox news has this story. And that they have the video clip imbedded right there. AJ is going to get lots more listeners and page hits from all this media coverage in the past few weeks. I didn't see this happening but I think it is a positive trend for sure. It kind of all started when drudge started linking stories.

I am Ron Paul

Wow... for one thing, this

Wow... for one thing, this clip is spreading around pretty quick. Second, I'm quite surprised Fox News has actually referred to Infowars.

The most important thing, however, is understanding Ron Paul's stance on this problem. I don't think I've seen or heard the good Dr. this upset until as of lately. The man is on fire! Him going through the humiliating groping all the time and now sharing that with the people is a truly noble thing to do, and that is going to resonate with a lot of Americans. Is the TSA scanning/patdowns the issue that has finally awakened the sleeping giant?

northstar's picture

Ron Paul is truly our last hope for sanity


Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

That probably was not the

That probably was not the smartest thing TSA could have done.