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China and Russia Quit the Dollar

The Big Boys are making their moves, it won't be long now before the dollar is worthless.



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Good Bye and Good Riddance

I for one have really little respect for these two countries which have received bailouts from the west over and over again and continue to stab us in the back.

There will be hardly any Russians left in 50 years anyway by the looks of it because of their low replenishment rate and China will move in to fill the void and hopefully these two clowns will be stupid enough to fight each other.

Thank goodness we are over here and not bordering them like they are each other.

Hopefully, the U.S. will employ a measured response.



What kind of "measured response"? When did China ever need a bailout from anyone. We are the ones up to our neck in debt, not them. If they stop using the dollar, they will both be better off and others will probably follow them.

The house is coming down......

And then the looting will begin, just like it did in Russia. Will you be ready? Or will you be one of the people on the breadlines? Stock up. Sell anything unnecessary and buy metals, gold, silver, needles. Be prepared. Study the history of the Soviet Collapse. Expect it to be similar here.

Damn right!

As a matter of fact, you just reminded me to go out and get more supplies. Thanks!

Guess the L-Triptophan wore off for Cooper!


9/11, the economic collapse, the wars, the march towards socialism are all connected, but please do not alert the American idiots, because they are busy playing with shopping for their toys. The sound of the nukes going off will be their wake up call, but it will be too late by then.

Libertarians like Ron Paul and the idiots that follow him say that the USA's policies are the problem? It is Israel? What side is Paul really on? He is a congressman and he has access to some of the intel (it would not shock me if he is blocked from the important intel), so he knows what and who the real danger is, but he chooses to lie to the people about it instead.

We have no choice but to strike Russia and China with everything we got, because they are pushing us into a corner. Would you rather live free or die like a coward? Putin is just drooling as he watches us bleed, die and go broke. We are ripe for destruction soon and he knows it, so does China. That is the real reason why North Korea had their little stunt the other day, because this is ALL CONNECTED.

For The Power of The Republic!

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How much more can the dollar take?

This was totally avoidable. All that was needed was some common sense, a rare commodity among the banksters these days.

Could mean Trouble....

After reading this article, I had to go back and re-read one of the greatest talks Ron Paul gave back in 2006 in front of the House. http://www.lewrockwell.com/paul/paul303.html It is a "must read" to see just how smart and ahead of everyone else in politics the good Dr. is!

They said the same thing last

They said the same thing last year but continued in dollars.


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Quote from that article

" It will take “at least a couple of years” to start converting the first contracts into domestic currencies, said Elina Ribakova, Citigroup Inc.’s chief economist in Moscow. "

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Not good.

That basically means they won't be reserving the currency for trade. AKA. buying dollars.

Thanks for posting

The demise of the dollar can't be too far behind now that the Fed is monetizing the debt.

I feel sad about it.

Don't be sad. The dollar died decades ago.

The Federal Reserve Note scam has just about run its course. Your grandkids will be sad when their chip doesn't buy quite what it used to anymore. Or when they switch to next generation chips instead of good old fashioned under the skin implants.

The big shoe to drop

will be the already planned currency that comes out of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (sic). Look at the list of members, observers and dialoguers. That list is a lot of the planet. Happy Thanksgiving!


See also:

The recent $60Bn arms deal with Saudi Arabia

was that whole thing to temporarily placate OPEC?

PLEASE keep trading in dollars... we'll give you bombs, planes, anything you want. Just don't dump the dollar, 'k?

Good point

Very possible.

This happened last nite...

This is basically the beginning of the end folks...

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Another take on the story

See what China says...



Check out the comment section.


Thanks for posting.

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Brings the middle east into focus

look at a map and think about this.


If even the Keynesians are warning Helicopter Ben about it, then of course he can see it too.

I am not so sure if it will make people lose confidence in the Fed when it happens. Their masters own almost all the media and they will try to convince everyone that they have the solutions (just like they do with their disease-related scare tactics where the "solutions" are conveniently provided bu the latest drug) in the form of an international currency and all teh tentacles that go with it.

It fits in with his constant re-assurance (as seen before the poperty bubble burst) so that people feel like they are being kissed while they are being screwed. The idea is that when everyone wakes up it is too late, they have done it.

The apparency is that he has sole and absolute power over the dollar and that he can do waht he pleases despite the warnings from other economists and state heads. Why would that happen unless he is deliberately crashing the dollar and the world's currencies.

I dont think he is an idiot, just a calculating, destructive minion carrying out a plan he is well paid for. Why would he (and all past Fed heads) and every president (except the assassinated ones) agree so closely?

I agree


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In my best Goldmember voice...

"Weeeee - and da shoosting begins!"

Start the timer- this keg isn't going to smolder much longer before it goes up.


I quit the rouble and whatever the Chinese use as well.

how do you like that Asians?...I think most Russians are Asians imo.

If the dollars become worthless than its over. I think the psychological shock of this development would be extremely difficult to overcome. The US dollar will remain but be revalued.

China will give no quarter as well. They are buying up natural resources all over the world in exhange for funding a nation's infrastructure and by creating jobs in those countries.

Those countries have traded in the US for Chinese investment. They thought they had it rough under the Americans...I would bet they find China will give them even a roughter do of it.


On a side note of you saying

On a side note of you saying that some Russians are Asians, I was watching 9th Company about the Soviet war in Afghanistan. *Excellent movie on why we shouldn't be involved in wars carelessly* Anyways there was an Asian in there talking Russian and the more I thought of it, the more it made sense. With Mongolia and China right next to them its only logical. When I think of Russians I always thought of the hollywood type Russian. But that movie was more of a true Russian film. Especially since everybody was Russian speaking Russian.

Funny how the media can have you develop a perception of a country and its people.