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Students held in gym for not receiving vaccinations



You can't make this stuff up:

students held in gym for not receiving vaccinations


Some parents have wondered if keeping all the students in one room could actually cause any viruses to spread more quickly. Sexton said they had nurses with the students and that none appeared to be ill.

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I left a comment, as well.

I will praise Indiana's NewsandTribune.com for allowing a non-user to post a comment on their website. That isn't usually the case for newspaper sites I have been to.


and left a comment.

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If so-called "herd immunity" from vaccinations were true....


.....there would have been massive outbreaks, death & destruction in that gymnasium filled with 300 kids who hadn't had all their vaccinations.

Isn't it unbelievable that these tyrants can continue to use bogus fear campaigns to keep the slaves in their cages?

Bottom line - those diseases don't exist in this nation any longer (or are rarely harmful) because we have flush toilets and PLENTY of food on the table.

However, we DO now have massive 'outbreaks' of juvenile arthritis, cancer, asthma, allergies, autism, diabetes, eczema, ear infections, crohn's disease, MS, ADHD, SIDS, etc, etc, etc....



This cracks me up. So unvaccinated kids were all put

together to keep any virus from allegedly spreading from "them" to the vaccinated kids?


The vaccinated kids are now allegedly IMMUNE, and thus are not at risk right?

That is if vaccinations have any efficacy at all...

and the comments on that site are filled with nothing but boot lickers. Sad.


esp. about the boot lickers...could not believe all the support for this...ie. parents this and that lol


Here's what I wrote in the COMMENTS section


Here's what I wrote in the COMMENTS section:

Perhaps those in the gym were SAFER. They were kept from the vaccinated kids who were merrily shedding their live viruses from all the vaccines pumped into them by the quota-bullies. It's ALL about The Benjamins - NOT health.

Here are three mainstream proofs that these outbreaks cannot be blamed on the unvaccinated AND that the vaccines are ineffective:

From the vaccine place.com



* It is unknown whether immunizing adolescents and adults against pertussis will reduce the risk of transmission to infants. 3


Mainstream news headline out of San Diego:

2/3 People Getting Whooping Cough In San Diego FULLY Vaccinated:



"Nearly two out of three people diagnosed with whooping cough in San Diego County this year, were fully immunized....KPBS examined data from San Diego County’s Health and Human Services Agency. Of the 332 confirmed cases of whooping cough in the county so far this year, 197 of the people who got sick were up to date with their immunizations. That's nearly 2 out of 3 cases."


Out of Australia:

More kids' hospital doctors get whooping cough EVEN though fully vaxed:



"The hospital says the doctors have contracted the infection despite keeping their vaccinations up to date....Dr Brian Wheatley, from the hospital, concedes vaccination is not always effective."




This is a very serious matter. Lazy parents or not as they claim, there is no grounds for this kind of action imo.

There is no epidemic there from what I read, therefore serious attention should be directed towards this issue.

I think it is in Indiana.

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