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Chinese Difficulties


Are you China experiencing difficulties and slight discomforts in your number 1 polluter status country?

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good to know this.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

So why is COMMUNIST China telling its citizens the truth

about economic statistics while our government has been lying to us all these years?

Wow. I would have thought the PRC would at least fudge their stats a little. (maybe they are and that's why people are pissed, because it's even WORSE than they admit?)

Good point

In Greenspan's wording, the economy does not appear to be as robust as previously thought.

ps. It seems as though western financial institutions are looking out more for China then the west imo.

...what is happening to their workers' paradise? With all that western brain power going in there ...ie. MBA's ..they should be in good shape like us lol

btw, when I worked in retail for minimum wage in a large chain way back when we were allowed and trained to set the prices ourselves on many but not all items. Obviously not the items in the flyers.

Now they hire MBA's for determining price, market analysis and all this 'power points are us' etc. When the feces hits the fan..then the MBA's all bail lol