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George Donnelly - TSA Blinked! ... An Opt Out Day Video Synopsis.

Quality video from TSA Opt Out activist George Donnely. George covers the TSA reaction to Opt Out Day, the record low number of flyers for Thanksgiving Weekend and a long list of victories achieved in the last two weeks by patriots and freedom lovers.

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Terrific! Ty for posting.

Terrific! Ty for posting.

This is good news! I suspected that we weren't ...

getting the real story behind what really went on today, but instead were getting a watered-down and very slanted view (propaganda) by the MSM toning down the real effects of Opt-out Day on the air travel industry and the TSA. Just because there weren't any mobs rioting at the airports doesn't mean that they win. After all, peaceful resistance to tyranny is what we were hoping for, and I believe that they got it and its messing with them, to put it mildly. This video gives me hope. Good job patriots!

I can personally say that here in southern CA the traffic today was the craziest I've ever seen it on the day before Thanksgiving. True, many people took to the road because the economy being as bad as it is and $$ being an issue, that that made flying an unaffordable luxury. So, people packed up and took their cars instead to get to where they are going for their turkey dinner tomorrow. I pray for their safety, what w/more people on the road and all.

Nonetheless, I honestly believe that the reason there were so many more cars on the road today is because Americans opted out from flying on purpose and drove their cars in order to avoid being groped and/or scoped. They got an earlier start today, too. Getting anywhere in the city today was almost impossible, but I didn't mind--somehow seeing all that traffic gave me hope.