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UPDATE-->>Scavenger Hunt! - How Many Items In Your Home Are Made In The USA?

Any? If so please either count them, and post, or list them if you can.

(BTW, garages don't count, only items in your house)

The person who has most items, will be notified, in advance as to the purpose of this thread(its more than just for fun.....hint-hint)


Since many of you were busy during the holidays, will extend the Scavenger Hunt through the weekend. So far, here is a list of some items that DP members have found in their homes that are made in the USA!

wallet and a belt

LED flashlight, US minted metal, my AR-15,and ammo

industrial grade liners (trash bags) HEFTY BRAND

gun safe, furniture

quilts (made by Quiltingsando -TM) fruit/vegetables,dining table, bookcase

silver coins, metal truck(self made)


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after what year? lol

btw, Made In USA / Sheplers - 100 % wool Cowboy hat lol


any year....

for example you may have some old coleman camping gear. It was all made in the usa, but now most of it or none of it is made here any more.

You can put it on the list. (if you know what year or approximately what year the items were made feel free to add that as well)

*hope this helps

Suave deodorant
adhesive bandages
polo cologne
hand sanitizer
vitamin e oil
Tidycat kitty litter
Lysol disinfectant
Trojan condoms
Renuizit air fresher
Sterlite clothes hamper
Shout stain remover
20 mule Borax
Fabric dryer sheets
Chinet red plastic cups
Nemesis jacket
Pyrex cookware
Anchor Hocking cookware
Heisey Glass
Fenton Glass
All American Canner
Corner living room cabinets.

actually YES!!

Once the reason for this thread is revealed, you will understand why your list is so helpful

only 3 things

Quiltingsando Liberty flag
Poker Face CD
Poker Face signed picture.

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for someone who lives in Canada...

that is not too bad..(most people who live outside the US probably have nothing made from here..sadly)

you are right

and truth is I have very few material things objects...oh I just realized I own an American made army jacket!

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Me. I was born here

in the de facto U.S.Inc. and would not find out about that until 54 years later!!!

According to total tonnage,

most everything. We have multiple tons of landscaping bricks/stones in the yard holding up the dirt, that were made 90 miles from home.

Kitchen table, homemade, 8 kitchen chairs, gotten at a yard sale

made in Virginia 70 years ago. Apothecary chest, even longer ago. Two very old Singer commercial sewing machines, treadle. One antique domestic Singer treadle, and a rebuilt commercial Singer for upholstery. Half a dozen cane/rush/splint antique chairs. Roll upon roll of upholstery fabric made in Minneapolis. Several antique crocks, used for fermenting vegetables,etc. Dozen curtains, made by myself. Several braided rugs, made by myself out of American woven wool fabric. Dozen or so quilts made by myself. Dozen or so cross stitched samplers made by myself. Wood cookstove made in America. Two other antique woodstoves. Antique desks, 2. Hand carved front door, made in my town. 2 hammered dulcimers, one guitar. Baskets, made by me. some guns (not telling how many). Chimneys made by husband. Several antique dressers. Several antique small tables. Home made by husband. bookshelves made by my dad and my sister. 3 bread peels for my bakeoven. 8 bean crocks.Well, there are probably a lot more, but I am tired.

Wow!!! You by Far Are in the Lead!!

I count at least 23 different categories, (and probably over 60 or more actual items)!!!


If anyone can beat this please try...(you even have more Made in the USA items than Quilt down below)



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I RE-found my local leather-smith

When one of the dogs ate the tongue off a brand new pair of titanium-toed boots, we took them to "the old leather guy downtown". We were shocked. He charged a whopping $5 to replace it (which we tipped another 5) and while we waited (yes, he did it right then), we found a $12 wallet and an $8 belt that were both much better than anything I've seen in a box store for decades. All real and local leather, all hand made. It was an eye opener and I now promote his shop and my new belt all I can.

SteveMT's picture

My LED flashlight from C Crane, My GMO seeds in my freezer, ...

and US minted metal, my AR-15,and ammo.

Ccrane company??!!! COOL

I have heard of the C crane co. (from art bell) was wondering...
Is everything from their company US made?
And how is their LED flashlight? Ive tried various LED flashlights w/medium satisfaction....(of course they were probably all NOT made in the USA)

Would love it if that one actually did a good job at brightness/reliability etc...

I tried to find a

a website with a list of USA products got very little, sad really

Industrial Grade Liners

I am currently holding in my hands ..Husky Industrial Garbage Bags made in the great State of Texas. - Grand Prairie, Texas to be exact. Great product - extra thick and fills basically an oil drum. (35 in X 50 in)

I highly recommend them.

Thanks Texas !!



Thanks for the tip, I'll look for them. The x-large ones I've used (made in USA) kinda suck. Well, they really suck. They're made in Massachusetts/Rhode Island.

Thinking more about this scavenger hunt, I'd be better off listing things not made in the USA (except for my electronics, ha ha!). I mostly buy only USA-made goods, completely made here and often from our own resources, but that is becoming so difficult and often the products just suck. Sorry, had to say it. I do like small, mom & pop companies, but they are getting shafted and going out of business.

I usually do without if it means I'd have to buy a cheap version made elsewhere. I prefer buying an older, used USA-made item and/or repairing it over buying a crappy one made you-know-where which is designed to break early so I need to buy another...

Can't even shop LL Bean anymore for USA-made goods. :(



Here is their web site.

ps. I am in no way affiliated with this company. lol

I picked them up at the Home Despot. ;)


Do firearms count?

If so... WOOOOO!

Guns count ....as long as their not in the garage...

Since most/many people have a garage full of ..well everything...thought it was only fair to elude garage contents.

So, if you keep your rifles/bazookas/grenades/handguns/glocks/ammo/etc... in your home somewhere....


(all us made ammo counts as 1 item)


Does the home itself count?

hahaah .... GOOD POINT...

Well I did say built in the USA, not that the materials had to be from here. SO...... lets say yes

If you have a home/house that counts. (as it took American Labor to build it)

SO hey, everyone has at least 1 item .


Okay, that's one...
It will take a while to find #2, and that's a damn shame. A Shame towards my nation, and secondly towards me.

Beyond Material Goods

I was made in the U.S.A.

a gun safe....wait! let me check that for sure.

and some old furniture which has outlasted the newly bought stuff.

I have actually been reading labels for years

and have bought made in USA Christmas gifts for the whole family for a few years now. this is no small feat, as I have 6 children with families.
Since I have been doing this for so long, and I have a big family dinner coming up tomorrow--I don't have time for a scavenger hunt right now!

well , thought it might be ...

that some would have no time... others could get the kids/family to help out(make it a family affair--while teaching / bring awareness to the fact that we need to start makin stuff again)

or that some people may have more time on their hands today than other days.

Hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving!

I make my own

quilts and I use US made batting. My husband grows a vegetable garden, no imported vegetables. We planted three apple trees and blue berry, blackberry, and rash berry bushes no imported fruit. I have an oak dining room set that was made in the US, a bookcase made in the US, a bunch of stuff and holding on to them because they would be hard to replace. My children were conceived in the US and born here, too. lol

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