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RAWstory's Stephen C. Webster throws RP & R3VOLution an OliveBranch, & Bikinis?


"Ron Paul on ‘Opt-Out Day’: ‘If we tolerate’ the TSA, ‘there’s something wrong with us’"

"Popular Texas Republican Congressman Ron Paul has a message for the American people: If you tolerate the new, invasive Transportation Security Administration procedures, then maybe you deserve it..."

Stephen C. Webster(http://bravenewhooks.com/about/) is friends with Barry Cooper (http://trueslant.com/stephenwebster/2010/07/21/my-last-post-...), and is "aware" of Alex Jones, as a long time Austin, TX resident. Not to mention the fact that he's RAWstory.com's resident quasi-closet 9/11 Truth guy; that, certainly wins some points with the R3VOLution.
http://bravenewhooks.com/2009/09/06/a-comment-on-van-jones-a... (This Article was initially posted on RAWstory.com, has since been removed, as far as I can tell)

Despite the fact that Stephen's still a false paradigm L vs.R-stuck liberal, and is often utterly clueless on Freedom & Economic Issues, and while not at the level of intellectual honesty nor has the Constitutional gravitas that Glenn Greenwald maintains, Stephen has been a bit more "fair" to the Doc, than your run of the mill oBUSHmaBot's mindless drivels.

And, RAWstory.com decides to cap the day off with this apropos summation:

"As Thanksgiving travel begins anew, a security revolt simmers"

and this is how ABC "News" wraps up the TSA tyranny brouhaha:

"Prosthetics Become Source of Shame at Airport Screenings: TSA Administrator [John Pistole] Apologizes to Cancer Survivor After Pat-Down Broke Seal on Urine Bag"

Although I would have titled it:

"Cluless TSA Pot-bellied Tyrants Needlessly and Immorally Humiliate Medical Procedure Survivors!"

Direct Video Download Link: http://video-cdn.abcnews.com/101122_gma_alfonsi1_embed.mp4

And, if you're a hot chick with a great bod, perhaps you can try this quasi-acquiescence to the DHS-TSA Tyrannical PoliceState:

"Have Bikini, Will Travel"

Direct Video Download Link:


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