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RT video: Anarchy in UK: Video of angry London riots as students fight cuts


Calm is being restored in central London after a day of violent protests. Thousands of students took to the streets to demonstrate against government plans to increase university tuition fees and slash teaching budgets. The widespread unrest saw missiles being hurled at police, windows smashed at Whitehall and several people injured. Authorities say over 30 arrests were made for criminal damage and public disorder. School and university students engaged in local rallies across the UK.

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Useful idiots rioting for more socialism.


Not one of those geniuses ever stopped to question the value of their degree.

My own career as a left-wing useful idiot ended the day I discovered Ron Paul and thought that maybe coercion wasn't the answer after all.

Totally agree. I dont like

Totally agree. I dont like the way the University system here is structured, but if these people want 'free' higher education, then they'd better expect the quality of our higher education institutions to decrease dramatically.

This means the number of foreign students will decrease dramatically, and considering they pay 3 times as much as we do, and the Universities depend on them, then the Universities will deteriorate even futher.

Its funny how socialists are actually as 'selfish' as the capitalists they claim to despise.

Yes, "Everything For Free" is the hallmark of a real socialist.

All capital goods in the hands of the state and all consumer goods and services doled out for "free" by the state.

In conversation with socialists, it is always a better idea to start out with those sectors of the economy that they believe should remain in private ownership rather than the other way round.


Thanks for posting.

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