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Matt Taibbi: Rand will be an agent of Wall Street who supports bank bailouts

Q: Who was the biggest charlatan to win in 2010?

A: Ooh. Wow. For me, Rand Paul is the guy that really drives me crazy. Just because I know his father a little bit, and I like his father. I think his father’s honest. I think Rand Paul and a lot of these guys are going to end up being basically agents of Wall Street. They’re out there campaigning as libertarians who are pure capitalists, and I just know that’s not what it’s going to end up. It’s going to end up being this thing where they’re against spending when it’s for poor people and minority home owners, but be OK with bailouts for banks.


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Since winning the election,

Since winning the election, any skepticism I had about Rand has turned to pure optimism. I can tell that Rand is determined to walk the walk. I was never worried though that he would kowtow to wall street - after all that would seriously betray his constituency and he probably wouldn't survive it. But I do think that he will come out against the wars in his own way and will have great influence over others in that regard; that he will actually turn many warmongers around. His Dad is sly as a fox and Rand is crafty too. One thing people like Taibi and other naysaysers don't understand whatsoever, probably because they are convinced the whole movement is astroturf, is that our guys are truly able to raise money from the grassroots and don't need to rely on corporations and lobbyists to bankroll them. We know also that Rand is from a good family whom make an honest living and don't likely aspire to politics for prestige and wealth.

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IMO, Taibbi is also not a big fan of John Galt!

Another pure capitalist to ridicule. Ya think!

Why attack Rand Paul even before he has had a chance to take the oath of office? Why not attack the RINOs as charlatans?

I hope he's wrong.

In my heart I think he's right. But I hope he's wrong.

Time will tell,

and time will prove Rand to be a true patriot, imo.

This does nothing but help Rand as long true to his words

which I do not doubt him to be. This will solidify Rand as a force and as someone whom will have made a believer of one of the most staunch and outspoken opponents of the banks. If Matt can be made a believer we will gain many democrats in the next election cycle... many...

The Liberty a society retains is inversely proportional to the number of Lawyers in the Government.

Rand will get his chance and

Rand will get his chance and time will tell if he becomes a champion for freedom or sells out, for now he has a clean slate. I pray he can be like his father.

How can you win...

an argument from a guy who can tell the future? Matt certainly has us all over the barrel. Unfair I say!
Why not give (young) Dr. Paul an opportunity to unpack his suitcase and let us all see how he performs. Sounds fair to me...

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Matt you have a 'crystal ball' that has been either subject to a recall or damaged by the TSA. ;)




It makes it seem like he wishes this to be true, which does not surprise me.

Some persons, not artificial persons..

..mistake Corporatism for Capitalism.

"Timid men prefer the calm of despotism to the tempestuous sea of liberty" TJ


He has some fundamental in his thinking that does not allow him to see the basic similarities of Rand to Ron on major issues.

Matt is smart but he is sitting on some false fundametnal that obscures his vision for now.

I predict Rand will be a rallying point who of course WILL continue to be influenced by his father and their common-sense approach to finance will show up the special interest minions in congress. They will try to twist and turn things the Pauls say and they will stand firm and it will even get into the MSM quite frequently and eventaull many people will start to see the Austrian way becuase of it.

I really like Matt Taibbi, I

I really like Matt Taibbi, I think he has done some great work of exposing Wall St, and explains it in a way that is easy to understand, informative, and even entertaining (with his writing style). I point many people to his articles. I don't, however, think that he has got all the way to the heart of the issue yet(hopefully yet).
Thomas Jefferson said "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered..."
What Matt is missing is that Goldman Sachs is one of the "banks and corporations" that has grown up around the Central Bank. The Central Bank creates the moral hazard that GS profits from. Another poster in the article mentioned that 'unless The Volcker Rule is adopted, nothing else matters.', I would go further and say that as long as a moral hazard exists, nothing else matters. What many people, and Matt, seem to think is that the answer is to set up rules. Many of us think it would be simpler to just eliminate the moral hazard (yes though, as long as the moral hazard exists, we need to run around setting rules).
I think that Rand Paul understands this, so I think it is a little pre-mature to call him a charlatan. If he does turn out to be a charlatan, I won't continue to blindly defend him like so many republicans did with bush and so many democrats do with obama.

liking matt taibbi

is like liking the young turks, oreilly, hannity, or glenn beck. the beauty is truly "only in the eyes of the beholder", and you need not explain your affinity or even try to, because truly only you will understand, and reading those attempts will only be a waste of time for those of us who do not share that bizarre (subjectively speaking) sentiment.

what's really strange here is that mr taibbi no doubt is one of those journalists who spends 5 minutes research and 5 days writing. it's obvious he had ample opportunity to look on youtube for rand's many years of activism to know that he didn't just show up yesterday. or he could have followed ron paul movement's history more closely to know rand's decades of activism under the same philosophy unless he intends to claim that rand's scheming started before the age of 20--and on a not particularly popular political view point at that. but no, just like any other person who claims to "like" rp but actually doesn't bother looking into anything worthwhile--his stance, movement's history, or.. facts, he knows as much as somebody who may just as well claim rp is a kook.

rp supporters supposedly had the intellectual leisure of actually looking into things and utilize *analytical abilities. people here should possess wisdom and info that this "journalist" does not, and they do not carry the same "journalistic" baggage that he does in having to make wild speculations with so little research in the hope that one might come true for him to stay relevant. yet occasionally one or two persons may still feel sympathetic to an ignoramus' view. an supposedly* informed person chooses a softened response on issues of intellectual matter and talking in terms of "like" or "dislike" to another ignoramus rather than just calling him an idiot outright for what he is. that's what's really asinine here, rather than the fact that fake journalists are a dime a dozen, and we just happened to spot another.

and i fail to see the point of repeating that part about jefferson which 99% of the people in the movement already know. the only thing to do here is to call him a fucking idiot, which you failed to do.

Wow dude, we clearly aren't

Wow dude, we clearly aren't communicating. I wasn't trying to explain any affinity (although if I wanted to I certainly wouldn't refrain for your sake), I was trying to explain how Matt doesn't get it. As fun as it is to run around and call people fucking idiots, it does little to understand their point of view, convince them of yours, or advance the conversation. Trying to analyze where people are not 'getting it', for me, helps understand what to say to help them fill in the blanks. Which is what I was attempting to illustrate by quoting jefferson. The point was to show where matt wasn't 'getting it'. Seriously, I don't know how you didn't pick up on that. You are obviously very intellegent, so how you didn't pick up on this is amazing.

You might have a minor point that liking matt is like liking the others, but at least he isn't a partisan schill like the others. He is very critical of obama and democrats and I do have a soft spot for those who are critical of the people the establishment says you should like, even if they don't completely get it.

Also, I should have specified I show people his article 'the great american bubble machine', which is a great read. His deal with Rand is crap.


Well the guy is severly misinformed

Sorry Matt Tabbi, Rand doesn't tow the line of the Banks no is controlled by them.. He wants to end the Federal Reserve Banks.

So I'm going to say this to everyone.. don't waste time clicking on the link and giving that page hits.


...basically Rand was just called charlatan.
Before he had a chance to even ENTER the Senate floor and work!

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Only time will tell,

Ron Paul has a voting record and so will Rand and then we will know where he stands.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

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I am absolutely with you, Quilt.

Only time will tell how Rand votes and acts as a senator. And Matt T is NO prophet.

Tabbi is a moron!

Plain and simple. I have seen the guy on Bill Maher in the past, and he is a schill just like Bill Maher. I wouldn't be surprised if the guy is paid off by the Democratic party. Saying he thinks Rand will oppose spending for the poor and minorities, but will support spending for bailouts is just absurd. No reason for us to be paying any attention to the guy. He is just trying to defame libertarian ideology to push the "progressive" agenda. Go Rand!

Did you see his covereage of the 2008 campaigns?

He very heavily ridiculed the Democratic Party, and his piece on their convention that year was classic, IMHO.

I disagree with Taibbi that Rand Paul would support bailouts because I believe Rand Paul is a populist, and a populist would never have voted for something as unpopular as the bailouts.

I have to admit I did not see

I have to admit I did not see his coverage of the 2008 elections. However, I do know that Bill Maher acts critical of the democrats too, but in the end I still believe he is a schill. Glad to hear the guy has been critical of the Democrats, but I still think he is wrong on this one. I guess it just frustrates me when these progressives make statements such as this towards libertarian minded people like Rand without realizing they support the same side of the issue.

One of the great things about

One of the great things about the Tea Party platform, is that they let their candidates know, up front, that they will be watching, and that they must communicate with them when they vote. This will stop most any shennanigans, and those candidates know it. I do, however, have a lot of faith in Rand.

Can we please ignore this idiot?

He is an ultra liberal, ultra left wing mouth piece, pure and simple and anyone who doesnt see that is completely blind.

Im sorry Matt but I think we will hold Rands feet the fire much more than you or anyone else ever will. We expect things and results from him. We will scrutinize the guy much harder than you will ever dream of scrutinizing him. Now shut your fat liberal leftist socialist communistic mouth.



I hear you

I hear you

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I love how people keep

I love how people keep playing the race card as if white there is a white conspiracy to deny others of their God given rights.

I think everybody is anxious to see whom

Rand goes to bat for..

This was pretty true (IMO)

How did you feel on November 3, 2010?

Taibbi"I thought it was really telling that the day after the election the Republicans started talking about repealing the Volcker rule, which was the thing that got passed over the summer that banned proprietary trading by the banks. That perfectly encapsulated everything the Tea Party was about. The Tea Party was all this political energy that was directed at the bailouts. It was a lot of people that were angry about government spending. The Volcker Rule was specifically designed to prevent bailouts. The whole idea is to prevent federally insured banks from engaging in risky gambling behavior. So the day after all this anti-bailout fervor wins an election, the first thing they do is give this big favor to Wall Street, or at least they tried to. I think that summed up perfectly what the Tea Party was all about. They captured the anger, but they’re going to use it for the opposite of what these people think they’re getting."

The Volker rule was designed for that but wasn't nec the best

way to do that. The problem is they take one part of an over all plan and stick it in. Volker would be better than Bernanke, I will say that.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul

Taibbi asked Rand one question over and over "Was MLK Communist?

(He was stalking Rand at some campaign event per Barefoot and Progressive.)

This guy is so far from objective when it comes to Rand it is ludicrous. RAND for bailouts for banks?


You would think a guy who wrote so much on the Fed and Goldman Sachs would have better questions to put to one of the very few Senate candidates who understand that situation.

Integrity means having to say things that people don't want to hear & especially to say things that the regime doesnt want to hear -RonPaul