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Man trashes room to find trapped 'midget'

Have a laugh

SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. — In what was apparently a phone prank, a motel guest said someone called his room and told him to smash the things inside in order to free a "midget" trapped next door.

Spartanburg County sheriff's deputies told WXII sister station WYFF that they were called to a Motel 6 on Sunday night after a guest nearly punched through to the next room with a wrench.

A motel worker called deputies after she discovered the man had damaged the television, mirrors, and the wall between rooms, according to a police report.

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I'll bet Mr. Jones believe in

I'll bet Mr. Jones believes in "Global Warming".

That's not funny

Mods, please remove all but a couple snippets from this article, as the poster C&P'ed the whole darn thang...

That group of miscreants (PrankNet via Beyluxe) has been terrorizing people for years. Several have been arrested since this summer, thankfully. TSG has been reporting on them for a long time, and many articles can be found there, or just by using an internet search.

They infamously targeted a KFC near me in New Hampshire, and what they did to the young people working there (and the property owner) was bad enough, but when they harrass women and other innocents in their hotel rooms by threatening to come in and rape them, among other things...

Sick little perverts, these scum. Tariq Malik, aka Dex, is the main culprit. But he lives in Ontario, Canada and is apparently out of reach. So that leaves his dumbass American lackeys who "have a laugh" to be arrested. Let's start with two pedophiles:

Shawn Powell:


James Tyler Markle:


Oh, and who the heck cares who their latest victim supported? Not that this article claims he was a supporter of Obama, but seriously? Stop trollin.