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You might be under mind control if: (Revised)


1) Anything that you don't understand is a Conspiracy Theory.

2) You subject yourself to a naked body x-ray machine at the airport because it makes you feel safe.

3) You Opt -Out of the scanner for the much less dangerous Ball grabbing Crotch Massage and feel as though you've won a battle for freedom.

4) You don't do research on the Internet because you are too busy reading or listening to the news.

5) You just can't get enough football, but at the same time can't figure out how a person could find the time to do their own research.

6) You know about that already.

7) You believe that most major political, Social and financial events are accidents.

8) You see your television as your window to the world. (especially PBS, They even tell us that it is)

9) You assume that bad health is natural and good health can be achieved through proper medication.

10) You think a 911 truther is a bad guy that's really passionate about lying to you.

11) When Building #7 comes up in conversation you say - Building What?

12) You believe that "Global Warming" or "Climate Change" is man made, driven by Carbon Dioxide that is a harmful gas and should be taxed and regulated.

13) You look up to what should be a clear blue sky and see streaks of "water vapor" spreading wider and wider from horizon to horizon,

14) You just cant seem to figure out why the weather could be little wacky.

15) You make sure to run out and buy those spiral light bulbs that are laced with Mercury, thinking you are helping the environment.

16) You make sure to buy "Green Products"

17) You think that when all the old elite power brokers die off, their influence will go away and their children will find other things to do.

18) You think that your 6 O'clock news, or any other mainstream news is honest investigative reporting. (even just a little)

19) You think Ron Paul is a racist, that despite being a Civil Libertarian, has a hatred for people with black skin.

20) You think you are powerless.


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My Dad's frustrated with the TSA

He's mad as hell that they don't think ahead. He's tired of the same knee jerk reaction everytime a bomb "is found" on or near a plane. He hates how they all scramble to come up with another fix, when they ought to have the forsight to expect certain kinds of basic terrorist activity, and cover all possibilities with well thought out security measures ahead of time. eek.

I could picture my parents disembarking the box car that pulled up in front of the "family camp" and commenting about how nice it is that there's a playground for the kids.

OMG: I cant find the alka-seltzer. Help me.

I like broccoli...I must be a terrorist.

You still think

we are "rich and free" and that is why they hate us.

The troops are fghting for our freedoms

The government knows better than you what is good for you and has people who know about things than you do so you should do what they say with out question (my father)

"We should nuke China and Russia if they quit our dollar and we give China money all the time" My brother in law"

Thanksgiving was a tongue biter for me and hubby. We said some things , but it was pretty clear the truth was not something that they can except.

My favorite from the one that says people in government know more than he does so we shouldn't question them. "Ron Paul doesn't know anything about the economy"
Wonder which channel controls his mind?

Our parents are too old and our siblings are too stupid. They are all under mind control and are blind to what has become of the USA. I see a glimmer of hope in my Mother in Law ocassionally, but it doesn't help much because they are so old fashioned she cooks and cleans and is not heard. Barf. Her cooking is awesome though !
They must have some understanding though because they worry about our activism and something happening to us because of it. Very telling that they fear the government. I have pointed that out to them more than once to head shakes. They just want us to be obedient little sheep and pretend noting is wrong and the government is taking care of us. I guess there is a glimmer of hope that they get nervous or a little riled up at us. ? At times even though they always say they don't want to talk about politics they are the ones that bring it up. Then they turn around 10 minutes later and say "We don't want to talk about politics! That's enough." So I will try to look at that as the glass is 1/3 full ? Or sloshing around?

Oh and I have also heard the old "well there is nothing you can do about it so shut up and quit wasting your time"

I know some of you have some great one's

bump for exposure...


When you talk about liberty

When you talk about liberty they say " yeah but it'll never happen, man."

The slogan press on has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race. No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.

- Calvin Coolidge

C'mon let's have some fun

I'm sure some of you have some that relate to your family. This is your chance to vent your frustrations towards certain family members. In a loving way, of course.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone !!!


If you forget to moan after a pat-down.

Or smoke a cigarette.