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Is Rand Paul working to give greater power to Obama and future presidents?

In this Texas Straight Talk by Ron Paul (and in his manifesto), he explains why earmarks are the only way for Congress to create transparency in the spending process and reduce the power of the executive.

If we follow his logic that the executive gets to decide where the money gets spent, then it must be that manipulation of Congress through directing spending to a specific district is put exclusively into the hands of the executive branch if all 'earmarks' are 'banned'. (Of course, as Ron Paul points out, ordering a weapon, a building, porno-scanner, etc, is effectively an earmark in disguise).

Rand Paul has stated that he wants to ban earmarks because people want them banned and they're used to manipulate congress critters. As Ron Paul has explained, Congress is manipulated otherwise, thus the Rand's strongest argument is that people want them banned. This is called being a populist because the actions are done at the request of the constituents regardless of whether or not it achieves the intended results or violates the Constitution.

On a side-note, as usual, there is a constitutional argument that the entire budget should be 'earmarked', but not even on Freedom Watch does the Constitution take center stage in a debate.

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He is fine with "earmarks" to

He is fine with "earmarks" to be decided by committee..he is against the common practice of attaching them to bottom of bills, secretly.

I haven't heard him say that.

I haven't heard him say that. I have only heard him say he wants to ban all earmarks.

Ya, he said it recently on

Ya, he said it recently on some talk show when asked about it. It is on here somewhere..

I think it is time to put all

I think it is time to put all spending, budgets, collected monies, bills, proposed legislation on a website for American citizens to comment on before passage.
Only We the people can create transparency. We must demand it.
We must find and destroy the corruption.
Washington is technologically obsolete!!!


Well, more than just comment

Well, more than just comment upon. I think in this day of internet in almost every home, and smartphones, I think we should also vote on every bill and have that vote be a guide, if not count to the actual votes, to the representative for the bill. The special interests couldn't convince and bribe every single citizen. However, one can argue that most Americans are stupid progressives (either neo-liberal or neo-conservative) and couldn't see the usurpation of power by the central government in all the bills it tries to pass.

Let the apologists of communism atone for the dead!
-Alan Charles Kors

"...one can argue that most

"...one can argue that most Americans are stupid..."

Isn't this the opposite of what Bastiat argued?

Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what to eat for lunch. This old adage is proven correct time and time again. California is a supreme example.

Please consider the arguments of Thirty-Thousand.org for decreasing district sizes.