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Twain Help Wanted: 1. Justice & 2. Monetary [Systems]

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"Sound Money: Gold & Silver" & "Sound Justice: Jury by Your Peers."

  • Not paper-promissory notes!
  • Not jury by idiots nor rascals!

Circuses & zoos will be housed separately.

Legal Fictions need not apply.

Present to Proprietor, yours truly, Mark Tain

Apply within...

Please apply to America. Send with your application:

  • A Justice System
  • A Money Monetary System

Your Public Justice System

America has already built fine Court Buildings. They are ready for immediate occupancy. You many provide your own justice system. To be proper & Constitutional, we will summons a "Jury of your peers, with original intent." That is, the Jury will have not only "a clue," but will be presented "all clues" to resolve whatever mystery drama is presented. It will be resolved, not by idiots nor rascals. It will be resolved by fools such as me, with enough respect from other fools that we may have a chance at resolving the mystery.

Jury members will be permitted to have witnessed any sort of mischief. No fool will be thrown off a jury just because he might have "a clue." We desire, as did our Founding Fathers, a system of justice by our peers using "all clues."

The summoned jury will render justice. Your "Justice System" must provide only an orderly presentation of cases & related evidence to a jury of your peer. Sentencing will be done by the jury, guided by the book (law); not your system.

Court buildings are free & for public use only. All proceeding must be public & recorded for "We the People" to see. All Court records may be viewed in our public records. We have nothing to hide.

Circuses & zoos will be housed separately.

Your Public Money Monetary System

Please help us bring back our monetary system. You know, the one with real money.... Gold & Silver.

We will summons all vaulted & fabled Gold & Silver for public viewing. We will present all ownership records. A "Jury of your peers will resolve which ownership records properly belong to which owner.

To ensure the "Right to a Speedy Trial," all Fabled Gold (PaperGold) will be summarily dismissed. You need only preside over orderly tying "Real Gold & Silver" to "Real Owners."

A real monetary system requires real money... lest it is Make-Beleive.

Other ideas will be entertained; but again,

Circuses & zoos will be housed separately.

Legal Fictions need not apply.

Present to Proprietor, yours truly,

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Happy Thanksgiving Twain!

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