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Sci fi Short Story

I once read a short story about Two Sons on another planet. The sons' Two Fathers were business partners selling weapons to people all over the planet.  One son was the Leader of a great nation. He became Leader after losing a popular vote but still gained the thrown because his father had once been the Leader and had a political machine in place.  

The Other Son was a wealthy man who lived on the other side of the planet. As a young man he worked for the Leader's father helping him vanquish his enemies. 

This Other Son's father was not only a partner in the weapons business with the Leader's father but also had the largest construction company building military space bases on the other side of the planet.  He would build military space bases for the Leader's country.  (The Leader's Main Advisor also built military space bases for the Leader's country.)

One day while, while the Leader was reading a space book to some school children...The Other son blew up a Holy Site in the Leader's country with space planes.  The person in charge of security for the Holy Site happened to be the brother of the Leader.  The space planes would have been shot down but the Leader's Main Advisor was in charge that day (The Leader was reading a spacebook to some children) and ordered not to shoot the space planes down.
After the Holy Site was destroyed, no space planes were allowed in the sky over the Leader's country except for a few space planes carrying member's of the Other Son's family who were flown out of the Leader's country. In the coming months, the Leader's country would change it's laws to give the Leader more power than he could ever imagine.  The Leader launched two Wars in search of the Other Son.  The Other Son's family became richer then they could ever imagine building space bases for those Wars.  The Leader's Main Advisor became richer than he could ever imagine building space bases, feeding the star troopers, and selling everything the armies needed for the Wars. And the Two Father's of the Two Son's became richer than they could ever imagine selling weapons in the Wars.

I'm glad I don't live on that planet.