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The View: "Opt-Out" Protesters Are Committing "Terrorism;" Ron Paul is un-American for Endorsing Boycotts!



!! DIGG IT !!

This was from Wednesday's show BTW. Complete show can be found here, but the youtube video captures everything important.

If you would like to send feedback to the ladies of The View (and perhaps suggest they have Dr. Paul on the show to give them some education), go here:


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I get ashamed of this place...if these were a bunch of men...

There would not be a discussion about how men should not be "allowed" to vote and that the world went down hill after that happened.

The most hypocritical people in the world lurk on this website. Liberty for all, unless you have a Vagina, then you need to be ruled by us wise men because you might be too emotional.

Let's just forget about the fact that Bush, Rumsfeld, Cheney, McCain, Bernanke, Paulson, Obama, Emmanuel, Rove, etc all have penises and their decisions have directly led us to where we are to day and blame it on those silly emotional women being able to participate in the game called voting.

The vast majority of stupid, vapid pundits on tv are males. So GTFO of here with your idiot accusations. You turn my stomach.

just from a statistical view point

women's support for liberty candidates has always been quite low. read a lot of statistical analysis of liberty camp candidates and the women to men ratio was always around 40% or lower. i think it's even fallen to 30% ish with some states back in rp's 08 election. btw, mitt romney's ratio was always 50% and better. a few states approached 60% if i remember correctly. not getting into a collectivist debate about women votes, but just from a statistical viewpoint, it's not impressive. and it tends to be true the older they get.

if you hop onto every collectivist fight on a burst of anger by members here who throw hyperbole because they want to vent but often are not even half serious, i hope you have a strong enough stomach to at least tolerate your own stunningly trivial selections in the manner you choose your time to be spent.

Maybe some minorities vote more for statism because

Of the types of attittudes shown here on this forum. How can you believe a point of view that says the free market will take care of discrimination when the very people who say this throw around garbage like I've read today about women? Doesn't make for a very convincing argument if you want someone to vote against statism and come around to your point of view.

What if a women seeking to learn more about the other side of the argument in the video came here and read those comments. You think she would go out and vote for Ron Paul?

And then you spout statistics about women being less inclined to be involved in the liberty movement. Ha.


Most Women tend to like the Statist system more than men imo. They think paying high taxes is necessary to support the system is ok in what I have heard in my experience. - They say it is the price of doing business.


"stunningly trivial selections

in the manner you choose your time to be spent." I have to referee this one.

Your word count looks about the same as the one above. I also think it was a "trivial selection" for you to waste time writing that post- you quote percentages, trying to look smart, but then you defeat yourself by failing to capitalize.

So what if there are more men than women in the liberty movement? Maybe more women don't get involved because the men are acting like disrespectful ignoramuses...as many are here.

I e mailed

stating that it was ironic of them to invoke their 1st amendment rights to take away others' 4th amendment rights. I suggested they fly commercial. I feel that being female I can safely say this hen party needs to be put to bed.

Formerly rprevolutionist

...What a gaggle of useful and dangerous Idiots...

...This is why and how we are all incrementally being labled "Terrorists"...
...This is being done with intent...they have a New World Order to build...
...and like Bush said..."you are either with us or you are with the Terrorists"...

RON2012PAUL...The r3VOLution continues...
"I always win"
+GOLD and SILVER are money+

For all of you "Youngsters" out there

Barbara Walters was "doing" Henry Kissinger back in the 70's (isn't that an ugly mental image?). She's a globalist tool. Anything one sees on "The View" is soft propaganda.

Whoopi Goldberg? With all of the creative minds in Hollywood, I would have thought they'd come-up with something more imaginative.

The only way for TSA to

The only way for TSA to ensure safety for Whoopie is by preventing her from flying. By extension of this logic, 100% safe flying is guaranteed by preventing every one from flying (of course, after groping and scanning).

TSA is an extension of 911 false flag attacks and Whoopi knows.

The View from where????

This tv show ( which I have never watched - and most certainly will now not begin to watch) should add THREE words to the show's title.


Fred Colvin

Thanks for adding the url to message them

I sent them an intelligent and non-belligerent comment, asking them to allow Dr Paul on to defend (and maybe even educate) against being labeled anything "like an act of terrorism". This would be awesome exposure for Dr Paul to a group who are probably only vaguely familiar with him.

Also made a little note about foregoing freedoms and liberties in the name of safety which cannot be guaranteed no matter how many liberties are withheld.

I smell opportunity!

Could there be a more

Could there be a more ignorant group of females?

Whoopi hates us for our freedoms

Whoopi Goldberg and the View hate us for our freedoms, that is why she wants to take your freedoms away. They have no concern for the dignity of all you little people. You must be subject to naked body scans with millimeter wave radiation that separates the base pairs in the DNA strands in your skin. You must permit your genitals to be groped and fingers in your underwear. These rich elitists fly private, but it is imperative for them that you peasants acquiesce to their whims.

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl

..."they fly private"...

...Excellent point...

RON2012PAUL...The r3VOLution continues...
"I always win"
+GOLD and SILVER are money+

I guess they're all TSA

I guess they're all TSA supporters

Do any of these losers fly commercial flights

My guess is they haven't seen the inside of a commercial jet in a very long time. Bunch of ignorant know nothings.

Thats so interesting. Thats

Thats so interesting. Thats the iron fist. I saw the velvet glove the same day on the 28th when the opt out of the tsa thing was going on. They changed the threat color code on the 28th too. I think they were trying to get people not to resist the tsa. The color code change was to get people to feel good about the government(velvet glove) and afraid of terrorists (iron fist). fatherland security already admitted the threatcons were heightened before important elections just to influence voters. That thing reminds me of pavlovs stimulus/response. The whoopi goldberg comment gets people to be afraid of being mislabeled (iron fist). They are hitting every button to stop protests of the bodyscanners! Causing conflicting emotions and thoughts in order to shut us down. reminds me a little bit of dialectical materialism. When people are hit with two conflicting thoughts or emotions they just give up. They assimilate the new, desired behavior. What are the chances that either of the gloves have any serious consequences. Not much. When the curtain is pulled back the wizard is just a little old chertoff.

They love two put to apparently unrelated stories in the news at the same time. What happens when an anti-gun bill goes to a vote? About 50% of the time some mk-ultra schmuck goes on the rampage. so the next day two stories share the front page. 'supremes to review the 2nd amendment' and 'right wing wacko kills 50 people'. Thats what they consider 'good press'.

What do you expect?

from the ladies in the VIP line.

I already don't watch the view

but if I did I would most certainly opt out now.

Whoopie is a Great Clown

Whoopie Goldberg built her career being a CLOWN.
Now this CLOWN sits on a stage with 'professor glasses' and says CLOWN things, and simpleton Americans must learn to turn away and do useful things with their time.

Are Americans capable of this? One thing for sure, we have been horribly dumbed down. But this life basic is a matter of vital importance. Paying attention to CLOWNs with half-glasses in a comedy setting is fun. Paying attention to them in a serious lecture setting where they stare at you over their half-glasses and tell you how to think is a grotesque, out-of-context, mistake.


This is a comedy show. Anyone who takes it serious, as in seriously listening to what these clowns say, is a fool.


Freedom - Peace - Prosperity


I left them a comment, but I doubt that they will respond.

SUBMIT like good cattle...


"Liberty, when it begins to take root, is a plant of rapid growth." - George Washington

The View Is About Spouting Off On Controvercial Issues Without

The Use Of Logic Or Common Sense In Order To Get The Viewing Audience To React For...Wait For It...RATINGS.

Turn Off The View and Stop Reacting Predictably to People Places And Things..

This is what I wrote them. I

This is what I wrote them. I don't pay attention to the View at all, just kind of assuming they wouldn't like the association with republicans:

Wow, when did the View become a bunch of Republicans?

Calling innocent people terrorists because they stand in the way of your corpratist agenda (1)...

Calling someone un-american for not agreeing with you...

Isn't that #1 and #2 right out of the Republican playbook?

I suppose MLK was an un-american terrorist for his use of 'sit ins' and non-violent protests too.

(1) by corpratist agenda I am talking about how Michael Chertoff and the Security Industrial Complex is cashing in on these questionable, useless, and privacy invading devices.


send them emails call them asking to have Ron Paul on the show.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Only if he is allowed to disscuss

H.R.6416 - The American Traveler Dignity Act.

There are two co-Sponsors - http://bit.ly/fUX3Fm

Ron will expose them as fools and gain momentum for this bill. :D

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

That's exactly part of the feedback loop that is getting the

show's producers to do segments like this. Not saying you shouldn't do that, but the show's producers look to increased correspondence like that as "we're striking gold, keep doing this."

Email anyone paying Whoopi to appear

How bout emailing the video clip to anyone paying Whoopi Goldberg to be a guest speaker, perform comedy, and such. Oh and maybe Civil Rights leaders too. Dick Gregory was on Alex Jones about a month back.

That's actually a good idea.

nice one.