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How the States can Nullify Federal Laws - We All Need to Know This!

Check this you tube out on Judge Napolitano and Tom Woods! We need to be proactive and follow this lead! Please bump this!!


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Nullification: Interview with a Zombie

Here is the interview with a Zombie link that the Judge and Tom Woods refered to in the beginning of this clip:


"Air is the very substance of our freedom, the substance of superhuman joy....aerial joy is freedom."--Gaston Bachelard--

OK if you want to REALLLY learn it, start here.

Tom Woods - Three speeches on the history and practice of early nullification. (There is actually 10 lectures in this series but these first three are the only ones that deal with nullification)

1-Thomas Jefferson and the Principles of '98

2-States' Rights in Theory and Practice

3-The States' Rights Tradition Nobody Knows

*Video for these 3 videos can be found here( they are near the bottom): http://mises.org/media.aspx?action=category&ID=79

Also a recent compact theory/nationalist debate found here: http://www.isi.org/lectures/lectures.aspx?SBy=lecture&SFor=0...

Know your stuff, learn real history and economics @LibertyClassroom.com

This is what I mean by 'dead end activism' folks.

The carrot is always dangling but it 'cannot' be a true solution.

Best to 'abandon' corporate de facto government and join the Republic that everyone here on this site who follows Dr.Paul seems to talk about and desire so much.

It may be the ONLY way Dr.Ron Paul gets to be president in a 'true' Republic. He can then be in his own 'element'. But it is entirely up to the people at this point.

Our current interim/provisional President, James Timothy Turner has been brilliant and dedicated to the hard and risky work of laying the foundation for the re-inhabiting of our Republic. He has been a strong supporter of Dr.Ron Paul and is sacrificing much of his life and fortune to this 're-inhabiting' endeavor, as so many others who understand the wisdom behind this.

When the de facto collapses, we will have 72 hours(3 days)to make the transition to 'inhabit' the buildings/courthouses etc. and carry on governmental business to keep things running. So much will change in the six months up until there is a 'general election'.

The current state legislators will stay for another six months, but the National Congress will have to vacate their seats, unless they freely choose to sign their docs and are held accountable, while our 'Republic' people take most of their places.

All those 'in Republic' jurisdiction who signed their Declarations, will be eligible to be 'nominated' for elected positions based upon their passion for their American Republic.

Here is where Dr.Paul comes in.

It is challenging for so many to wrap the idea around their heads that we 'don't need their government', its only a 'racket'.

If you truly desire to be free, you will join the Republic where your sovereign rights as a people will truly be recognized and the entire legislative, judicial and executive branches are 'limited' to these ideals.

In the Republic we have restored the de jure Grand Juries, our fourth estate, (which trumps corporate de facto government legislation posing as the government of UNITED STATES). A true 'free press' is restored that reports all substantial information that people in Republic need to make informed decisions.

Our military and currency will be under the oversight of the people's Congress. No centralized bank. No more illegitimate foreign policies controlled by banking interests.

The current 800 army bases world wide will be closing down and troops coming home to guard our borders temporarily, or retire.

Only a well regulated Militia under the control of the state Republic Governors and the Sheriffs will guard the borders of their counties and state Republic jurisdictions - true 'Homeland Security'.

I encourage people here to think carefully what they are giving their time and energies to.




Instead of spamming a perfectly good thread and trashing two real leaders in this movement, why not just create your own thread and see how much play it gets.

I'm sure there are at least three other members plus their three or four sock puppets that will bump it a few times.

Has Ron ever, and I mean ever said anything about the strawmen redemption militia delusion? Does the new "president" timmy t have the support of the military yet? No? Any day now, any day...

Oh, and bump for a real solution in the op


you realize you make the most 'perfect' slave because you will NOT think for yourself unless 'a fuhrer' tells you what to 'think' - only then it will be OK for you huh?

Sigh...Shakes head in disgust...

Well, everyone, now you can see why you have the junk that you have. When thugs and mediocre minds mix.

Could this be an important topic for discussion??

You bet it is!!! Please bump!


Hope this is put on the front page!!



Bump, because I love Tom Woods..

Very smart guy, very big balls.