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My theories of this Korean conflict... What are yours?

Theory A)
Will a Korean war artificially strengthen the dollar?

Hear me out: If there is a Korean war, the U.S. will inevitably get involved and play the usual role of "Team America World Police"...

With that said, is it possible that this Korean war creates demand from China to have the U.S. military as a "referee" to "help" prevent an escalation of war that could end up spreading into China.

Bottom line: This could be a ploy to assure that China keeps buying our bonds in order to assure that the U.S. military can afford to stay in the region to play the world's policeman and defend China's interests... Thereby assuring that the Chinese keep buying our bonds.

Theory B)

Is the threat of a Korean war being used to scare China into continuing to buy our bonds?

What do you guys think?

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North Korea is starving and

North Korea is starving and brainwashed so why not let them loose?

Not my thoughts, theirs...

It's A 'POWER' Struggle !

The Communist North Korean leaders will do anything including sacrificing their own people to keep the power they have somehow obtained.
They feel in an all out war Communist China will eventually back them, like they did in the early 50's.

South Korean leaders feel the same way, when it comes to preserving their own lock on individual power.
Again, if all out war starts, the South's leadership feels with thousands of American troops still in South Korea, America will back them.

Unfortunately for all concerned, the U.S. is becoming more and more Communistic while the people of China are slowly becoming more free, as in travel, ownership, and higher educational opportunities.

What would happen if the U.S. pulls their troops out of South Korea, right now ?

My guess is war will break out again with both sides begging for international help,,,,,but what happens if no one helps?

Koreans will die by the thousands, but, in my opinion, Americans and Chinese shouldn't sacrifice their young people for a stupid cause that doesn't affect the home countries peoples very much.

However, a stray missile hitting an American base in Okinawa, or a base in China's mainland, could change everything.

Meanwhile, worldwide economic attention is diverted by war, and I.O.U. notes serve as money !


Either a "flash in the pan" or a US vs China proxy war.

Could go either way.

Just think if we had stayed out of Korea from the beginning

Maybe the Korean War in the 50's would have ended with not having to continue it 60 years later.

Yes, I do so a war to

Yes, I do so a war to revitaize the Government sector and keep the rest of us enslaved with more debt and of course to prop up the failing dollar!

There is no Left or Right -- there is only freedom or tyranny. Everything else is an illusion, an obfuscation to keep you confused and silent as the world burns around you." - Philip Brennan

"Invest only in things that you can stand in front of and pr

I think I can offer some insite.

... I was an intell officer in the US navy { or rather a petty officer } I have been to Korea and have participated in these war games as I have written on this subject before. ..... First off there are still things that I know that I could not talk about , but I will tell you what I can. First off in my opinion both the US and S Korea are not properly prepared for any kind of conventional warfare with the North. Half the strategy that is being used is that if war occurs, most of the North Koreans would throw there weapons down and gladely surrender to escape their brutal dictator. This has never been shown to be accurate as when a NK sub was accidently caught in a giant fishing net. The whole crew committed suicide rather then surrender with two preferring to fight to the death with knives......This is the mindset of the N Korean. Everyone is a soldier man ,women and child. They grow up to whorship thier Emperor like we would go to church to whorship our God. Everthing is done for the state instead of the indidvidual. They are the perfect last communst regime remaining in the world. On the opposite end of the spectrum is S Korea abundent rich capitalist. With modern cities and a train system that goes 180 m.p.h. Yes, every man has to serve two years in the military but the South Koreans are relying very heavily on the US to save there butts if war should occur. There weaponry is not very modern and I got the impression that they would prefer the US to take the lead role where as we have been trying to get the South Koreans to take the lead role in thier own country.....One thing I can tell you is that NK does not have any kind of N.W.O influence { they are not even members of the UN]. Everything they do is initiated by thier own inside Empire. If war were too actually break out it would be complete and total HELL on both sides with thousands in not millions of civlian casualties. NK special forces soldiers would fly across the DMZ on 15 man hangliders and wreck total murderous havoc before killing themselves ,this would be the kind of warfare we would be up against. On the other side though the ROC Marine is probalbly the best trained and toughest soldier in the world {in my opinion } They are trained like we train our Navy Seals..... It would definatetly be a long and terrible battle if there were war . My opinion though is that this whole thing will bowl over for a while because this is the NK 's M.O. to push the penisulia to the edge of war then back down.In order to get something.... One thing I did find interesting was their defence minister was fired because of this situation . { Why wasnt anyone fired over here after 911?}

I am so sorry

but I cannot take a post seriously by someone who cannot spell every 5th word correctly. Please try a little spell check. I am sure there is a lot to be learned from this post but the endless stream of misspelled words takes all logic away.

Formerly rprevolutionist

This is a highly ignorant

This is a highly ignorant post. Because you perceive grammatical errors...you will throw out a US Navy opinion?

I am ex US Navy submarines and we "hung" out in that area. His story rings true. I believe that your "opinion" is yours and I respect that. However, your opinion lacks any sort of factual fact and upon reading his post...it rings pretty true.

Supposed "endless streams of misspelled words" does NOT " take all logic away." It is a method of the ignorant to make an illogical argument and divert the debate.

Sure...your account has been here over three years, but don't start thinking that gives you seniority to bash others with unproven remarks.

Please give more info to back up your assertions...I am tired of those who listen only to Alex ( I actually like him) going off without thinking about what they say.

We veterans know things...we are on your side...but we also know things that some of you don't and many slide into crazy conspiracy...of course conspiracy exists...it does...and it affects all of us, but not every instance is conspiracy...you must breathe...use logic and deduce...and somtimes take in the info of those who have had insight like the poster being attacked.

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..for the supporting info.




Colchester, New London County, Connecticut

N. Korean analysis

What you say has merit but what are their logistical capabilities ..supplying the troops ie. ammo, petro, food and water?

I read somewhere some time ago that a 'third' of the whole bloody country is an underground network of tunnels.

I think in the initial stages they would really do a ton of damage. I do not think the South is as hearty as the North imo. ie. the North is use to a living hell.

After a couple of weeks of aerial bombing the North would probably seek a truce imo. But the South would have suffered great losses in the meantime.


Seen the Korean Wall? The "Ultimate Gun Control" Museum?

The Korean De-Militarized Zone
Military Guns for Army Use Only.

"Ultimate Gun Control" Museum?

Is it true?

Imagine the absurdity... 60 years... Sponsored by your cash...
Your grandfathers & President Truman funded a UN-Sanction Expedition.

Some came home. Others took their station.

They patrol every night carrying guns to make sure we are safe from others carrying guns, which in turn are doing the same.

Their parade ground is aptly named, "The Zone."

Also known inaptly, as "The De-Militarized Zone," (DMZ) crawling with nothing but military. Oddness, to the extreme... & very expensive.

"The Zone," is funded & staffed primarily by the USA... English speaking innocents fear a "Legal Fiction" known as "North Korea."

To provide company & military posture, the folks to the north also walk back & forth pretending to be quite concerned about the Americans doing the same thing.

"Zone-land," Brought to you by your cash.

The Korean farmers permitted to put the "Zone-land" to productive use, amazingly... farm... while shaking their heads. They wave & give vegetables to their gun totting watchers. The farmers are ever so hopeful, that some will lay down they guns & lend a hand with the crops. They've been watching & waiting 60 years.

Picture Berlin, Germany maps, post WW II.

  • Berlin Airlift, Truman Administration, circa 1948.
    • Berlin, Germany Vital supplies airlifted to intensify the drama.
  • Berlin Wall, Kennedy Administration, circa 1961.
    • Note the location of the wall dividing Berlin in half. Is there a wall around rest of the Berlin? It is many miles East of that known as "The West."
    • Note the long lonely fence bordering the long lonely road connecting Berlin to the "West-Side" story. Except for a brief anti-climatic knife fight, a heartbreaking, sad story.
    • "Tear down that wall!" suggested President Reagan, circa 1980s.

      Cost cutting suggestion.

    • Why no wall around other parts of Germany or Europe?

      Would your dog stay in your yard with but a wall across the front drive?

Soviet Union, Iron Curtain: post WW II

  • Why does the Gorbachev, the Man behind the Iron Curtain live for decades in a splendid mansion @ the Presido, San Francisco
  • Was Comrade Gorbachev our sworn enemy? The feared leader of the Soviet KGB? Before descending to the Soviet Kremlin. The Krim-Land Presidency?
  • Stood up by the dislikes of Bush, the elder, the Un-feared leader of the American CIA? Before descending to the little White House by the Potomic? The Oval-land presidency? (overlord?)


Picture another map, Korean Peninsula, post WW II

  • Korea, a peninsula - "Rogue State vs UN State," circa 1950.
  • Holding your line-of-credit. Having trouble holding your attention.
  • Why no wall on the Chinese border? Just a river? A water barrier? Why no wall on the Sea-of-Japan/Korea? Another water barrier?
  • Your cash goes there to stay. 60 years & holding.
  • Why is your cash hostage in the "Zone?..." The "Twilight Zone?"

Solutions: Move the "Erie Canal" to Korea to replace their DMZ.

The "Erie Canal" & "Canal Street" near "Wall Street" are our USA water barriers to contain New York money-madness. Let us commence to teach New York Bankers manners without resorting to money-madness.

Then we could dig up our "Erie Canal" (scary name), & transport it over to Korea. Similar the Statue of Liberty delivered as goodwill gift gesture (jesture), years earlier.

With our "Erie Canal" as their North | South water barrier, Korea could use it to transport their crops to market.

Ok, you don't want to dig up the Erie Canal? We could at least send Korea pictures. It will give them useful ideas on transporting their crops to feed their hungry.

They could end their "Gun Control Zone."

Leaving the "Twilight Zone" & coming home to "It's a Wonderful Life."


Dig ourselves out of foreign entanglements.

Bring our boys home for Christmas. Have them help you put up the decorations. Feed them well. Reintroduce them to all their nieces & nephews. Let them know how much you love them, & maybe... just maybe... ya-all (you-all) can help each other; they may stay home near you.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

I dont see it becoming a huge

I dont see it becoming a huge conflict again unless the United States plays a part. I think South Korea enjoys provoking the North and that the North enjoys being provoked. That way both 'governments' can reaffirm their authority to 'protect' you from 'the enemy'.

I haven't got a theory worked out.

But I am going to make one up as I write this.

You see, North Korea is on the verge of completing a very ambitieus project they have been working on for some time, in secrecy. The US intelligence has found out about this and wants to avoid this from happening, because they realize that if North Korea pulls this off it will undoubtabely be the greatest achievement of all times in human history. The US doesn't want a member of the so called 'Axis if Evil' to be succesful and admired by the rest of the world. Hence, the military manoevres and provocations towards the North Koreans by the South. They want to make war and destroy North Korea before they can complete their secret project. You wanna know what this secret project is all about? I'll tell you in a moment, but first I need to explain something about the North Korean leadership.

Everyone thinks Kim Jung Il is The Great Leader, but the reality is that he is merely a poster boy for The Even Greater Leader Kim Il Sung, the Eternel Great Leader of North Korea. Now, this Kim Il Sung fellow 'officially' died decades ago but still determines everything that happens in North Korea, through his spirit which is hosted in the body of Kim Jung Il. Kim Il Sung is very famous in Korea since his did great things for the country, especially during the Second World War.

He had, for example, an epic encounter with a giant crab on the bottom of the Yellow See, and he managed to defeat the crab singehandedly. The giant crab was the source of natural disasters by making giant waves which flooded North Korean shores. After the giant crab was crushed, no more floodings. Coincidence? I think not. What makes this even more astonishing is the way how he got down there, he was said to have traveled on the back of a whale with whom he was able to communicate, and on top of that he was wearing a $5,000 Armani suit.

Hold on, now starts the crazy part of the story. After he defeated the giant crab he traveled, again on the back of this whale, back up trough the surface of the ocean right into a ongoing battle with the Japanese Army, who at the time, were allies with nazi Germany as we all know. He then managed to kill over 300,000 Japanese soldiers, heavily armed of course, with nothing but his bare fist! He came out unscrathed, wearing his $5,000 Armani suit which was still intact. Seriously folks, there is documented evidence of this, which I will show you further down below this post.

You'll understand now why he is called the Eternal Great Leader of North Korea, and why Kim Jung Il is also admired as he is after all the human reincarnation of his great spirit and leadership. Perhaps now is the time to tell you about this secret project. The North Koreans are engaged in secret projects in space, for some time now. In fact, they landed on the Moon before anyone else did, but they are not getting any credit for it by the mainstream media. They have also landed on at least three other planets, including Mars. They have written many letters to various prominent people within mainstream media outlets, including Bill O'Reilly from Foxnews, to demand proper coverage of their space endavours, but they are getting none of it. In fact, they are being laughed at and portrait as lunatics by the mainstream media. This pisses them off, more than anything else. So they thought, when Mohammed doesn't come to the mountain, we have to bring the mountain to Mohammed (sort of speak).

They figured, the best way to force the media to cover their space projects, is to bring space into the realm of planet earth. Does that sound crazy to you? For North Korean's, it doesn't. So ladies and gentlemen, the North Korean's want to bring the Moon to North Korea and show it to the world. There you have it, this is their secret project. They want to sent rockets into space, tow them to the Moon, and then transport the moon towards North Korea driven by these rockets. When this happens, the mainstream media, Bill O'Reilly included, will be forced to cover this and give North Korea credit for it. When all the camera's start rolling, they will then remove the US flag from the moon and replace it with a North Korean one. They will make a giant show out of embarrasing their American enemies in front of a world audience. The US knows about this and wants to prevent it at all costs and by all possible means, including nuclear warfare. That's what this is all about.

You don't believe me? Here's the documented evidence.


Packing my bags, booking the 1st steamer outta San Francisco!

I plan to be the first to interview that moon landing... in Korea. It will be a big splash even it misses their peninsula.

If I can get up close enough the recording quality will be better.

If not, I will just speak impromptu with a Souza march in the background... Thrill your whole family with the first ever, statement from our Moon... Playing right there in your home on your Victrola!

Not certain which languages our Moon speaks, so I will book extra cabins & invite translators.

No matter the language! Your Victrola speaks universally all languages.

Expect it to be a marvelous adventure! Maybe some of Kubrick's NASA film Astor-Actors, are back from their expedition to the Nevada Desert, 1969 (an inside-job, with some outside cheap shots; your money spent lavishly).

Perhaps, better actors in Kubrick's award winning film, "2001, Space Odyssey." (an outside job; your money not spent; went much farther)
Submitted to your facts & figures. Actually Zero Lunar Man Trips

NASA Spent Your Legal Tender to The Moon. None came back.
Submitted by Mark Twain on Tue, 09/28/2010 - 23:09.

....Stanley Kubrick made a better movie with no NASA overlord. Much lower budget; much higher quality. Went much further into space. Came to theaters one year sooner, 1968. Fine a yarn as I could imagine.

Kubrick's "2001, Space Odyssey," opened 1968, cost you only a movie ticket.

NASA told you sending (aka: spending) man to the moon would be expensive (governmental phrase preparing innocents for extremely expensive & un-bridled fleecing)... Then NASA went off & did something else w/ our funding... Amazon.com

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Probably more simple than that.

NK wants something (what, this time, I am unsure). We tend to ignore talking to them and they know this, so they put on a major display or do something provocative to bring us to the table.
Last time they pulled this, they did a nuke test to get us to the table to lift/ease some of the sanctions. The Koreans do not believe in tapping you on the shoulder to talk to you- they smack you with a mallet and demand you listen.

China couldn't really care less other than economically. If by some odd reason NK and SK united, China would be deeply concerned. The south has a lot or resources, and the north has the major industry to exploit them. Their unity would be a major problem for China and they would rather not see this happen.
As far as the north and south on ground combat, I tend to favor the south emerging the winner for a few reasons, but this is unlikely to occur.

There is insufficient intelligence to figure out what they are after at this point, so I can't venture a guess, but in either event we should probably pay attention.

The problem here is that, believe it or not, we do not have very many Korean S-2 linguists in the military anymore. Most are retired or dead of old age. We are scrambling around like mad trying to get guys that can do it.

non issue


Criminal Sovereignty - N. Korea


Here is an in depth study on their activities which include ties with Chinese criminals and possibly Russian criminals.

Counterfeiting is also mentioned.

Also included is an Organizational Management chart.

ie. Power structure.


UN Sanctions? N, E, S, or W? Which Korea is Best?

Submitted by Mark Twain on Sat, 11/27/2010

UN Sanctions

  • Korea
  • Vietnam
  • [insert your country name here] Smell war.
  • [Please stop inserting names here]... horrendous stench, war.

I suggest we bank on a Jubilee! Invite Dancer & Prancer... Donner & Blitzen! on Comet. on Vixen!

Sunset the UN Sanctions & its sanctons, the Fed & its blind loans, the IMF & its blinder yet loans.

Sunset them all!

Get back to hard, sunnd money.
Get back to minding our own store.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Going to bed

bump for others and maybe more information will come out that will help us understand what is going on. We can be sure it is all about money and our demise.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

Either argument is

Either one of your arguments is very plausible. The wild card is the North Koreans and nobody really knows what they are going to do. A full blown conflict would be one huge mess. Kim Jong Il has been to China twice this year, hopefully they bribed him enough to keep him from doing anything too crazy. I don't see that China has anything to gain from a major war.

Only the script writer knows the future.

UN Sanctions. Performed before a live audience.

Theater house lighting blinks & begins to dim. The audience settles down.

From backstage, everyone knows their role. The scriptwriter is done with changes. Dress rehearsal is over. The director is raising the curtain.

Tension is in the air.

The food & drink for the cast party in being delivered up town.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul


imo...North Korea is demonstrating to the world it can get away with murder and the most powerful military in the history of the world does not respond in defence of its ally because of the American perceived dependence on that anti-west government in China.