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TheNation Mag's MeaCulpa: An Apology to John 'Don't Touch My Junk!' Tyner

suppose better late than never, but did The Nation mag have any credibility left 'to lose,' to begin with?

" ‘Nation’ Editor Is Sorry"

The heiress, and socialist founder speaks the obvious:

"An Apology to John Tyner"

The original authors of the imbecilic OpEd http://dailypaul.com/node/150437 which prompted the only one of the few handful publicly noted consistently intellectually-honest 'progressives' around, Gleen Greenwald, to bitchslap them silly with the only thing they deserved, the harsh Truth:

"Anatomy of a Journalistic Smear Job"

so the original smear merchants, Mark Ames and Yasha Levine, 'acquiesced' to Glenn, sort of:

"A Response to Glenn Greenwald"

A rationale only a Propagandist's mom would be proud of:

"We did not, however, claim that Tyner was affiliated with the Astroturf and/or Koch-funded groups mentioned later in the piece, and indeed we noted directly that Tyner denied any such associations in an interview with The Nation..."

no but you used the pathetically cheap, and obvious smear tactic employed by every single propagandist to have ever walked the earth: imply, imply, imply. No, not-accusing accusing someone by putting the person's name in the same sentence with an active verb that implicates, is "unintentional." yup, kinda like 'you like ham sandwich, and so did Hitler.' It's like, 'Hey, I ain't saying you are Hitler, but just saying...'


They were "puzzled," puzzled at Glenn's righteous reaction, I tell you!

while certainly much better than the two scribes of the initial smear OpEd, but is Vanden Heuvel's mea culpa really sincere, or is it one of those 'I am sorry, IF______' non-apology apologies?

you be the judge.

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Jane Hamsher of Firedoglake also had questioned The Nation's stance ...
btw, first link features an EXCELLENT TSA timeline ...

Investigate the TSA, Not Tyner

The Nation Attacks John “Don’t Touch My Junk” Tyner

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BleuCream, your first link took me to

a different article in LR.com

doh! my first ever link mess up!

first time for everything, yikes.

it's fixed now.


I blame it entirely on my practice of multi-tabs and multi-tasks.)

thanks for catching it, reedr3v!

The nation's editor

published a classy apology, but the co-authors of the original piece just submerged an acknowledgment of extraneous details in the original piece in a rant about Greenwald daring to speak from a position of principle as opposed to the left/right paradigm. They get so incredibly defensive. As if ever being persecuted for being a journalist gives them carte-blanche to say whatever they want and anyone who has a problem with that better shut up because you're not a real journalist until you've been run out of town for being one?

Defend Liberty!


"As if ever being persecuted for being a journalist gives them carte-blanche to say whatever they want and anyone who has a problem with that better shut up because you're not a real journalist until you've been run out of town for being one?"

very well surmised, my friend.

it's all too childish and petty. truly the two idiots are illustrating that many in America hardly ever grow out of high school cliques and beefs.

What I wonder is

do the FBI and the CIA ever bump into each other while setting up "useful idiots" for a false flag attack?

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.

history teaches us that

you're raising an apt inquiry as I believe Lee Harvey Oswald was in fact a CIA spy, working with Hoover's FBI, or vice versa; I'm sure real JFK aficionados can go into more of the specifics.

and I suppose as far as "bump[ing] into each other" is concerned, a more blunt answer would be that they whack'em, when they do.)

Glenn's right.

These hit pieces are training people to shut up and submit and I for one, am glad he defended John. I hope other journalists will grow a pair and follow Glenn's lead on this one.


wrong thread

well since im here i'll read up on this.. although bad journalists are a dome a dozen and i can rarely summon interest in caring about much of the drama nowadays