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Attorneys Nationwide Need to Unite & Start Filing Motions Similar to Gary D. Fielder's Motion Against Homeland Security, TSA

Attorneys nationwide should begin filing similar motions. I have contacted Mr. Fielder's office via phone and email to thank him for filing his motion to protect his 4th Amendment rights, and ask how I can assist him. Mr. Fielder is true protector of our rights and freedoms and deserves praise. Any attorneys on here, anyone with knowledge how to file a motion, or anyone who has the money to hire an attorney to file motions similar to Mr. Fielder's should do so immediately. First to stop the activity from taking place, and second, if for no other reason, then to draw attention to the serious 4th Amendment violations taking place. I hope Mr. Fielder's office will contact me so we can begin a nationwide campaign on the issue. All attorneys should band together at this time to protect our rights. Anyone interested please feel free to contact me.

David S. Chesley, Esq.
818 922 5433