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$55 Billion Dollar U.S. Strategic & Cyber Command Video & Fact Sheet

Video: http://www.stratcom.mil/video/command/3/Command_Video

Check out the Strategic Command & Cyber Command website and video above. This is where over $55 billion of your dollars are going to offensively hack people's computers.

They claimed to be fully operational in May.


"...conduct full-spectrum military cyberspace operations..."


The eagle, our national symbol, is revered for the keen eyesight that allows it to pierce the darkness and remain vigilant to protect us.


I thought the eagle represented freedom? What is a full-spectrum military cyberspace operation? If one takes place, will we even know it?

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One of the first targets of Cyber Command - Iran?

Mystery Surrounds Cyber Missile That Crippled Iran's Nuclear Weapons Ambitions


it means total control

any statement the military industrial complex makes.

"ron paul is not running....ron paul is not running" -bloomberg 'expert' morning after the bloodbath, i mean, debate!

Or an iron fist around information on the net.

Even going so far as using offensive hacking: fighting truth with concealment, lies, and deception.

Just like a dictatorship.