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Senate Bill S 510 passes procedural vote 74-25

America, you better wake the hell up.....

I have read parts of this bill....the wording is so vague and broad that it can be applied to anything. Though there are no words that directly implicate a home garden or small family farm, I can see how later on the definition of a "facility" can be applied to anything the gov't wants it to. There is no direct wording protecting your garden or organic farm. These are certainly some crazy times we live in......


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I Wonder Why Not One S. 510 Post Never Got The Front Page???

The last few days and there were at least 4...with people asking them to be front paged...


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Had lunch with Tom Woods today

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Happy Thanksgiving! Check in here with your updates.

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And on and on and on and on and yet its Monday...

Almost feels like the Pelosi Dennis race results THAT WE DIDN'T GET UNTIL THE DAY AFTER THE ELECTION...

Please ask your Senator to vote YES on the Coburn


This is what this bill should be.

The Coburn amendment is a completely new bill in the form of a substitution. It requires the FDA, USDA and other agencies to streamline their procedures and reduce duplicate regulations. It also requires them to expedite acceptance and review of new food safety technologies, and requires them to use private inspectors if needed, rather than hire new federal employees. It also limits authority over quarantine of food items only to those items actually related to a major health emergency and not just anything the Secretary "deems" a risk.

Also, please ask them to fight for section 101 of HR2749 (the House companion legislation - already passed) to be included in the final version in the Conference report.

This section is the only good section of the House version. It will entrench the regulatory definitions which protect gardens and family farms as well as small retail food establishments. Right now, those definitions are mere regulation at the discretion of the Secretary of HHS. This section will place them in law, out of the Secretary's reach to alter them.

The vote is Today! (Nov. 29th)

Thank you for this thread. I got a letter from Campaign for Liberty and here is the letter and link to contact your Senators with http://www.dailypaul.com/node/150639

I hope everyone will contact their Senators by email and calling today.

For the record, this bill is a mess. It is a bad bill for lots

of reasons. It will not accomplish its stated aims, will cost us more money, employ more leeches with a power trip, and in the end, give people a false sense of food safety.

However, your assertion of specific language protecting gardens or small farms being non-existent is true only within the bill in question.

The bill though is not a new law. It is a set of amendments to existing law. Thus ALL of its provisions have to be read in the context of this existing law.

This existing law is the Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act of 1938 (as already amended) And is found at 21 USC chapter 9. Other wise known as the FD&C law. (where we get terms like FD&C red, yellow and blue for food colorings)

This law specifically states that private residences and farms are NOT included in the definition of "facility."

Presently, "private residence" only exists in a regulation. (the "farm" exclusion exists in the actual law)

The House version of this bill, while also a travesty of law and legalese, at least puts these regulations that currently protect small farms and gardens into the actual law so they are not at the whim of some secretary or bureaucrat.

So no, S.510 nor its counterpart will threaten you garden or family farm. It will not prevent you from saving seed.

But it is a bad law in that it doesn't accomplish its purpose, and causes other problems along the way. It is not only counterproductive, but wholly unnecessary, and in some respects not proper action for government to be engaged in.

Please make every effort you can to kill this bill, but please do so on solid ground and not on mere supposition or fear.

We don't need to engage in hyperbole or cry wolf.

This bill is bad enough as it is on its own merits. That is sufficient to get it killed, and trying to make a case that it does something it does not, will only get Senators not to listen to you.

There is a sentiment away from wasteful and ineffectual policy right now. Senators will listen to THAT.

They will not entertain conspiracy theory.

If we appeal to what they will listen to, we will get much much further in reaching our goals.

If you want more background on this, check out these threads, but be prepared for a rabbit hole. It may take an hour or so to read it all.


I did not know that this bill

is nothing more than amendments to existing law.

Yays and Nays-


The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

Only one Democrat voted Nay

We have to get this vote delayed until the new session of congress starts in January. When do they break for recess?

Already sent letters to the Senators: Copy if you wish to do so

(With help from C4L wording)

We ask that you oppose S.510, the misnamed "Food Safety Modernization Act," on every vote - including cloture.

S. 510 will open the floodgates for tyrannical federal bureaucrats to crush the food industry’s small businesses.

The bill’s proponents suggest that a few provisions totally address concerns of small-scale farmers, but closer examination reveals the FDA acquires even more power to shut down family farms on a whim.

In these tough economic times, S. 510 will drive up the costs of food production by adding more layers of government interference.

How to contact your critters: http://www.contactingthecongress.org/

A Growing Problem

via OpenCongress.org comes this article and call to action:

S.510 Showdown is Monday (meaning 11/29/10).