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I hired an artist...

I hired an artist online from Canada, and part of the process is chatting online, seeing if we got same ideas, etc. Seemed to be fine, so payment is in process to him now.

Then he buzzes me on MSN instant messenger, "You know anything about GM foods?"

LOL. (Just imagine the info he got...) Add one more to the liberty converts. Might take the guy a while, but he'll be coming here to learn about life. One more little chalk mark on the wall.

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Nice work.

Hope you sent him links to Seeds of Deception


Thanks for sharing this with us.

It is ALWAYS great to get a bit of good news.

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Hopefully you sent him links

Hopefully you sent him links to "The World According to Monsanto" and "Food Inc". We should see him here on the DP in about 4 months, talking about Chemtrails in 6, 911 in 8 mos and the Bilderberg in about 9 months... LOL

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I love it when you see the lightbulb turn on. Freedom is popular. ;)

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul