Three Days in NH With Ron Paul

This is a recap of Ron's trip to NH this weekend, his fourth visit.

On Saturday we started out with the Londonderry Old Home Day Parade, and an all-day booth with the local GOP where literature and signs were being distributed.

Meanwhile those of us who attended the Strafford picnic heard one of Ron's best (in my opinion) encapsulated speeches ever. After taking the straw poll there, Ron continued on to the Pro-Gun NH reception in Concord where he was honored by being given an honorary life membership.


On Sunday after attending a local church service and shaking hands with churchgoers, it was on to the Hillsborough BBQ where, although there was no straw poll, he garnered the highest number of supporters. During that time a reporter for Bloomberg Radio did an interview with Ron and he mentioned the excitement of the fans and noted that no other candidate had a banner being towed from a plane.

The Nashua Telegraph also did a nice article about the Hillsborough event and also mentioned the plane.

Monday, after planting signs at one of the stops he would be making later, I picked up the birthday cake and went to the restaurant to await the entourage. I was amazed at what they did with Linda's graphic...something she whipped up last night for the baker to copy in frosting. I put a sign in each large window just to be festive. Martha's is right downtown Nashua and the foot traffic is heavy at that time of day.

While waiting I talked with the reporter who had done the Telegraph story. He was surprised that there was no press about Strafford's straw poll and made note of it. I thanked him later for the good article about Hillsborough and he said he was writing another one about this luncheon. Later more and more press arrived. I have never seen that many photographers and reporters at a Ron Paul event before. Even CSpan was there...and one woman had a camera stuck up so close to Ron's face I could not believe he tolerated it.

There were also a few people outside sign-waving. This helped bring in several new people to meet and talk to Dr. Paul.

I am certain that if Ron had been home on his birthday, his family would have had a cake and celebration for him. The fact that his first comment was that Carol should see the cake is truly indicative of the love that this man has for his wife and family...There was also a card to match, signed by all of us...once again Linda oversaw this task.

At one point, a little boy who came in just to buy some candy saw the 'candidate' and wanted to ask him a question. It was about the war. As Ron leaned down close to talk to him (he could not have been more than 10 years old) the photographers went wild and snapped what seemed like hundreds more photos...

Lunch over, we proceeded on to the Papergraphics Printing company where Ron spoke to their employees.

The next stop, Pete's Gun Shop where I had earlier planted some signs at Pete's request. Pete's only complaint was that I did not leave him ENOUGH! (I guess I know what I'll be doing tomorrow!)

One more stop at a pharmacy in Holllis and then Ron was to meet some Cheshire County folks at a house party. He'd asked me where that was, and I said it was rather far and I'd been campaigning out there a few times for him, but that if they went in daylight, it was a pretty ride.

So I left him as he was leaving the gun shop, wished him a safe trip home and told him I'd see him next time! A quick hug and he was whisked away...