Freedom Fighter

That daily jogging has been paying off. Ron Paul, at 72, is fitter than ever.

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Ron Paul is the new Chuck Norris.

Support the Read the Bills Act and more at

Support the Read the Bills Act and more at

Yet ANOTHER reason I love Ron Paul!

See, he CAN protect us from the terrorists...LOL!

As a martial arts instructor, needless to say I LOVED this video clip!!!


That was crazy. A combination of my two favorite people--Bruce Lee and Ron Paul.




That was funny. Made me laugh.

Maybe this is a good video to send to friends who aren't into politics . . . just to get them acquainted with Ron Paul without being too heavy-handed.

Can you do some more?

That was good! Could you do some superimposing RP's face over some scenes in the movie 300? That would be cool if somebody could. Lot of people would love to have that one on their my space.