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Demand (MI GOP Chair) Saul Anuzis Resign!, if you can

(Contact Links revised II Below) He called to bar Ron Paul from the debates. They never call to bar big-spenders, abortion holocaust supporters, guestapo-your-papers-please republicans, but want to bar the only honest, uncorrupt politician in Congress. Anuzis should resign. Or be thrown out. I will actively do everything I can to stop anyone from contributing to ANY republican campaign except Ron Paul's until this idiot is ejected from the party, and you should do so too. (I was neutral on the GOP before this, but if they tolerate him, I can no longer tolerate them).

Like Mordecai, he should suffer the fate he intended for Paul.

This link apparently has some difficulties: - Phone, fax, and email!

So there's the Google Cache version:
But the Send Email target page is gone/disabled, whatever.

The cached page said: Our phone number is 517-487-5413, or we can be reached by FAX at 517-487-0090.

But apparently they aren't answering, I don't know about the fax

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Contact MI GOP Leadership

I've been on the phone all day long contacting GOP upper level district leadership to ask them if they agree with their leader, Saul, in his current censorship action towards Congressman Paul. Many don't even know that Saul did this, and have told me that they'll get with him to find out what's going on.

Please help with this. I've gotten through some but there are a ton left. I've only got one guy so far that said that he agrees with Saul for Congressman Paul's "asinine remark" - the rest agreed with me that Congressman Paul doesn't deserve to be banned for his comment.

I made it through the first district and part of the second. Any questions, please call me.

Bill Kosloskey
MIForRonPaul - Go for FREEDOM, let the TRUTH prevail!

Restore the Foundations - "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?"

The original call by Saul, and the google cache link

Here is his original blog entry which was quoted in stories (so there can be no misunderstanding or that he was taken out of context):

And since the michigan GOP website contact page seems to be having problems at the moment, you can use this google cache entry for the contact information, and I think the send email link will still work from the cached page:

Sign petition to keep RP in Michigan deabte

Last night, I put a petition link here. the site that hosted my petition took it down.

Here is another petition with over 600 sigs. PLEASE SIGN THIS.

(see what did with with the one I created - - they removed the body/text, and some of the sigs)

Please circulate the good petition!