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NY Sun OpEd: Ron Paul, Wikileaks, and the Federal Reserve

"Time Is Ripe for Congress to Require a Full Audit of Our Central Bank"

Editorial of The New York Sun | December 2, 2010


"“What we really need,” Congressman Ron Paul said in respect of the Fed when we spoke with him on the phone this morning, “is a Wikileaks episode.” He wasn’t in any way suggesting that literally — or recommending any other kind of illegal raid on the Fed’s books; all his points favor acting only in lawful ways. What he was underlining is that the big document disclosure from the Fed is just the tip of the iceberg of what the public needs, and deserves, to know about what our nation’s central bank is doing."

Our Doc, still kicking a**, at age 75 no less!

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The New York Sun loves Ron Paul

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....everyone is name-dropping our Doctor :)

Dear Mike and the Mods,

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