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Ron Paul's Moment? on Bloomberg Dec 2 2010

With Congressman Ron Paul ranked to be next in line for the Chairmanship of the Financial Services Committee, Bloomberg discuss the article: "Ron Paul's Moment", which takes a look at the Texas Congressman's 34yr path.

The article by Bloomberg news reporter Phil Mattingly, leads the Politics and Policy section in the latest issue of Bloomberg Businessweek.


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Who is this confused soul Mattingly and why is he purporting to be a good study of economic and monetary issues?


"The Banks are calling them

"The Banks are calling them right now and saying look we don't want this guy overseeing the fed it"s dangerous" - Phil Mattingly

Phil should name names unless he is just speculating. If it is true then whoever opposes Ron Paul's nomination should be researched and exposed.

His use of the term "fringe" makes him seem imbecilic.

I knew a DailPaul member would pick up on that!

This is why I took the time to upload this clip to YouTube and post it on DailyPaul.

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this (nuanced) hit piece, It reminded me of a slightly more subtle attempt to label Ron Paul with the "Fringe" title and suggest somehow that he is inadequate to fill the roll.

In my opinion, the same techniques where used during Dr. Paul’s presidential bid...

Insert inflammatory words like “Outsider”, “Dangerous” or “Fringe”, make statements such as “if Ron Paul takes this subcommittee it's going to get worse”.

Phil seemed to feel so sorry for poor old hard trodden Ben Shalom Bernanke, that even I felt some sympathy... NOT!!!!

Unfortunately for them, it is not subtle enough to "fool all of the people all of the time".

Thankfully some of us remember the last (not quite so subtle) attempt to undermine him.


(Sorry for the rant above, but it makes my blood boil)

I want to get hold of a copy of this weeks Bloomberg Businessweek Just to discover the sources Phil Mattingly appears to represent, but I have a feeling that his article reveals nothing to back up the content, and is presented as a mere opinion piece.

Problem is, I don't wish to fund his employers, so if anyone can send me the text of the article I would much appreciate it.