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How do the conspiracy theorists here explain Freedom Watch?

Doesn't Freedom Watch throw a monkey wrench in the whole Fox/Murdoch conspiracy theories? How do you conspiracy theorists fit it into the grand theory? Is the Judge the "controlled opposition" or what?

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Michael Coreleone in the Godfather repeated that statement. I'm not a conspiracy theorist to a huge degree but this could be one explanation. Perhaps Murdock is hedging his bet that the Tea Party movement will prevail in the long run and he's doing an end-around to cover his elitist azz once the sh*t hits the fan! He could then say..."see, we were the only ones to cover the movement positively and therefore helped it to prevail." Sorry Mr. Murdoch, but we already know that you are dirty! Thanks just the same for the press though!

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i don't get fox biz channel and my grandmother in another state does not get it either.

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For the conspiracy folks...

I want you to think for a moment. Our govt cant do a damn thing right.. Do you really believe that a few elite are so loyal to each other that they wouldnt fight over the power they already have.

I guess what I mean is that there is no written, sworn or promised alliances. They are as feeble as the people they put into power.

The banks, absolutely have the most power. We watched them tell Congress we need trillions in the next 24 hours or the system comes down. That alone should show people who are the most powerful group. BUT.. if the other central bankers around the world want to bitch smack Bernanke... seems logical to me that there is to much power at stake to have a small group agree without bloodshed. Power is intoxicating...

One quote continues to come to mind.. 'No army can stop an idea whose time has come.'

I think the Judge is honest enough to trust. How could he not be? He has a lifetime of fidelity to our Constitution. Im not saying he is perfect. What I believe is that he defends what is just and right. He isnt a puppet or controlled opposition.


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it's called "fair and balanced"

get it?

Fox et.al. can't appear afraid of a topic, that sets off red flags. But if you can let just enough out to prove you're interested in the truth, and then squash it..."mission accomplished"...controlled opposition.

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Bc they are sadistically mocking how ignorant submissive we are

The way I explain it is that the New World Order the Bilderbergs and Rothchilds the banking elite are all sadistic motherfrs who like to make fun of America as they debase and destroy it. It is not enough that they wreck our way of life and bring down the Constitution and drive us into financial ruin. They like to kick it up a notch by telling us that they are doing it to our face while they do it. This is a further humiliation and indignity to the *merican people. It is kind of like the movie Unforgiven where Clint Eastwood first tells someone "I am going to kill your family and burn down your house" before he commits the act. They are making fun of us by doing it in our face. Its their way of saying "I am going to do all of this to you and you are so utterly stupid and docile that you are not going to do anything about it. So as a sadistic act of comedy they are further demeaning us while they strip us of all our rights. Kind of GWBush laughing and saying who cares about the Constitution its just a God damn piece of paper. Its their power trip way of saying I can do this to you tell you I'm doing it and I'm still so powerful there is nothing you can do about it, i.e. their saying I'm making u my bitch while they make us their bitch.

Yes, he is "controlled opposition." Do you understand how?

Consent is not required. I did a whole thread on it if you are really interested.


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Thats a tough one

Why in the hell would Fox tolerate somone who so blatantly contradicts their propaganda? Maybe they are just bored because they have no competion.

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Just my opinion.

The dream machine just turned 90° when Obama became president. Republicans were "in power" prior, so Fox didn't exactly have to appeal to the reasonable swing plurality. Now that they're "out", they need to appeal to them, so they start saying more sensible things.

Just my opinion. Not necessarily a malignant conspiracy with strings pulled from far away shadows, more intellectual investment.

Friedman said:
"Let me emphasize, the problems that have arisen for us have not come from evil people who were trying in conspiracy or anything like that to enslave us. That hasn’t been our problem. Our problems have arisen from good people who were trying to do good, but trying to do good in a fundamentally flawed way."

But that could easily also be "ignorance before malice", which many hide behind.

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They are not in it to lose money. And there is a market for the Judge.

Besides it's cable. The big blowhards for Empire and Imperial injustices still rule primetime on Fox. The masses are safely dozing through the news.

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I think they are using him

to make neocons look acceptable but they are not.

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Well they cite its on Fox

Well they cite its on Fox Business... sooo idk. I tend not to get caught up in all of that stuff. I have learned to check multiple sources... like here lol.