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Have you ever been Drunk on the DP??

I am just curious...because over the years...I know I have done it (Years ago...I learned)...and I have come back the next day embarrassed to what I posted and even removed threads in total astonishment to what I had written. I have even been called out on it years ago..."Takeaction...are you drinking?" and amazed that fellow DP ,members could tell that the writing was not my normal "Style" . And who here remembers the classic drunk comment on the daily paul years ago....
One of our members during a heated night burst out with a thread that said...."Need a girk, chatta me kort" This thread was the talk of the site for days...and we all wanted to know where the author went....... And at the time we all tried to decipher the thread and we thought that it meant "I need a girl, would you like to Chat". Unfortunately the original thread got deleted...but I was able to find one of the threads here...
Would love to read your thoughts....I will never post again under the influence...Hey that could be a new offense...
PUI=Posting Under Influence

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drinks at home make me sleepy.
i need the atmosphere of the pub to do some drinking.
lucky for the DP.

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Dom Perignon...leave it up to a Monk to concoct a good Champagne. lol


Is there any other way?

I'm pretty boozed up right now (just came back from the single malt scotch whisky tasting). Are we the libertarians or just a bunch of liberal tea drinking pussies, for crying out loud?


I <3 DailyPaul. Where else are you going to get a thread as honest as this???

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


keep quiet and pour me another shot.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

never drunk...

but smoking pot 99% of the time...

2nd that


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and then...

rasta's pass left my friend.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Isn't that what the party thread is for?

I confess to that. Can't we consider that the DP Pub? Lol. Sharing music and silly banter or even just embarassing yourself and be forgiven. Hey some do it when they aren't drunk wether they realize it or not.
Just keep it there and not on serious threads.
Is it really that big a deal anyway unless you are being offensive?
Let's not be hypocrites for the drinkers or smokers. Or the ones that get uptight because they maybe need to unwind. We all need/have our outlets wether we admit it or not.
Maybe there should be a thread just for people to vent. The forgive and forget thread ;)
Some old cowboy once told me "Wanna be friends? I will forgive you for your short commings if you forgive me for mine" I thought that was a pretty good rule for friendship.

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Drunk on the DP?...No. Euphoria with the DP?...Yes.

No drugs needed. The high comes from just logging on.

well um yes

But usually I don't say anything too embarrassing. Spell check is a bitch if I remember correctly. I do however sit on here pretty flipping baked just a tad more than drunk.


That is awesome.....I have tried weed and can never get "Baked". It does nothing for me except make me tired....what am I doing wrong?

You are definitely doing it wrong

I have had more than a few people say that too me and then I invite them over to make sure the job gets done proper. I got a grinder so I pack one up thats almost pure THC crystals. Then I sit back watch them try to walk. Its almost evil, but I sure do get a great laugh out of it. They always get fed some good food too!

I am game

every time I hear this...I am always excited....I am always looking for the reason why so many people enjoy the MJ. To me...it is harmless in comparison to alcohol and actually has proven health benefits....so again...what am I doing wrong?
.....Am I expecting too much?
Some people have told me it is a "Learned" high....WTF does that mean. I have no reference point people. The only reference that I have is being drunk. That is it! Help me?

well there are a few ins and outs

There are things you do learn about how to control your mind when high, mostly don't get paranoid. But if you smoke some good weed and hold in your lungs for a couple of seconds you will be stoned in less that 10 seconds.

Also there are two gene pools you have to deal with.

Sativa is the stuff that will make your head race and probable make you paranoid the first time you try it. There is little chance you will get sleepy.


Then there is Indica. This will relax all your muscles in your body and is an amazing stress reliever. It can make you pretty sleepy


Most (if not all) weed on the street is a cross between the two. Some heavy on the sativa...some heavy on the Indica.

I also need a bit of nicotine afterwards to get he buzz kicked in. Its basically the only time I smoke tobacco. I got tired of smoking stale cigs because I honestly don't spark up that often anymore. So I have a nice little rolling machine and just smoke like half a cigarette after the green stuff. This step is not by any means necessary, I just really enjoy the rush of the two drugs hitting my brain at once!


I really appreciate the input. Obviously their is a lot to learn about the different types of MJ and the different affects. Very interesting! Thank You....you opened my eyes.. I was 100% against the MJ because of my horrible experiences.

You're not smoking the KB

You're not smoking the KB

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