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PayPal cuts off Wikileaks

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They are

A private company and they can do what they want. Not that I'm taking up for them but yeah.

Yep! This is why we can

Yep! This is why we can boycott them and not the government.

I would love to boycott the DMV :P

you have a point, but some

you have a point, but some people would boycott when they find out. I stop doing business with Amazon and Paypal.

I agree

The crappy thing is, when they freeze accounts, they keep the money. I'm sure Wikileaks had alot of cash.

Time to cut pay pal and amazon

out of my pocketbook. And of course send a furious email. They say it's because of TOS violations, but wiki doesn't do anything illegal...but then anything the federal beast government declares illegal becomes that way instantly within the minds of the corporations who are in control.