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Was Obama 'B-tch' Slapped?

Just a note that last weeks "Obama elbowed in mouth" story didn't make much sense. They initially refused to identify anyone that did it and the time of day for playing basketball was odd. I'm not sure I've ever seen injuries that look that way from basketball. A week later, after questions about *who* did it, they have a name, and the person refuses to say anything in interview.

I'm just throwing it out that in most dictatorships, most of the population would assume that der Fuhrer was slapped by whoever actually is in charge. So far, I haven't even seen comedy acts make the connection - odd considering all the stuff going on.

Now Obama is making a surprise last minute visit to Afghanistan without announcement. Weird. Wasn't he just over there? Wikileaks?

On an unannounced visit to Afghanistan, President Obama praised U.S. troops Friday and said his administration's surge over the past year has weakened the Taliban.


And from Drudge:
Obama Makes Surprise Trip to Afghanistan...

Flies 7,000 miles -- talks to Karzai for 15 minutes on phone!

Lol. He was just over there, unless he really likes being in the air all the time, something is going on here that isn't being reported yet.

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I think Michelle did it after......

finding him in a compromising position
with one of his guy pals.

in this case he was indeed

in this case he was indeed "bitch slapped"