Ron Paul on KDFW Fox 8/19/2007

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"...Americans may be

"...Americans may be Surprised to find that, for example, He would Eliminate the Department of Education, the Department of Energy, And the Department of Homeland Security."

He's talking like that's a bad thing!

NO KIDDING!! Gotta love


Gotta love the majority of Americans that want to complain about it but never actually do anything about it (until they're completely broke and its too late....if it isn't already).....I wonder how many months of personal labor being expended for the gov. it will take to finally tip the scales with these people and clue them in that America has been around alot longer without these things and without the tax to pay for it and it was a hell of alot better (the good ol days). They're just happy to make "cuts" when those are only defined as "less of an INCREASE"....are you freeaking kidding me. Pull the plug already.

give me liberty or give me death

give me liberty or give me death

Can anyone confirm this is Mitt Romney's State Chairman

Can anyone confirm this is Mitt Romney's Illinois State Chairman.

If so this should be sent out to all news outlets, that Mitt Romney has crazy person working for him. The incident is at the end of the video

Don't you see...

That last comment, besides being patently FALSE about Ron running as a third party, is just there to serve to anger other Republicans..

Ron will NOT run as third party and has emphatically said so because he knows this would just help Hillary if she is the nominee. He is not THAT stupid.

The whole reason he is on the ballot is because he is running as an R and has a lot of R supporters, at least here in NH...I would say, the majority of his supporters are Rs.

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Third Party Rumor is a ploy by the enemy

The whole Third Party move is a ploy by other candidate supporters to make it seem like Ron Paul cannot win the GOP - but YES he can and he is actually doing it now in real time. Every day, Every hour, Every minute the Ron Paul campaign picks up energy, money, and votes. Evidence is all around you.

Just look at Huckabee - he came in second in Iowa and has gone absolutely nowhere since. Meanwhile, Ron Paul is winning support everywhere.

The Third Parties will come to Ron Paul, get him the nomination and they will come.

No doubt this is a subtle

No doubt this is a subtle hit piece....connotating Paul with "traitor", "treason", "isolationist", "long-shot" and "likely 3rd party candidate"......

If "republicans" were smart the third party comment would motivate them to vote Paul to prevent another Clinton getting in the white house!! Unfortunately most of our party is too dumb to figure it out and is going to lose not only the election but a good chunk of their private property rights, earnings, and reasonable judiciary to the leftists based on the weak candidates they are propping up other than Dr. Paul.

give me liberty or give me death

give me liberty or give me death

You have to give them credit for........

You have to give them credit for at least showing Hannity's bitter and surprised reaction when finding out Ron Paul was winning the Fox text-message poll at 30%.

I declare that THAT moment ranks as one of the greatest events in the history of our solar system, IF not galaxy.

That clown Michael Steele also made a sweet cameo.

And in case some of you haven't seen the following masterpiece, here it is in all its glory:

"Post GOP Debate coverage "Fox News Style" -


Fox 4 Dallas

I am not sure what to think, on one hand they did a pretty good job, told both sides of the story, but I don't like the last statement.

At least it was better than the Fred Head piece they did a few weeks ago.