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Edited/Updated just for you Michael>Just ordered my seed! What say you!? *** Updated and need some advice! Herbs, what to grow.

My friends, I just ordered my seed for the spring season. What have you done to help my/our neighbors feed their family?

My wife tells me all the time tht I plant and grow too much for our family (it's only 80x100)! Especially things I don't eat! She is right!

I do this for my own belief that what you give to others comes back to you in mysterious ways. This I also believe.

When you give to others with NO expection of anything, it always comes back in a good way.

I think it is time for a gardening, organic health forum section. Please contact me and I will pay for it.


Second Update for the rest of us!

Just built and finished the green house.

Susan and I just finished the planting of 24 different varieties of Vegetable seed and 32 different varities of flower seed. Don't forget, you cannot have good vegetables without good flowers. We need the bees.

I have some leftover seed which some, I am going to send to Bugman and Mike Lawson. The rest I will send to you as long as you remember my rules. You must re-coup seed. Ten percent of what you re-coup must be sent back to me. Then I just start over again.

By the way, my greenhouse only cost me 350.00. It is 12x14.

Peace my friends.

PS; My back is killing me today. You must send your love to the plants and that requires stooping over for longer than my years can handle at times.

(Mike, You are a blessing in more ways than I can count).

What have you done to help others and what do you want to see happen with our country? What are you doing to feed your neighbor or teach them to feed themselves. Do you live in a highrise? Are you growing a garden ( square foot) and teaching a youngster to grow their family's food. If not then damn you. You have the knowledge from here at the Daily Paul to do just this. What are you waiting for?

It can only happen with the free will to help others! Without this, all is lost.

I have the greenest thumb, for God gave me the ability to grow for others. Learned I had a green thumb by growing weed in my parents attic many years ago.LOL!

It did carry over to grow food to help the ones that needed it most. We must help them. We must teach them! They may be our salvation. Who knows? Teach someone to grow a plant, and maybe they will feed your family in the future!



Hi everyone. I will be building the new green house next weekend. Not too big but more than enough to do what I want. The first of the new year seems appropriate. My question is about cooking and medicinal herbs. The cooking part I have down pretty good. Just a cajun thing, but I would like to know what medicinal herbs you would suggest and what they are good for. How do you prepare them for saving and also how to save the seed. Also, don't forget to plant the flowers. Brings the pollination and pleases the wife/other half LOL.

Thanks guys,


Bugman, I got your e-mail and will get back with you on my seed sharing program. I've just been very busy with the new BMW Bike shop. Damn, it's good being back in my element (LOL). At least this time I, and my friend are the owners. Things are going very well.

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is good for humans also, it relieves anxiety better than anything!

Ginger to keep your body slightly alkaline.

Greenhouses, Yurts, Domes and more~

The Pods have spoken


is great for humans also, whacks out anxiety better than anything!

Greenhouses, Yurts, Domes and more~

The Pods have spoken

Mint and honey leaf!

It takes the place of gum and looks beautiful growing in a large pot. They are probably the best consumed plants in my garden.


St John's wort

Off the top of my head.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Jim, I have a pretty good list

go to www.pureearthfarms.com and click on the backyard pharmacy under seeds.

Mike, or anyone else that knows

Any idea on where to get Glycyrrhiza glabra or licorice seeds or plants? I can't find anything but the prepared roots, tinctures, or extracts. I want the plant itself.

*May the only ones to touch your junk, be the ones you want to touch your junk.*


has very strong medicinal qualities. Of course if I had a greenhouse in Louisiana, I'd be growing.....well...

One of the greatest things you can do is learn how to extract the essential oils from your harvest. Oil of Oregano is powerful rubbed on the chest, and taken internally for a respiratory ailment. It has many excellent qualities.

One of the best products we sell is called "Biozome".

It was developed by Carl Oppenheimer, who was related to the atomic bomb guy. It is a type of microbe that has been gathered from several thousand feet under the ocean, by the volcanic vents.
It is bonded to a powdered clay, and activates with water. You want to make sure that you don't use water that has chlorine, or chloramine, as it will kill the bacteria. It is best if you can let the water off gas for at least 24 hours. Rainwater is best. Just sprinkle it on your soils, and work it in, or work it into your compost pile.
It is fantastic for composting, as it eats vegetable matter very quickly, and is also a great soil conditioner.

You can get it directly from our supplier.

It will increase your yields by making nutrients more bio-available, and clean up your soil. A little bit goes a long way, and the microbes multiply exponentially in a short time frame. I highly recommend it.

BTW, The product is made here in Austin. It also eats oil.
The president of Biozome tried to take it to LA, during the BP "incident", met with parish leaders, and other officials, and was ultimately shut down by BP.

About 20 of the fishermen, said screw it, and took it out on their boats, and flushed it through their toilets. Everywhere they applied it, the water was cleaned up.
One of the fisherman supposedly got caught, and was fined 10,000 dollars. I got this info 2nd hand, but I believe them.

Well, if we are entering

an Ice age I would suggest something that grows well under snow. lol

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

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Just answer me this? What is a

South Louisiana boy going to do under all that snow? My guess is make gumbo and courtboullion, eat until full or until the beer runs out. LOL

Then dig in the ice and catch all the gators he can. Skin them, fry them and throw a good party.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

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Okay maybe I didn't push the right button but I will

bump this post to get it back in the mix so I may get some answers. Please read the update and let me know what you guys know. I want to plant the right things and I trust each of you.



1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.



My favorite kind of post ~

I believe these kinds of posts are the heart and soul of the DP. We learn from each other about how to provide for ourselves and others in our community while building meaningful relationships with our neighbors along the way.

Thanks for sharing your inspiration with the rest of us ! ... :)

good for you--

I've saved some; thanks for the reminder!

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

A portion of this years recovered seed (thanks Jim!)

Is going to a rooftop garden next to my church and the produce is going downstairs to the homeless shelter. You never know how many people your original bags of seed will feed as the years go by. I hope others join us in this endeavour.

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That is wonderful Mike.

Glad to know I made a little difference in someones life. Keep up the good work.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

lunch time bump

for Liberty!

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

On sharing...

My mother had a favorite quote...(don't know where she got it)
"The only thing you take with you when you leave this world is that which you gave away while you were here"...
That would include elements of love,respect, etc. as well as material things.


It is "the answer" to hunger!

I am still offering free calendula seed to anyone that emails me their address. I cannot guarantee it will germinate, but it is a delightful flower with wonderful healing properties.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


I will try to do this later after dinner ;-)



Saved Some seed from last year

and bought some organic seeds that where on clearance
at the end of the season. So I'm set. :o)

We have been picking lemons and limes off my plants in the greenhouse and I'm going to start leaf lettuce in some long containers so we can get some fresh greens this winter.

sheese! i had no idea so many of you

here are so loony! its INSANE the amount of name calling and derogatory attitudes i've been blessed with just for being new and having a voice. there are 2 people in particular, you know who you are, that i feel have tried to emotionally take me out! its so friggn strange...

and no jim, im not getting paid. no henry, i'm not a provacca whatever! in fact, all the income i have comes in the form of eggs, ginseng, and love.
so... god. yeah i just had to point this out. For the 2nd night in a row. you ppl chose to get down on a personal level FIRST, every time. i just am dumbfounded and cannot believe this but i also do not care much.
but some of you are really deliberately looney/ocd, right?

"ron paul is not running....ron paul is not running" -bloomberg 'expert' morning after the bloodbath, i mean, debate!

Interesting choice of words.

Please watch this
before you use words like "insane" "looney" and "OCD" again. I suspect after you watch that movie, you will not WANT to use psychobabble again.
As for the rest, there are 1. trolls who just like to hurt or anger people. 2. there are hypnotized people who will viciously defend their OPINION rather than take in facts and be flexible enough to change an opinion. 3. There are mean people who will decide they do not like you and just be mean.
NONE of them are worth fretting over.
There are a handful of the most intelligent, sensitive, loving people on the net here. They are worth taking the beating over.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

My reply

With regard to credit cards and mortgages One would be exchanging something of value for for another value. The industries may be corrupt but you need a home. If you need something else without the funds you may need a credit card. If the industries are corrupt then it is in your interest to educate(something I am thankful of the DP for) and or patronise another business.

Helping others to ease to misery you feel inside will do nothing to correct the causes of your misery. They will only make the happiness of others your goal and neglect you psychological issue.

With regard to force...force is not the only evil. Immorality is not a monopoly of the government as I hear from libertarians frequently. We must have an answer for a moral way of life. All I hear is a code for a moral political system but this stems from a moral human condition. You must know a moral code for an individual aside from the rhelm of government. What is this moral code...blankout. Anything and everything sacrificial as long as it's not by force. Why?

Let me see if I understand, you assume

giving has no value. In my opinion that is incorrect. There is GREAT value in giving or sharing or caring. Many, many times in my life what I have given I have been repaid ten fold. I have gained new friends, new talents, gained trusted allies worth more than any monetary amount.

You also assume that helping others does not ease misery that is also incorrect. Putting ones misery in perspective is extremely helpful. Helping those less fortunate than yourself puts ones misery in its place just as counting ones blessings also does, helping others is good medicine.

I think a moral code is essential to survival of humanity, being human and humane is having a conscious awareness of consequences for ones actions. Force works against Freedom. To Force is to take, to give is to gain. Think of force as negative and to give freely is a positive energy. An individual needs to know what true need is in order to give. There are those who are not in need but manipulate others and it takes practice to develop good judgment in order to not be taken advantage of, that is when you learn to say NO.

Our ancestors self preservation depended on being neighborly because their survival depended on one another. Looking out for one another is not a character weakness it is good business sense, survival of the pack.

My father was a business man, he worked hard earned money and spent it as he pleased. He was also a giving man with many many friends.

If we are free, then be free to be yourself. Give or don't give, whatever works best for you. The key is not to be told or to be forced. That is what freedom means to me.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

I agree QS

"The key to freedom is not being told or being forced to be moral". It is freewill.
My mother had a quote she used often...
"The only thing you take with you when you leave this world is that which you gave away while you were here"


i agree with most of what you said, that helping friends and family that you care for is good and strengthens relationships. i would say that it is also selfish to do so as it brings you pleasure in giving to those whom you care for when you can afford to.

i disagree in your assessment of misery. Misery is not the natural state of mans existence on earth...that is to say that we shouldn't just evade it by indulging ourselves in pleasures such as giving(or going on roller coasters). we should focus directly on it and fix it. this would be my primary concern if i was miserable, not the misery of others.

Can I have your autograph Mr Grinch?

I loved the movie. How's Max?

@ Debbie

After visiting DP, I download TSP on i-Tunes everyday. I've learned so much about food storage and prepping. Got an Excalibur last year and love D2S! Right now I'm growing cauliflower, broccoli, spinach, carrots, lettuce, and garlic. Seeds are saved in a Tupperware container in the fridge. Broccoli sprouted from seeds I've had since 2008. I share my bounty with family, neighbors, and co-workers :)

"Liberty starts in a garden." Jack Spirko