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Was pulled over tonight and what the Sheriff said just rubbed me wrong.

Vacationing with my family at the Walt Disney World Resort and was pulled over by a County Sheriff while driving our rental from Magic Kingdom to our hotel. My wife was driving, which is a good thing as I probably would have been spouting off so much that I would have gotten myself arrested for something. I was in the backseat with my youngest daughter, my wife was driving, and my older daughter was in the front passenger seat. It was a short interaction of which I remember exactly word for word and it just rubbed me the wrong way.

County Sheriff approaches window:

Sheriff: Are you folks on Vacation?

My Wife: What Exactly am I being stopped for?

Sheriff: Your license plate light is out.

My wife: So its not a safety issue like a brake light or tail light? Its the license plate light which serves no purpose except allowing others to read the plate number? I can actually be stopped for that?

Sheriff: Yes mamm. All lights must be functional and working. Do you have your license, registration, and proof of ins.?

My wife: Of course. (She hands it over along with rental agreement for car. Sheriff takes documents)

Sheriff: Okay good. Sit tight while I check this out. I need everyone to stay in the vehicle until I get back, but if you want to get out Mamm to check and see that the light is actually not working you can go ahead and do that now.

My wife: That's okay. I'll take your word for it until I am not on the side of the road.

Sheriff: Very good. Sit tight it should only take a few minutes to get you on your way.

About 8 minutes pass. Sheriff comes back to window.

Sheriff: Well you are not wanted (Sheriff laughs) and everything checked out.

My wife: So I am going to get stopped everytime an officer is behind me until its fixed?

Sheriff: Not in this county Mamm. Everyone knows whats going on, but if you have a problem tell them you spoke to me.(Officer gives card displaying his name) Nobody is going to give you a ticket for that kind of light anyway its just a reason to stop you, check you out, and see if you are a bad guy. We are looking for bad guys tonight.

My wife: Well I am glad you don't consider me a bad guy.

Sheriff: Not at all mamm. Just gives us a reason to stop you and see if you are a bad guy. Have a good vacation and be careful when you reenter traffic.


I was sitting in the back. The sheriff did not address or acknowledge me in any way. Had I been driving...lol Well its a good thing I wasn't. I can be a smartass. But It just rubs me the wrong way that any law enforcement would stop a car for something that as the sheriff said "nobody is going to give you a ticket for..." He did not even tell her to get it fixed. He basically told her not to worry about it. So why stop the car in the first place? I guess its like he said. They just want any ol' reason, but there were people driving like idiots and speeding all right in front of him at the same time. I just think its odd they stop a car for an offense (if you can even call it that) that they have no intention of giving a ticket for and basically tell you not to worry about fixing it while on vacation. I dunno. Maybe its no big deal, it just seems very strange to me.

End of Rant! :)

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He was hoping to find something

to collect for the county so his pension benefits will still be there when he retires. I am guessing rental car light tickets would be hard to enforce. Consider yourself lucky, he probably wanted to taser your arse.

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Same story

but East Texas