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Would Nixon get away with WaterGate in today's political climate?

Think about that. We have gotten so corrupt that he would get away with it now. They are out of touch and act with impunity. There is absolutely no respect for the basic rules. Name someone other than Paul that points that out?


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good question.

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The crime would be conducted in a different way.

They wouldn't need to physically break into buildings. They would probably get away with it.


anything goes. As long it suits the powers that be.

No, I don't think he'd be impeached today...

I voted for the first time at 18 when Nixon was re-elected. I couldn't believe the election results! At that time, it seemed like EVERYONE was against the war, & we had this HUGE new group of voters when 18 year olds finally got the vote. How could McGovern have lost? It was incomprehensible to me. His running-mate's (Thomas Eagleton)revelation of psychological counselling was no big deal. That could not have sunk his campaign. All I could figure was that the "Silent Majority" consisted of a bunch of commie-hating hawks & they ruled our country. When the smell of CREEP (Committee to Re-Elect the President) started hitting the newsstands, I was hopeful. At that time, Dan Rather was a hard-hitting journalist for CBS. He pinned Nixon so often, it was delight seeing him make Nixon squirm. What brought Nixon down was that he had a few honest people on his staff who knew he'd comitted crimes. We had a few honest people in Congress who believed in our Constitution & election process. It was those people who made the impeachment process happen. Every day was a scintillating drama as all of this unfolded in the Watergate Hearings. I was never so elated as when Nixon got on that helicopter. That murdering, secret-warring, SOB was finally gone. I still have my Fabulous Furry Freakbrothers, Fat Freddie's Cat t-shirt. The cat is poised over his litter box "Covering it up." It sits in a drawer with my Ronald Reagan dish rag.

I believed the election results just fine.

The pre-Boomer generation thought of the American Left back then like we think of them now, and McGovern was their poster child.

Further: They had been through WWII and seen how bad the NAZIs and Soviets were, then Korea and seen how bad the Chinese Communists were. Both had nuclear weapons and giant armies and were perceived as being an immediate and giant threat - far more deadly than a few nuts from the Middle East infiltrating a handfull of airliners, setting off the random bomb, or mailing spores of a bacterium that is regularly encountered by those raising sheep and cattle.

Still further, the war was due to Kennedy and LBJ's incompetence, ("Proportionate/measured response" is a form of boiling the frog: It denies the opposition an opportunity to surrender gracefully and escalates forever.) Nixon was perceived as someone who could bring it to a successful conclusion. (In fact he apparently DID - then the Democrats in congress pulled the plug on aid to the government left behind and it was overrun. This should give you an idea why the "nation building" adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq keep getting funded by the current politicians.)

So it's hardly surprising that the college age vote wasn't sufficient to overcome their elders and elect an outsider candidate perceived as a left-wing extremist running without incumbent status against the seasoned politician, ex-Vice President, and noted foreign-policy expert who had essentially tied with Kennedy a couple cycles back. (Actually he's apparently BEATEN Kennedy but had the election stolen by voter fraud in Chicago: He's lost that election by Illinois and lost Illinois by less than one vote per precinct in Cook County.)

*I* sure as hell didn't vote for Nixon. But don't let the left-wing press and historians' demonization of his memory confuse you. Sure he was a crook. But so were much of his opposition. Meanwhile McGovern was perceived by the non-youth mainstream as about as "extermist" as Ron Paul was by those dependent on the lame-stream media in the runup to 2008.

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What happened was Nixon let

What happened was Nixon let Hunt out of jail and paid him a million dollars-as hush money for the Kennedy Assasination. My understanding is that is what his impeachment was to be regarding. Howard Hunt was in jail, however, for Watergate so there are certainly relationships. As far as the re-election, it's not how the people vote but who counts the votes that matters. You think this country would ever actually elect a Bush or a Clinton? This is a case of who do you know? as opposed to, what do you know? Clinton was Bush's hand picked successor. George W was his son. Obama.. well you know about him. Bush came in under nixon, participated in the Kennedy Assassination-also with Howard Hunt-Bay of Pigs.. all that. Nixon wasn't a very powerful president. Bush senior, as a CIA member and former president of the CIA, is probably the last powerful or least controlled president we've had since Kennedy-though obviously Kennedy wasn't as powerful as Bush because Bush is still alive and receiving daily CIA briefings. Kennedy was more mafia, which is government and all but there is a distinction. Bush is tied in with the Mafia but he's on the other side of the farce war between the gov and mafia. At the end of the day though, the Mob is like the union the CIA uses to distribute drugs, so they are lower on the hierarchy. Bush was blue blood thanks to his nazi dad.

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The Freak Brothers

Now that's a blast from the past!

Very true. Spying on the

Very true. Spying on the Democratic Party resulted in Nixon's resignation. So, spying on the UN's many foreign diplomats will result in...?



yes,yes he would. Look at what the TSA and Homeland Buffoonery are getting away with. The enemy is domestic.

9/11 was an inside job .....time to get some answers..RP 2012

Nixon is small potatoes

compared to what they brazenly get away with now. We have lost the rule of law and the end is rapidly approaching.

one of the things

that bothers me is the way the police act now too. Our rights dont matter to anyone. Look at the people that accept full body scans and groping. Or accept the perpetual wars..

sigh... I tremble for my country.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul


Was just an excuse to get rid of him. He had alienated too many powerful people. I doubt anyone like Nixon would get far in politics today.


Except maybe ron Paul.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

He would if he were still

He would if he were still useful to the globalists. Nixon was part of what was called the "Rockefeller Wing" of the Republican Party. Today, these are the Neocons.

The Sixties Radicals, such as the Clintons, were their opposition in the false dichotomy perpetuated by the media at the time. The argument was framed by the media as follows: you either "support the President" and his no-win, undeclared war, or you support the attack on our military, our flag and our nation. Most people in those days fell into one of those two camps.

When Nixon became a liability to the globalists, they decided to jettison him. The mechanism was audio tapes of Nixon's private conversations. Here again, most people don't understand that the tapes in question were not Nixon's tapes. There was another taping system installed in the White House. Who installed it? I don't know, but I suspect it was Al Haig.

Stop an think for a moment, if Nixon was informed that the court wanted to examine the tapes he had made, he could have destroyed them, In fact, he probably did destroy them as soon as the Watergate fiasco began. He could have always said that there was nothing on them he wanted, and he had destroyed them as a matter of course. And who could have contradicted him?

So, obviously he didn't have custody of the tapes in question. Someone informed him that there was another set of tapes. And those tapes were used to pressure him into resigning.

Now, back to the question. The Watergate Burglary would never have become the huge story it did if Nixon were still useful. Look at some of the stories in the Daily Paul. Many of them could bring down the Administration if the mainstream media pushed them.

To understand what is going on, you need to realize that these people finance their own phony opposition. The Sixties Radicals were receiving money from foundation grants - the Establishment foundations. And today, the Sixties Radicals are in power. They have cut their hair, and taken to wearing suits, but their radical, un-American agenda hasn't changed.

Just like everything else,

we have not been told the true story on Watergate. An excellent book on this subject and many others is"Family of Secrets, the Bush Dynasty, Invisible Government, and the Hidden History of the last Fifty Years" by Russ Baker. Gore Vidal said it was one of the most important books of the past ten years.

Jim Rogers

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Yes, totally

I'm always amazed that people like Dr. Paul and even the perps themselves can go on television and say some of the things they do and it doesn't make the world start screaming at the televisions and rioting in the streets.

The bailout is $3,5 trillion, we have to pass the bill so people can read it, million dead arabs, we can assassinate americans and on and on.

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Nixon was set up, I think

So no, he wouldn't have gotten away with it. I think the CIA was out to get him and he was unaware of that, so they were going to get him one way or another.

Nixon knew the CIA was behind the Kennedy assassination and often held that over their heads, and they had enough of that.

Just my semi-educated guess.

Read "Silent Coup" by Colodny

Read "Silent Coup" by Colodny if you can find it. Some of it is dated, but it's an intriguing recount and analysis of Watergate that you may find worthwhile.

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I agree that it was somehow staged

He pissed someone off. I don't think Nixon was involved in anything any other recent president doesn't do. Rising to that level of power means that you're already corrupt and willing to do whatever it takes.

Over the 40 years I've been around this place, I can't name a single president that I can say I was proud to have represent me.

Then again, the totality of my life has been lived during the decline phase of the American empire.

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Most people

wouldn't even know who Nixon was.

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wow, yeah now that I think of it

I don't think anyone would even bat an eye about it now a days.

I am afraid you are correct imo.

He would be offered a speaking tour to discuss it in the near future to compliment his book tour lol


this wiki deal

has brought me to the same scary realization. The corruption of the state department that has been exposed has hardly even caused those bastards to blink. They just smirk and keep trucking.

Lets hope I'm wrong, time will tell.