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Printing Money vs. Not Printing Money

(Business Insider) There's nothing funnier to 99% of America than Ben Bernanke's claim that he's not printing money.

Especially when, thanks to the Jon Stewart, you see Ben's latest 60 Minutes interview juxtaposed against another 60 Minutes interview when the Chairman said he was printing money -- the difference between now and then being that the Fed was buying corporate assets and now it's buying government bonds.

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Did you listen to RP in

Did you listen to RP in Schiff Radio interview in which RP refered to this Stewart clip?
RP mentions the Stewart clip on 10:33 of the interview

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Helicopter Ben Strikes Again

What a great way to end it with global warming.

I almost fell off my chair when I heard him utter, it's a myth that we print the money. I would think anyone with half a mind would know it's impossible to print 3.3 trillion dollars in any reasonable amount of time.

$3.3 Billion Printed in a Jiffy! (fraction of a second)

When dueling about money, dare not be a second too late.

Just glance at the Zimbabwe Dollar. No need to waste a perfectly good second. You might live to see another duel, on account of having a good one... A second that is.

100 Trillion Zimbabwe Dollar
The Image is Indelible Ink. Image is not time nor money.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

mortgage backs, loans to

mortgage backs, loans to banks, and all the other trash the fed accumulated during the crash of 2008

Does someone have a link to this video that is viewable ...

in Canada? I'd very much like to see this.

Jon Stewart, Comedy Central, Printing Money, Not Printing Money

Jon Stewart! Anti-Counterfeit $100 Bill $1B Error! Help Wanted! submitted by Mark Twain, 2010
Lots of commentary & a video link provided by LibertyPulse.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul



Nearly All Dollar Bills are Tainted with BPA

The government is about to burn all the BPA bills.

A new report, "On the Money: BPA on Dollar Bills and Receipts", has found that 95% of US dollar bills are contaminated with trace amounts of Bisphenol A. The chemical, which is also found in plastics, aluminum cans, thermal paper receipts, and elsewhere, is a known hormone disruptor, and has been linked to cancer. It's still legal and widely used here in the states. The report also hones in on how BPA is transferred from product to person:

Foolish. Collectors will pay plenty to have these novelty items.

They could sell these novelty bills-of-credit. Take credit. Generate interest. And we fools would have a clearer grasp of the Follies of Finance. Rated: F F.

The Pirates of Penzance (1983) Silver Screen. Music & Dance. Better than fake money, includes song & dance. Rated: Highly.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Fed Spokesman Admitting Dollars are Toxic

And to get rid of it, they "foist it off on visitors!"

Meet the Federal Reserve

"The EPA caught us burning it in '81, and they threw a hissy fit like you wouldn't believe. It's ink, it wears like metal because it is. Unfortunately it's noxious, toxic, consumer unfriendly, heavy metal. They had kind of a good point. The only change we've made in ink composition since 1861, we literally got the lead out in 1969. Mercury, cadmium, arsenic, cyanide, titanium dioxide, formaldehyde, lithium, thallium, zinc, still in there. So this is kind of nasty stuff. So, since it's toxic, and there's no viable use for it, we package it up as souvenirs and foist it off on visitors - make it go away."

- Jerry Nelson, Fed PR spokesperson

Time 4:55

not that I like agreeing with

not that I like agreeing with bernanke, but he actually has a point.
the federal reserve balance sheet (-> base money supply) is not increasing by enlarge (yet?), as opposed to when he said he is "printing money". Balance Sheet 12.1.jpg

you can buy treasuries without printing money - if you sell other assets at the same time.

Other assets ?

like for example... ?

this is funny (tragically

this is funny (tragically funny) too:

Not printing money, but

Not printing money, but creating credit out of thin air.

Good comedy, but though Helicopter Ben thinks so for a

different reason, he is correct.

He is not printing money.

That's because you can't print money. You can only coin it.

What Bernanke is doing is creating more currency, either physically or electronically. He's creating and introducing into circulation, more Federal Reserve Notes. He is not "printing dollars" as it is physically impossible to "print" a dollar.

A dollar is not an abstract accounting unit.

It is a measure of a specific weight of pure silver.

You can't print that, you can only coin it.

When looked at in this proper perspective, what Bernanke is doing, and what we use for currency INSTEAD of money, becomes obvious, as does the solution.

Even dailykos has abandond Obama over this

I am a socialits.. notthe totalitarionan kind but a volutary kind.. now that said I did vote for Obama.. in lite of who was against him at the time I am still glad I did but he is a sad piec of prsident and not on the more left leaning of us. i.e. progressives.

We are all bieng rairoaded by the GOP and the POTUS and any who vote for this crap. It helps only one group the rich and bankers...

I will be hopeing for a primary to obama by Ron Paul/Sanders 2012.. ballence. 1 libertarian and one socialist. true I do not like Austian Economics.. But this is about more than that its about Liberty and helpng our country in a time of need.

socialism doesn't work at a

socialism doesn't work at a federal level which is the total oxymoron of what you described as "voluntary".. the only way any policy can be enforced at the federal level is through coercion. perhaps come back after you actually do some reading of the constitution/market economics

i wasn't aware that the law of economics or a simple matter of "what works and what doesn't" depends on your liking

just reinforces the notion that nobody cares what a liberal believes or doesn't believe. it's like telling a self righteous person in wheelchair there's robbery going down the street. useless.

Isn't Sanders the one who

Isn't Sanders the one who stabbed us in the back at the last minute regarding the previous effort to Audit the Fed? Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I do believe he is the one who did that.


No, It was DeMint..

No, It was DeMint..

ugh it was sanders who caved

ugh it was sanders who caved in and accepted a watered down version of the bailout


Welcome Tim !

Here is a Nov.20th 2010 video, that may get you fired up for 2012, it fired me up:

My extended family in the video, wish I was there !


Thanks Jon Stewart And Big Sur June.

It feels good to laugh about very serious stuff .


Yes, that was great!

And totally unexpected. Excellent video.

Notice the difference between

Notice the difference between the two Bernankes? As I said in another post, he was either drinking heavy the night before or Doc's got him hopped up on anti-psychotics, either way it does not prove well for the American people....

Quite a difference!

Scared & Tired vs Relaxed & Confident

fireant's picture

Bump for a good laugh, and a little irony for breakfast


Undo what Wilson did

needed a good laugh as well

needed a good laugh as well for this outright lie.

America, we have a real problem.

We've all heard of the "Fox guarding the Hen House". Well, that's exactly what we've got going on in our government. As long as "they" can print money on demand, they can cover up all kinds of problems. They can make the stock market "pop" with a phone call. They can manipulate any index and the reporting thereof. No matter that jobs aren't happening - just send out more unemployment checks - who cares where the currency comes from. How about some more cash for you clunker? If $5000 ain't enough, let's make it $10,000! How about you farmers? Need more money NOT to grow something? Checks in the mail! And it's not just US, it's the whole dang world! It's musical chairs, where it ends, nobody knows, but they can sure have fun playing!

alan laney


won't work for me.

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