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The Southern Avenger -The Conservative Purpose of Wikileaks

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One Question:

SA says, "No one disagrees that the state should have some secrets..."

Is this true?

I almost feel stupid questioning the Avenger. He is fantastic

A truly great nation would prosper without state secrets.

When protecting secrets becomes the law of the land then protecting individual liberty and property is in competition.

A state has no other purpose than to provide for the common good. There is no wholly common good other than liberty and justice.

If we hire sneaks who act under false pretenses, it makes sense to keep their duplicity secret. But does it make sense for our government to pretend openness but purchase pretenders acting secretly?

Is it an enumerated power in the Constitution?

What is provided for in the Constitution is free speech and a free press.

If a state rigorously protects speech and press, then what is desired can be accomplished without pretending, duplicity and secrecy on the part of the state.

Free includes debt-free!

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Why has SA been absent?

It's always a great five minutes of my week

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Hmmmmm.... FUD

Fine, if you think it is a setup, setup your own WikiLeaks for real. Admit it, it is a great idea that has caught the world's imagination and that it works. So, if you are truly a friend of liberty and enemy of government, set up your own operation, that you trust, instead of just whining and hypothesizing about someone else's. Isn't it strange how those armchair warriors are always the first in line with a conspiracy theory to undermine the possibility of achieving any true advances? Makes you wonder exactly who they are.

I bet your intentions are

I bet your intentions are good and I mean you no ill will, but your name says it all, talk about distracting theater religion is the greatest of all, it keeps us from focusing on this life and this world. Religious folks have got it all backward focusing on who said it, be it Jesus, Moses, Allah, God, etc. and not the message of empathy for all life, for all struggle, for all suffering.

ive been wondering where jack

ive been wondering where jack has been

Jack misses the mark completely, once again ...

WikiLeaks is a Soros enterprise.

As Jack rightly pointed out, the leaks manage not to mention anything really important ... (e.g. 9/11) only those things that are politically embarrassing to certain people.

This whole drama ... leak gossip, arrest Julian (on outlandish charges), have avengers retaliate against the arrest, leak more gossip, etc., etc., etc. is all theatre.

They will let this continue till it sounds reasonable (to enough dummies) when they say, "SEE FOLKS, WE ARE FORCED TO CONTROL THE INTERNET IN ORDER TO STOP THIS HORRIBLE SITUATION." Then ...

The End!

P.S. Could someone tell Jack what's really going on!

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Since your accusations are not based on

published facts, is your god whispering these secret "truths" in your uniquely favored ears?


it wasn't God who was whispering ... I think it was Alex Jones and Webster Tarpley (both of whom do excellent research imho and never speak in this fashion without the facts to back them up). They, by the way, don't think these "truths" are so secret ... there's an honest-to-goodness trail that leads right back to Soros.

So, why don't you do some research yourself, and save the insipid accusations for people of your own caliber.


So what EXACTLY did Beck tell you to believe. So I can have "your" thoughts in context.

≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈ ≈
"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make
violent revolution inevitable."
John F. Kennedy

See my reply above, 13

BTW, I don't do Beck. Never have. Always knew he was a plant.

The greatest distraction of all

I bet your intentions are good and I mean you no ill will, but your name says it all, talk about distracting theater religion is the greatest of all, it keeps us from focusing on this life and this world. Religious folks have got it all backward focusing on who said it, be it Jesus, Moses, Allah, God, etc. and not the message of empathy for all life, for all struggle, for all suffering.

Sorry Thrillseeker ...

but your philosophy and the philosophy of the NWO crowd are not substantially different. They figure they're only going around once in life and they're going for the gold, everyone else be damned.

Just because you're willing to settle for less only means that you haven't been invited into their inner sanctum, or perhaps you don't have their killer instinct or the stomach for what they are willing to do to get what they want.

God is pure goodness. He doesn't lie. He doesn't create competing religions to war with each other. There is one true religion and thousands of fakes made up by men for their own (sometimes better and sometimes worse) motives. Good motives notwithstanding, they are still false to one degree or another and lead people to make wrong, often self-serving, decisions. I can agree with you to that extent about religions.

Because there is a universe, which runs like clockwork and, within that universe, a million million things also work together in symbiotic relationships ... bees need flowers and flowers need bees ... plants need carbon dioxide and "exhale" oxygen while people and animals breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide which the plants can then take up ... should prove to any thoughtful person that this place has been designed by a MIGHTY INTELLIGENCE. And, that designer has some laws. He calls them the 10 Commandments. Flaunt them at your own risk. But, if you do, you will make yourself miserable in this life and the next. On the other hand, if you tend to follow most of those Commandments, you can thank God and religion for instilling those virtues in you (it certainly was not the government or the NWO that did this).

God has given you all the tools you'll ever need to find Him out. Unfortunately, your education has probably damaged those tools to a great degree. We're not in this present pickle for nothing!

Getting back to being thoughtful, libertarians have a real blind spot. They don't seem to realize that they are so individualistically motivated that keeping them together as a cohesive group is like trying to herd a pack of cats. Can't be done. Everyone finally goes in his own direction.

Last comment ... you are the one who has it all backwards. We are here to prove ourselves so that we can gain eternal beatitude. Only by understanding the real stakes can one rise to the occasion. The Catholic Church is full of heroes ... we call them saints. It is also full of cowards ... we call them heretics, apostates and moles. The fight for souls is the only struggle that matters in the end. We do not even desire the death of our enemies, but that they be converted and live. Are you that empathetic?

I am 4God as well, but am certain you have miss interpreted

thrillseeker,(whom i trust is 4God also).
please read and consider: www.intellectuallyhonestscience.com
havent you heard Dr stanley montief?

But, also very unfortunate, that sooooooo many, onHERE!, have missed the endgame.
everything that happens you have to ask and think!
what would the benefit be for the military industrial complex? like aaaaaaahhhhh...do you not understand ???
cas sunstein calle for a cyber-9/11 to clamp down the internet. whats so hard to get here? they killed the kennedys, didnt they?? think! if they had power before, what makes you think they dont have it now?

its good for the alternative press, of course, yes, very inspiring! wonderful, in fact! BUT --this 'cyber war' is EXACTLY what they want, folks! oh, i pray the cyber war ends quietly

"ron paul is not running....ron paul is not running" -bloomberg 'expert' morning after the bloodbath, i mean, debate!

Thanks for your response

If I have misunderstood Thrillseeker, I apologize right now. However, I tried to answer his comments using their literal meaning and I don't think that I have missed the mark. However, perhaps I skipped a logical step. He describes many religions bickering with each other and thinks the bickering is a distraction.

I say its THE MANY RELIGIONS that are the problem. God created only one religion. Consider: one of the most important tenents of Freemasonry is religious indifferentism ... which means that one religion is as good as another (which means that none are any truer than another). That idea finally devolves into NO religion is as good any religion, which is what most people around here now believe, and what has contributed mightily to our descent into depravity and stupidity, and has made us suckers for any and every NWO lie.

Yes I have heard and listened to Dr. Stanley Montieth, and very much appreciate his many years of fighting these insane enemies of humanity ... these dupes of satan.

Speaking of which, please be very careful on that website you recommended. I only had time to skim it right now, but I could not find Christ anywhere mentioned. Being an amateur student of science, I also noticed a scientific error early on. Remember, satan can disguise himself as an angel of light or the Holy Ghost. Satan, being a fallen angel, knows science cold and can lead more people astray if what he reveals is 95% true and 5% wrong and deadly. As they say, rat poison is 99% nutritious and 1% poison ... and the rat that eats becomes 100% dead. So, being mostly right offers no guarantees. Faith in and obedience to Jesus Christ is what is required of each and ever one of us. We would live in a very different world if the vast majority of people understood this.

I also agree with you about the people on this website. They don't discern the end game. They don't have the grace to do it. I'll say a prayer for their enlightenment.

they were going to try

they were going to try anyway, whether its because of wikileaks or some random thing that might have happened a year or two from now. They dont always create a problem they sometimes like to just take advantage of certain situations. Just like it always happens we'll have to do a lot of phone calling and petitioning to tell our reps to say no to whatever internet control bill they try to pass. Does that surprise you though, thats how we have to do everything. Everybody needs to kinda drop this wikileaks nonsense, i dont care what excuse they have to want to control the internet, i just know that they want to and have wanted to for a long time and they were going to try regardless and that needs to be stopped.



Welcome back, Jack!

Another grand slam by the Southern Avenger.

BTW, I just subscribed to The American Conservative.
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Welcome back...

Jack...and he comes out swinging...for liberty.

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for Liberty!

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I liked it!

Nice job Jack

For Freedom!
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ahhh finally!

Jack is back, and right on target once again!

I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

ahhh, crisp clear analysis once again

It's nice to to have Jack back

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waited a long time to hear a

waited a long time to hear a new one lol.

Yes. Hope he's rested up!


Free includes debt-free!