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Wikileaks Posting Ron Paul's Videos on Facebook

this is a good sign. Wikileaks facebook has over 1 million members and the comments seem great!


Edit: Just a side thought.

Has anyone noticed over the past 3 years how well Dr. Paul is speaking? He seems like his thoughts are coming out better and clearer. If he runs in 2012 I could see it as a benefit regardless if he wins or looses, he has gotten really good at teaching by speaking the truth.

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This is a double edged sword for me....

....On one hand, I appreciate Wikileaks and the many other thousands of whistle blowing sites for sticking to their principles and exposing corruption.

On the other hand, I am very particular about Ron Paul getting too closely involved in the "politics" behind Wikileaks - particularly its founder as Assange has proven to be pretty much an "actor" and part of massive organized government disinformation.

I support Wikileaks and the like with their right to leak whatever they choose that is in our public interest.

I don't support the company's founder, nor Ron Paul getting involved in any real politics with them so I hope the Good Doctor treats this like the Bruno campaign when he was put on video. Don't get closely vested with anybody.

The principle of free speech is far more important to defend than the merits.

I don't feel just one way about this cozying-up of Wikileaks to

Ron Paul. In one way, I am glad for the extra exposure that it's giving people to Ron. But at the same time, I'm not happy with this overly media emphasized story attaching itself to Ron, because the story itself is sort of a farce that is largely generating a load of bunk secrets anyway. Also, Ron's name being used so closed with the Wikileaks saga will muddy the waters in the future.

That said, I would find it hard for someone like Ron *not* to stand up for the principle that the Wikileaks saga carries, regardless of the specific context.

said perfectly


Beware of the swamp Wiki presents for Ron Paul's future!

Dr. Paul, presidential statesman that he is, soundly supports the principle, but does not attempt to enter the fray about the accuracy of Wiki, nor does he blend himself with the person behind Wiki... a person who seems full of himself, full of shady or corrupt actions in his own past which are easily played on and held hostage by the CFR and NWO bums!

Such a person is far beneath the statesmanship and character of a Ron Paul. Dr. Paul only supports the principles, which he clearly lays out in his comments.

Let us not fall into the trap the CFR is laying to spring on Dr. Paul during the election upcoming. They are trying to bait him into dirt which can be exposed fraudulently in the media... just as they tried before. And they will scrape the bottom of the barrel... why?... because it works on the religious folk who do not always think wisely, but only follow the fuhrer Principe, the pied piper of the party hierarchy!

There is plenty to question about Wiki! The information is not accurate at all. It is low level. It is unsound in many cases, especially concerning 911, and therefore is designed to give the appearance of patriots fighting for constitutional rights, but at the same time, protecting the real perfidy and corruption of the NWO perpetrators!

Below is a comment from one poster on the Wiki Facebook site, not because I entirely agree, but because he raises some salient points which the Ron Paul community should put in their pipe and smoke! IE... beware... all is not what it may seem to be at first blush; and there is a far bigger battle over US and global liberty than we might understand.

Ron Paul is an enemy to the CFR and NWO, of far greater stature than any threat Wiki may present! Always look at media sensations and media sensational stories, in this light! How does it benefit the CFR!! So far, since the 2008 election cycle, their chess has been far superior than the grassroots. It is time for that to change!

Here is a comment from the site:

"Don't fall for this obvious trap that is WL. It is becoming more and more obvious to me that WL is not what it seems. Why is the media following Assange? Why not just ignore him, as they do with everything else that doesn't support the status quo? In fact, not only have the media focused on Assange, but they have defined him into this modern-day super sleuth, "hell-bent on doing good". Since when has the MSM ever given these types the time of day?

Then, why would Assange care about 9/11? He should know perfectly well that he wouldn't have access to such documents or information, so why is he pretending to? After all, almost all of the "leaks" released through WL have been extremely low-level stuff, such stuff that even the lowliest private could have access to. It is becoming more and more clear to me that WL and Assange has an agenda and that agenda doesn't seem to force transparency into government, but rather to shape public opinion, such as what Israel seems to be so good at. In order to believe Assange on 9/11, you would have to throw out common-sense and plenty of eye-witness testimony, along with expert analysis (and forensic evidence). However, one has to ask why Assange would be so adamant on 9/11, unless of course he was forwarding some ulterior agenda.

We also have to ask why Assange went to "hide-out" in London after this latest dump. Wouldn't London be one of the last places anyone would hide, if trying to avoid the authorities? That would seem to be the case unless Assange has "protectors".

Then, we have a guy who claims to be about transparency, yet he isn't transparent about his own operations, hence the "insurance file" or threat to release a "bomb-shell". If he was about transparency, whatever the cost, then he wouldn't be holding back such information in the first place and the fact that he admits to, goes against his own mission statement."

Help reaching wikileak and have them post this.

I'm not so tech savy, but Jack hunter (The Southern Avenger) did a really good piece on the conservative purpose of wikileaks. Perhaps they should be aware of this video to go along with congressman Paul's

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I have never seen so much activity for a Ron Paul vid

on Facebook. It has been a long time to see any of his vids rise to such numbers. I think people are watching their preconceived notions being challenged. Why the heck would a Ron Paul, a republican, be the lone voice defending wikileaks in government. Is it because he's crazy... maybe he just got lucky... this makes no sense!

Anytime Ron Paul out liberals a liberal it brings me great joy. I mean how many times has this happened and still you have detractors state that "even a broken clock is right 2 times a day"(I doubt he ever gets more than two swings at the podium a day to prove these people wrong). Nothing bothers me more than to see the peace community fall into this line. Who in the world of politics is propagating peace more? These people have lost their ability for critical thought.

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I just became a fan of

I just became a fan of Wikileaks on Facebook!

me too

Its growing fast!

more exposure now in Atlantic


good day for Liberty!

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This is great !! :)
And OMG !
Is it me, or almost all comments are really good ? :')


comments did almost, without exception, seem positive!!


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Assange Loves Ron Paul

and so do we..

Lovers of Liberty Love a Man Of Integrity and Ron Paul Has It In Adundance (Abudanzza)

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im impressed by all the positive comments about ron paul over there, even from the people that claim they dont usually agree with him! looks to be a pretty popular post too!

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I got an email from London this morning from a friend

he told me Ron Paul's speech is the talk of the community artists students e.t.c.
for example one journalistic/photography online community with 50,000 members posted Ron's video.
So it's spreading like wild fire
Big Thanks to Wiki for helping the speech to go viral.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
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i think assange supports ron paul

also notice that he started blogging about the corruption of the world and the need for revelations and such just about 3~4 months after rp made his first republican presidential debate, when his campaign was beginning to go viral on the internet

and apart from some who like to wear the banner of truth on their sleeves, he quietly moved (and actually did something! shh)

You know...

Wikileaks was the site that published some documents about a guy who was going to run against Ron in the 14th district primary. Last name was Cherry. He was bad-mouthing Ron and saying he was a more fiscal Republican than Ron. Then Boom, his bankruptcy information appeared on Wikileaks, and that jerk dropped out of the race so fast...

I think Assange supports Assange

He isn't awfully consistent in his philosophy from what I have seen, and his need to be the face of Wikileaks and his ego are what have gotten him into the mess he's in.

Having said that..... I still support his right to publish the documents and think his arrest for these charges (which is becoming the biggest joke of the globe) is despicable.

Everyone has a right to be a narcissistic jerk! And I fully support that right!

Thomas Jefferson: “Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, that His justice cannot sleep forever."

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Id have to agree with the

Id have to agree with the Assange supports Assange theory. Assange from interviews claims to have a wide array of philosophies, since he considers himself more of an international person. He can see the benefits and cons in many of those philosophies.

The message of Liberty is going viral. So I hope that the more people hear what he says on this, then they will check into more of his other views. DP and Campaign for Liberty could use a strong International base.

The guy is awesome. Never

The guy is awesome. Never trust a man who doesn't notice a beautiful woman standing near by, the difference between a good beer and a bad one, and who doesn't feel that Ron Paul is the best political leader of our time....

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BumP: From one good thing, comes another.

Ron Paul, again the lone member of Congress on a particular issue as far as I am aware in this case, speaks in support of Julian Assange. Now, not only is the number of WikiLeaks supporters growing, so are those finding out about Ron Paul. They are letting everyone know what they have learned.

Thanks for this good news.

Did Anyone Notice

Rev.Manning has chimmed in.

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
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So glad you showed me this. I

So glad you showed me this. I love the Rev. and his speech was really great!


it was added 4 hours ago and already over 3000 people gave it thumbs up!!!

here more great Ron Paul videos over 50 of them to be exact:

Thank you for the uplifting post.
Made my day.

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I could use some help

Attacking the stray brainwashed Americans that pop in on the message section. heheh



This is very nice news to

This is very nice news to hear.

I just posted the same link to FB page few hours before.

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