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Carl Miller on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights

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Front page...make it so. lol


Carl's Website

Carl's Website

Last update October 2001 form what I could see.

Justice Pro-Se Of Michigan

You never know what you'll come across if you pray to discover what is truly important in life.

Free includes debt-free!


Is this Veteran/Patriot still around?

Hope someone knows if this Carl is still working on this?


Phone numbers on Pro-Se website.

Justice Pro-Se Of Michigan

That's all I know so far.

Free includes debt-free!

I've never heard of him, I

I've never heard of him, I will study with him until I know it inside and out.

Pro Se litigants.

Pro Se isn't as simple as just opening up a law dictionary.

This is the law as we should all know it:


glad to hear it!

Wisdom is better than weapons of War.....

Part 2 5-11 is phenomenal!!!!

Part 2 5-11 is phenomenal!!!!

i know

i wish everyone could see this!

Wisdom is better than weapons of War.....


Again another major BUMP to the front page ..thank you.

If this does not get on the front page, people here deserve what they get imo.



Please join us here

Never mind the thread is closed to comments.


More links, this is the fight I was looking for.

A direct fight for liberty, rights and justice for all.

A chance to take a stand "in propria persona"

adj. from Latin "for one's self," acting on one's own behalf, generally used to identify a person who is acting as his/her own attorney in a lawsuit. The popular abbreviation is "in pro per." In the filed legal documents (pleadings), the party's name, address and telephone number are written where the name, address and telephone number of the attorney would normally be stated. The words "in propria persona" or "in pro per" are typed where normally it would say "attorney for plaintiff." Judges sometimes warn a party "in propria persona" of the old adage that "anyone who represents himself in court has a fool for a client and an ass for an attorney."

Individuals have rights under our Constitutional contract.

Free includes debt-free!

Great Vid,

The problem as I have expierenced it, is that the government ignores our constitutional rights. From the local to the State and Federal level we no longer have our rights as outlined in the constitution respected. What we need is just one more law. A law that states that if our rights are proven to be violated in court by any level of government we have a recourse. The recourse of being able to collect punitive damages and attorney fees from that government in court. Untill they start losing major money on the constitutional violations they will continue to violate the basic rights we have.

more like the money should

more like the money should come straight out of the pockets of all the government employees that violated a persons rights

Exactly Right

Now the first defense of government is thier governmental immunity, take that away and they are vulnerable to suits. A long story short. About 7 years ago my 16 year old son was assualted by a public school janitor. We had witnesses, police report, no doubt the situation happened. The city prosecuter would not pursue it. I was told by the city attorney, "that school has been pulling this shit for years and unless your kid was half beaten to death, I am not issuing a warrent on that janitor". I had an attorney who requested a due process hearing in federal court. When the district court judge ruled in our favor the school system appealed it to the 6th circuit court of appeals. They had 2 large law firms and the money to simply fight this all the way. My file on this is over 6" thick with legal correspondence from the schools expensive law firms. When they appealed this my attorney called me and said "unless you have $40,000 in advance for legal fees, I am not going to argue this case in the 6th circuit". We settled for attorney fees.

Every Government position in the Banks...

Is wide open for a RICO suit, as is Hillary Clinton!!

ya this one needs all our

ya this one needs all our study. I think towards the end of part one, like 10 or 11 he spoke about the fact that our recourse is there in the law, all court fees paid and some other stuff. Today I am on with part 2. This is just a most important course which fired me up and taught me a LOT about our rights that I was not really aware of. This man has it going on!

Part V is good -Common Law

thanks for sharing !!!

Bump for front page plz.



your welcome

wisdom is better than weapons of war...

Wisdom is better than weapons of War.....

Found a playlist

It has all eleven videos in section one.

Great find, by the way - thanks.


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what an informative title!

Now I know there's been great discussion on this guy before:

"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?


wish i would of saw this sooner!

Wisdom is better than weapons of War.....

Do you know anything more about Carl Miller?

He is quite a talker.

Seems like I have heard of him, but...

Thanks for posting this. I haven't had this much fun with the law, ever.

Make the Constitution work for you in realtime.

Free includes debt-free!

Well I now know all of part

Well I now know all of part one, and I say unto everyone, why are we allowing any of this Homeland Security stuff to continue? The TSA restricts our rights to unencumbered travel and illegal searches. Most of Obama's executive orders in time of emergency are UN- constitutional and must be void.
I am an American. How do I sue against these things?

This is SO great, and SO

This is SO great, and SO clear!! We can end all these "executive orders" and much else! Everyone needs to read this and start studying. I am on the 5th part. I am blown away by our power!

This is relevant to several DP conversations of late.

The DPer from Le Paz

Bradley Manning case

The proposed restrictions on the free press and free speech.

ObomaCare or the Patriot Act, are repugnant to the Constitution.

We don't need to submit to restrictions of travel and checkpoints.

Just finished part 1. Lots of Questions.

Free includes debt-free!

I hope you're not talking

about Prof de la Paz...

No La Paz County AZ


Free includes debt-free!

duh...sorry Paul

Off topic, but Arizona is a strange place. You have all this stuff there. Phoenix is dry, brown and desert...but an hour north they say it green and snow.

Two of my brothers and a ton of people said...Phoenix ehhh...Flagstaff?...ahhhhh...

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Good Morning Ms. K

Forgot to log off last night, coffee in hand now. Just getting warmed up.

Free includes debt-free!

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Bookmarked for later.

Looks like a great Constitutional resource.

Undo what Wilson did