Ron Paul and the Texas GOP Revolt

There is a revolt brewing in the Texas GOP.

Texas conservatives have worked for years to establish a truly limited-government platform according to the original Republican philosophy. When they finally succeeded, their party treated them to a lukewarm handshake and a slap in the face.

Today's party leadership stands for everything but what the Texas GOP platform tries to accomplish - and Texas conservatives just aren't going to take it anymore.

Their plan of action: Stay home in the next election and hand their party a wipe-out loss that will send it reeling and hopefully make the leadership a bit more reflective about the wishes of its base.

At least, that was their un-announced plan until Ron Paul started running for the GOP nomination for its presidential candidate in 2008.

Now, everything looks different.

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Texas can do it Big...............

Straw polls come and go, and everyone knows that folks are paid to vote, and most have miniscule turnout. But here comes ole Texas. A State that won't be denied notariety. Texans, here's your chance to stand up for one of your favorite sons - Rep. Ron Paul! If you push him to a big win, it'll surely get some favorable media attention. Surely you Texans won't stand up for Mitt, Obama, Hillary, Rudy..........these clowns don't care about you - or America! Remember the Ron Paul.

alan laney


Texans are an ornery bunch. Not all, but quite a few. They can only take so much then they dig in their heels and say Whoa. So it's finally happened that they've joined the RP Revolution. Bout time, Cowboys, but better late than never.

With the giant NAFTA highway under construction outside Laredo, and with more roads becoming toll roads throughout the state (not to mention the strident yelps of Alex Jones of Austin) I kept wondering, how do they put up with that stuff? In Massachusetts they would have been in the streets long ago. But then again, Texans tend to keep to themselves and Massachusetts folks are rabble-rousers.

I am very encouraged by the posting and that the Texans will not only support Dr. Paul, but will work vigorously to take their state back. Hey, Chuck Norris lives in Dallas - get him on board too.

Hopeful Sign

The Libertarian Party is particularly strong in Texas due to defections that have already taken place.

I trust they will inform the letter's author of the typos and spelling mistakes before the letter goes out. ;)

Good work.


What do you think?



i've long thought that with the proper push, texas could join the revolution. i'll be getting on the letter-writing, and as someone who grew up part of the time in a part of texas just south west of paul's district, i'll be personalizing them. guys, gals, get on this. there's a thread at on calling texans here:

and one on mailing texans somewhere but i can't find it.

get moving, this could be really big. it's up to us.


I was also looking for addresses of persons registered for the straw poll but can't find them. Does anyone here know a website?