Combat Veterans Support Ron Paul

The above video was created by SGT Kyle Sanders. In his email, he writes in part:

I have created a simple Youtube video endorsing Ron Paul and encouraging other service members to vocalize their messages as well. I feel that there may be several other service members who are willing to make Youtube videos and start Meetup groups, but because they don't see it on Youtube, Technorati or DailyPaul, they are hesitant to join in the momentum. . . I believe there are several thousand soldiers, airmen, marines and veterans of every branch that are both active duty, discharged or retired that would like to spread the word as well.

In his powerful video description on YouTube, SGT Sanders writes:

My name is SGT Kyle Sanders. I endorse, support and believe in Ron Paul and his message. I encourage other service members to voice their support as well. We swore an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies. It is our duty as armed service members to keep that oath.

Ron Paul is succeeding because he tells the truth, even when people don't want to hear it. He leads an exemplary life of humility and hard work. He is consistent and very bright. He solves problems by learning about their origin, which usually are found to contradict the Constitution and by providing a solution which always obeys or seeks to legally amend it.

Ron Paul is from a strong community of devoted families who care for each other and understand what it takes to keep that community strong: volunteerism combined with free markets in a moral society where people respect each others' privacy and diversity without subsidizing it.

Veterans! Let your voice be heard. If you believe in Ron Paul's message, share your thoughts and ideas on Youtube. Help build the momentum of his campaign. The public respects the opinions of service members, especially when they are reasonable and in defense of civil liberty.

One voice can spread hope. A few voices lead to confidence. Many voices lead to action. Action leads to change.


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Our Military is the best in the world.. if allowed to do their job, no other army can stand against it.. Our Troops are the most brave warriors in the world. Its unfortunate we have idiots running this country in Washington DC (district of corruption) who have never had to carry a rifle to defend this country.. they were born with silver spoons up their butts!. Its ok to make a war policy to send other peoples sons, daughters husbands and fathers to wars that are undeclared, but they sure won't send thier own families.. Gee why doesn't chelsea clinton go into the military.. her mom thought it was a good idea to go into iraq! If we as a nation go to war, then congress needs to declare it.. then everyone from age 18 to 45 goes to war, kicks the crap out of the enemy and comes home 2 days later.. this is how wars should be fought.. NO MORE POLICEING WARS! My hat is off to all who serve thier country .. You Men and Women are truly HEROES! GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND COME HOME THE SAME WAY YOU LEFT! RON PAUL IN 08!!!!!

Green Zone Meetup

Let's first make sure that this meetup is real and not disinformation before everyone embraces it like a flock of lesbian seagulls (expression courtesy of Beavis and Butthead).

Why is the organizer, Ron Paul Guy, hiding his identity? Is he American military? Civil service? Contractor? Iraqi? NSA or CIA?

If he is an American, he has his First Amendment rights regardless whether he might be in uniform. He would have no legal obligation to refrain from political support of Dr. Paul's candidacy for President, although I believe that there are certain restrictions on photos for active personnel. Could someone in the military please cite those rules?

There should be no reason for any military in Iraq to think that they are at risk for supporting Dr. Paul. In an email msg., I have asked Ron Paul Guy to show that he is real.

Yours very Truly,


If he is in the military in

If he is in the military in Baghdad by orders he cannot wear civilian clothes and if he is uniform he cannot participate in politics.

Please define "participate"

and please also cite the relevant military regulations that address what political behaviour that is not permitted while in active duty uniform.

I am not condeming the

I am not condeming the Baghdad meetup guy at all. My point is that the army regulations are a good reason why this soldier would want to keep his identy secret. The regulation is AR 670-1-10 j (1) and (2).

Military for Ron Paul

SGT. Sanders thank you for your service to our country and coming forward to support another brave patriot Ron Paul. Both of you are inspiration to the rest of us and what it means to be a citizen of the United States.
This is why the Constitution is so precious and vital to a strong Republic.
The peaceful descent from a popular course of action,
protected under the Constitution. Gotta love it!

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

Really touching, but...

I wish you had moved the graphic, "I am a combat veteran" to the top of the presentation and left "I support Ron Paul" at the end, where you had it.

I also wish there had been some audio narration to accompany the photos, which were moving and memorable. I wanted to know about the girl in the helicopter, the Afghani guy who played guitar (?) and what it was like to be on a Medevac team in combat. But most of all I wanted to hear why you support Dr. Paul and not somebody else.

Good, though. The pictures were tops. Thanks for doing it.

Very nice video

I don't think it gets any deeper than this, when a candidate gets support from an armed servicemen. That alone should obliterate the word, "fringe" from all the so called fair & balanced reporters in national media. Ron Paul is the closest that we've been to a founding father figure in this country in a very...very long time. Thank you SGT Kyle Sanders, for the nice video and the kind words.

Military For Paul

Hey, Michael,

Did you ever see this link? You might want to post this on the main page.

I liked the video and the music . . . nice work.

MeetUp for Ron Paul in the Baghdad GreenZone

There is a Ron Paul meetup in the green zone in Baghdad.

Sgt Sanders might think of letting people he knows in Bagdad about that group. Eventually that will become a news story.

They have 2 members

It's unfortunate that when I went to check out the Baghdad Meetup group, there were all these people from other meetup groups in the States signing up as members. I noticed that a lot of these ppl were members of 5 to 10 groups. Do they not know that this inflates the meetup numbers? Anyway, they ought to delist themselves if they have no hope of ever attending a Baghdad meetup, and just take the time to visit the site from time to time to see what's going on.
Also, the troops in the ME aren't allowed to access YouTube just so you'd know.


Thanks for your service for our country, your video was EXCELLENT but
it is sad to see again we are in NO WIN WARS, this has to stop.

My prayers are always with you all in harms way, May God Be With YOU
ALL !!!

"Freedom is a right that can never be won in war,only by each individual "

Send this to Hannity and Limbaugh

not that they'd actually read/view it and talk about it on their shows...

Bless You

This is such a moving and meaningful video. Thank you so much for your service and your committment. I have yet to run across a Veteran or Active Duty service member who does not appreciate the Ron Paul platform. While the flag is our symbol, these folks all know that our Constitution IS America.

cee cee

A Fellow Crew Chief.

Very moving video to me due to the fact that I am a RP supporter and just retired from a medevac unit after 20 years. I was a medevac crewchief. I loved the peaceful quiet camping scenes at the end for that is exactly what I wanted when I was in Iraq.
My medevac unit went to Afganistan but I was pulled and sent as a GSAB Crewchief to Iraq.