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Back from Costa Rica...the USA has hands in All Cookie Jars (_)

Just got back and boy things are changing worldwide.....Summer has just started and the weather is GORGEOUS... but some interesting things have happened just in the few months I have been away. First off the dollar has fallen substantially against the local currency and it even fell 1% more while I was there....in just 9 days. Also inflation has hit hard on food prices, property, fuel, etc. What used to be great deals now costs more than the United States (Like Cucumbers & Tomatoes)and they also have a Costco called "PriceSmart" and talk about inflation...yikes. Everything is triple...compared to here. Another interesting point that I need to make is that the locals will no longer accept the "Dollar" because they feel it is too unstable (Which is a joke, because the Costa Rican currency is pegged to the dollar). I was buying some groceries at the local market, and when I was paying, I tried to pay in dollars which I have always done in the past and was denied. No more dollars.

The Costa Rican Government also just had to print a $40 (US) bill. If this is not the sign of the times. The $20 (US) bill was the highest they made, and people would resist taking such a big bill, but now the $40 bill has arrived. In Costa Rica, the money is approx 500 colones (Pronounced Colone-ease) to $1. So this is a 20,000 colone note ($40 US). A 50,000 colones note is coming. Here is a picture of it...


Next, as I went to the bank, new laws have been enacted now requiring United States IRS forms for banking in Costa Rica. Can you believe that? My friend who has been in Costa Rica for over 13 years went to buy a new car and they required a W-4 form from the United States. Also for me to make a small deposit just to keep my bank account open they needed to verify many US items that I have never encountered before.

Also Costa Rica is revaluing all of the land down there to increase taxes. The taxes are super cheap right now on property....that is going away.

Random Police stops to check your papers have popped up around the country, the same as the US. They don't check for anything, just trying to get people accustomed to being stopped with police with machine guns.

Also the push for using credit cards is huge. Most Costa Ricans did not want credit cards, but Visa and Mastercard did a promotion 2 years ago unlike anything I have ever seen....50% Off most things if you pay with credit card. This was brilliant. It took Costa Rica by storm...now, guess what.....everybody has a credit card.

All of the writing is on the wall for a one world government and policed world by the US as well as a cashless and tracked society. It is amazing to watch this happen.
It is also interesting that the airlines to buy food or drink during the flight no longer accepts cash.

And I couldn't finish my little report without talking about the TSA agents. Every time I travel I watch these people and look at their demeanor as well as how they handle their job, and I always listen to little gems in their comments. This time a couple of the TSA people were arguing over their 15 minute break as you would expect from a Wal-Mart style employee. The attention that they give to their job is next to nothing. I am not going to say any more....but the TSA is a disgrace to the United States on many levels. Also the backscatter x-ray machines were gathering dust in Dallas, that was a nice surprise!

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They take the colone over the dollar now?!?

What?!?! I haven't been down there for 5 or 6 years. Last time I was there everyone would happily take dollars.


except in the tourist/Americanized areas. Small towns outside San Jose I was declined on dollars....even at the gas stations.


I sent this post to a relative who owns property in Costa Rica and spends a few months a year there. The relative was like, "who is this guy? this is funny...I don't experience this at all. The renal agent asked for my full payment and deposit in dollars." And this relative also deals with their bank regularly down there and says that the contact at the bank has repeatedly recommended staying in dollars when asked if the change to colones would be more appropriate. (Of course this relative is very accustomed to following government regulations and does not think a rise in the very low taxes there would be much of an inconvenience...at least to him.)

This relative is heading down soon, so I'll make sure to get a full report and post.

Ha I do

not have my house in this type of area. My house is up in the coffee mountains in Puriscal. Of course it sounds like your friend lives in one of the "Americanized" tourist areas. Those areas will still take dollars like Tamarindo or Guanacosta. These are tourist American areas where the price of everything was and is very high compared to the small "Real" towns of Costa Rica. They will also take dollars in San Jose, and Escazu. But as soon as you get to Ciudad Colon, Ortega, Santa Maria, or any other small town...NOPE. No more. Not even the gas stations. Tourist areas will take dollars yes...they will take anything since the tourism business has crashed....
I will be back in Costa Rica on Jan 17th again.

Nowhere To Run

Indeed, we must be willing to stand our constitutional ground and fight the impending tyranny or suffer the consequences. We have no other choice as demonstrated by your recently unfortunate experience in Costa Rica. Costa Ricans don't accept the US dollar because they're not as dirty as their government which is deeply indebted to the US.




Thanks for the story. I had always thought of Costa Rica as a place of retreat but it sounds like I will have to choose somewhere in South America instead.

In Cozumel as well....

Thank you for the story. I will add some anecdotal info regarding my last experience in Cozumel Mexico. My wife and I went there about two months ago for some sun and scuba diving. We quickly found that the hotel we were staying at (Iberostar) would not accept dollars for services, but required Pesos. Same goes for their gift shop. We paid for our rooms with a credit card...

Anyone know if the banks in

Anyone know if the banks in Panama have the same setup nowadays?

Yes they do

Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico. One of our Costa Rica friends works for one of the big banks and he said the banks are required to do this due to severe pressure from the United States. Look what happened to the Swiss Bank accounts.

that's disgusting to hear,

that's disgusting to hear, enough is enough i say

Thanks, all insights appreciated

Wow, valuable new info... I posted on off-topic thread the other day “Working in Costa Rica” (BTW, thanks for the great information MsKathleen, in case you missed my belated post today; I travel a lot) I’m going to be helping with a health retreat that will be taking some of their programs to Costa Rica. The organization is open to my input on possible purchases of land outslde the U.S. I got them very interested in Costa Rica, partly for selfish, liberty-minded reasons as I would like to work there as a way to possibly move there. But in light of this post, I am more motivated to look at other possibilities. I just watched the Mike Adams video on Alex Jones. I understand he moved to a village in Ecuador. Are other, less civilized places like Ecuador looking better now? I have spent hours looking over past DP threads about places to live. Maybe the game has changed. I would love and appreciate to hear from anyone else who is in this same process, as far as any snags or gems they can share. I want to bring my supplements, silver, etc., and want to know if this can be done. I’m continually impressed by the caliber of info I find here and am beginning to see why my friends are so crazy about the DP. I thought I knew a lot before... Hahaha

Expatriate Does Not Mean Ex-Patriot

Many who are perusing this Costa Rica thread are interested in considering off shore options. I wouldn’t want to divert the thread to the broader context, nor get into a ‘love it or leave it’ debate. While this thread raises excellent points concerning the dynamics of heading for the promised land, the reality of how you might fit in both the broad and narrow context of options depends on your own particulars, as much as that of the jurisdiction of escapade.
I live outside the US. Without a doubt, the US wants all it’s minions to be under, and cast the same, shadow as America, The Supermodel; however, there still remains much cultural and logistical wiggle room for maneuver, depending on the direction you head. Reconnaissance aids in the scheme of things. To this end, I’ll share my perspective in response to any serious inquiries. Feel free to give me a shout by email.


“The night we fled the country, Papi,

You told me we were going to the beach,

Hurried me to get dressed along with the others,

While posted at a window you looked out

We stood awhile, marveling at America,

Both of us trying hard to feel luckier

Than we felt, both of us pointing out

The beach pails, the shovels, the sand castles …”

Excerpted from Julia Alverez’ poem ‘Exile’ as tribute and ironic educational comment.

Stature Of Liberty, A-kilt’r


( Every time I hear this lyric I appreciate it more. )

Staying, and holding is not always the best game/battle plan.


Costa Rica is still

a great place if you just want to fall off the grid. And you can still get your silver and Gold into the country with no checking. Costa Rica is great if you..
Have Chickens for eggs, Have cows for Milk, have pigs for ham, and grow your own garden. It is great. Like I said if you want to fall of the grid and live like a hippie....this is the place.
But if you want any of the amenities that we have here in the states...get ready to pay out the a**.
The entire world is going to get smaller and smaller as the "Terminator" style machines come(ie Predator Drones). The day it all ends is when they switch to 100% cashless. That is it...Game over.
We take so much for granted here in the states. I think everyone should be required to go to Costa Rica or Honduras for 30 days...
Good Running Water, Hot Water, Constant Power, Heat and Air Cnditioning, Good Water Pressure, Bright Lights, Real Internet, No holes in the road that will total your car, A real power grid so your stuff isn't always burning up due to power surges. No need for bars on every window, people actually drive sane, every person is not out to steal from you. This is what we have here still...and that needs to respected. The financial and other economic problems we have are disheartening, but go to one of these countries for a month and see how well you do......(I think the DP community would do better than the average Joe) The average American is a Pu**y and would be crying after day 3. These types of trips are an awakening.
Just like the Palin/Kate Gossling camping trip. She was suppose to camp for 2 days and after 2 hours left the set. You cant see the episode because of Copyright issues...but here is a taste of it. This is most Americans...

Thanks Takeaction

I’m assuming all of the above, no water pressure, no real internet, etc., ARE an issue in CR, even now, if you are off the grid. I’m wondering if you or anyone can comment on the difference in safety between specific areas of Costa Rica. I am told that it is 2nd amendment “friendly?” Also, would love to know if you or anyone reading this has run into any bad experiences from the local police. A friend of a friend said they encountered bribery just to drive around town. Is this just in certain areas? I am concerned about the corruption and personal safety, any areas to avoid?
BTW, I'm a mechanical engineer who is quite handy with VW repair, essentially anything mechanical. Is this skillset in demand there?

Thanks for all the info

sad to hear...

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

The Bankers Are Running The World !

And paid off politicians are letting it happen.

But, I don't think it will last because at some point the U.S. dollar will crash in value,,,then it's watch out below !


Thank you for sharing this

Thank you for sharing this info with us. None of those will happen if the FED will not print the money for the Gov. to bribe those countries into following the global agenda.

We need to end their plans,

We need to end their plans, period. Thanks for posting.


that is sad good luck, thanks for the update.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

The US

government has its hands in ALL cookie jars.

Blood on their hands....

Massive blood on their hands from the Bay of Pigs which is still all warm in their minds.

Moderators: ban this troll

He posts on every thread like a dog peeing on trees, nothing but irrelevancies, hate and pure insanity. He is a disinformation troll out to make the DP look uninformed and crazed.

And a bump for a great post from takeaction. Thank you -- I'm thinking of moving abroad myself, and this is good stuff to know.

Recommended reading: The Most Dangerous Superstition by Larken Rose

Very interested in reading later


"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they attack you, then you win!"

"The belief is worthless if the fear of social and physical punishment overrides the belief."

Anywhere you have a large

Anywhere you have a large population of Americans this crap will go on. It's easy for the printing press of the world to get control of a government. I'll bet the Fed handed Costa Rica a bundle of cash to be able to do what you're saying.

I remember working for a company in Asia that received a letter from the IRS stating that the company was required to report any US citizens it had as clients. My boss showed me the letter and said, "What's this about? Why do we have to do this?" I read the letter then crumpled it up in a ball, threw it in the trash can and said, "You don't!" We both had a good chuckle and moved on....

reedr3v's picture


response : )

No place to hide...

Hope you had some enjoyable times as well... :)

You got that right

1 world government on the way!


Thanks for posting.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

I went to costa rica

in 1999. It was awesome. We stayed at Cabinas Las Olas (http://www.cabinaslasolas.co.cr/). Its amazing to hear all of that crap because none of that existed in 99.