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Did Ron Paul Sell Out? John Bush Gets A Surprising Interview

So now do you see how these organizations called, 'political parties' are nothing but 'protection rackets'?


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That clip was posted here before ...

If you really want a good clarification on this ...

Mr. Bush should interview Debra Medina.

The bottom line is that Ron Paul, long ago, decided to use the Republican party to spread his ideas.

And the Republican Party finally cashed in their chips last year.

Yes, Paul could go independant and give the one finger salute.

But, let's put our reality cap on and play the game. Did Ron Paul make the right move?

Where is Ron Paul right now?
Is he not a chairman of a sub-committee?
Is his ideas starting to go viral?
Did he compromise his ideals?
Has he gained a new aly in congress?
Does Paul know something that we do not know about Lamar's opponent?


Sometimes the numbers are what makes a difference,one step at a time,Ron knows what he is doing.

I don't know about you but I am a republican with libertarian leanings.I am a shopper for persons with the right ideas and never mental block any ideas because of source.

If I disappear from a discussion please forgive me. My 24-7 business requires me to split mid-sentence to serve them. I am not ducking out, I will be back later to catch up.

strategy over idealism

People who bash Ron Paul for this are the reason libertarians never succeed. Politics aren't perfect, Ron Paul damn near is. Trust him, and go OFFLINE and do something today that's viable for liberty.

This must be quite old...

It mentions December 30th that the endoresment went out for Lamar Smith.

I guess that makes it about a year old. or mayber 3 years old - I don't know.

I'm not going to slam Anisha though. I don't want to kill the messenger. And it is an interesting if not disturbing move by Dr. Paul.

That being said I can't imagine the flack he must get from the "republican" party and I imagine the GOP would like nothing better than for Ron Paul to quit.

He's the very best chance for liberty we have I think.

And he may not be prefect but he's human and I wil never forget the absolute war he fought in the 2008 republican debates against the other candidates for president.

I stand by Dr, Paul because I don't know the kind of pressure he may have been under here to support someone who I would think he must not agree with.

But I do hope it doesn't become a pattern.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Come on guys

We have to think for ourselves. We've known this for a long, long time. I think John Bush is naive. Too much of an idealist. It is entirely possible that we (he) would not have his subcommittee position right now if he had not supported. There are certain rules, obviously, when you are running in a PARTY. Just like Ron Paul says about earmarks, this is a similar deal. He requires that we THINK FOR OURSELVES. Can we do it, or do we just believe and do whatever he has to do? He told the truth about WHY he endorsed the incumbent, what more can he do. To bash him for telling the truth and not understand what he is saying is naive or 'trouble maker' on Bush side. Bush and Bleith, sometimes I just don't know (well, yes I do, but I will be nice)!!!!!

Isn't that the guy they busted in during the Rand Paul campaign?

Even if it is not, sorry OP, this was the straw. Bye.

Free includes debt-free!

Yeah it was someone who looked just like that.

Nearly had the same face so...possibly a relative.

SteveMT's picture

This is trash.

How many times has Ron Paul been on the short side of 434-1 votes in the House?
How many times has Ron Paul voted "Nay" on Bills that were unconstitutional?
How times has Ron Paul crossed party lines to made alliances with people of Barney Frank and Dennis Kucinich?
How many times has Ron Paul alienated and isolated himself by going against his own Repug brethren about wars, spending, and big government?

But that is not good enough in your view, so you bring this kind of a story here. Like I said this story is trash, IMO.

Rep. Ronald Paul
Republican • 14th District, Texas • 11th Term • Sworn In 1975
Current Term 2009 - 2010

* 64 Sponsored Bills (Ranks 9 of 440) 1 Made Into Law (Ranks 45 of 440)
* 388 Co-Sponsored Bills (Ranks 146 of 440) 4 Made Into Law (Ranks 428 of 440)

* Most often votes with:
* Rep. Paul Broun
* Rep. Walter Minnick

* Least often votes with:
* Rep. Anh Cao
* Rep. David Price

* Votes with party 77%[Only one person ranks lower]
* Abstains: 8%


Worst part is....

He's actually standing up for Liberty just like Kokesh, Schiff, Towne and John Dennis.

Tim Turner, the one whom Anisha follows...is not. He data-mines patriots so FBI & likewise can harass them.

Hey Anisha Why Dont You Go Dumpster Diving For Some Old

Ron Paul Newsletters that might really solidify your position here.

Your feelings are hurt because no one is jumping on your Timmy Turner Express complete with IDs...Get over it before you get tossed off this website.

You were once on fire here on the right issues,please get back to your roots and stop this Tim Turner nonsense and old issues that Paul has already dealt with...

this issue has been thoroughly discussed

just wondering if you're a "liberal-libertarian".

btw if i'm not mistaken, i read on libertyforest forum that this john bush guy and his woman have called ron paul a traitor

you with them now?

btw, this is an extremely old issue that was already discussed

people already talked this through. i for one don't think you're worth starting it all over again. do some due diligence and dig into the damn archives perhaps.
where the fuk you been?

dramatic fail of epic proportions

I'm friends with John and

I'm friends with John and Catherine. They never called Dr. Paul a traitor.

then you're not my friend,

then you're not my friend, nor my ally. won't ever be

not that you care

neither do i

btw, read post below bout your "lie"
claiming something you don't know as "never having existed", much?

you're friends with someone who claims ron paul is our enemy and a "traitor", grats

guilt by association? you bet

Are you sure?

"Yes, I think he is a traitor to the liberty movement at this time, and I am entitled to that opinion. I worked my butt off for him, sacrificed a LOT, and while I learned a lot about humanity and life and love, he is not the man I thought he was when I was knocking on doors in the fall of 2007." Catherine Bleish

Link to full quote:

Was that not Catherine? Or was somebody impersonating her? Was she taken out of context or perhaps taken too literally? Does John feel the same way?Do they both still feel that way, if not have they or she apologized? You seem to come to their defense a lot, according to past threads, so it caught my eye that you would deny this or not know about it. Did she indeed not say this or are you just sticking up for a friend? I'm just curious why you would deny that, perhaps i had the story wrong and you can set me straight?


She's a young girl, hopefully she would use different words today. It's a naive reaction to not that big of a problem. She should definitely apologize, since Ron Paul has done FAR greater things that forever transcend a basic compromise with the Texas GOP.

like i give a shit even if

like i give a shit even if she were 3 yrs old

you take responsibility for your words and actions, that's how the real world works

i'm neither her friend nor her family. by the same logic, perhaps it made no sense that ron paul apologized for the newsletter which he said he didn't even write (and i believe him)

now a person can't even take responsibility for the words out of her own mouth?

btw she's older than me. a lot, i think.

Wow Anisha, talk about the Pot calling the Kettle black....

The exact same could be said of your Idol worship for an extremely flawed individual known as Tim Turner....who unlike the Good Dr. is not on the right side of liberty.

And what is your evidence exactly that Ron Paul is doing anything out of the ordinary & selling everyone out?

He supports his own district? Are you serious....

So if I got elected to office and supported my state Senator, am I automatically a sellout now too? Even though I'll pretty much vote the exact way Ron Paul or Paul Ryan does - nearly every time - by voting against the war & bailouts?

As for the GOP.....Don't make me laugh. The GOP is so over with its nearly imploded. And it is definitely thanks to Ron Paul and many like him waking them up.

Be honest with yourself...you were deceived by Turner. Everyone here who supports Ron Paul, we don't idolize or worship him. We only support and applaud his ideas. There is an enormous difference...Whereas you literally worship Tim Turner who is basically a con job.