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Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory 12.17.10 - 9/11 Pentagon Attack

Was this ever posted?? I couldn't find it anywhere. Well, here is last Friday's episode of Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura regarding the Pentagon attack on 9/11.


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Regardless of the talk, that clearly was NO random airplane...

Jesse Ventura Vindicated?

What kind of "Airplane hijackers" write "God Bless America" all over the inside of the Pentagon debris.....anyone want to toss a guess?

Not only does none of it make sense, Muslims typically don't join cliques where they suddenly gain brand new "high end" technology that can blow a hole that is perfectly circular into the side of the Pentagon...

None of this rules out a Military drone or bomb...yet it rules out a missile did this sort of perfect damage.

I posted it...

here: http://ventura4president2012.com/conspiracy-theory-with-jess...

Along with a video that links to every episode (Fair Use).

Jack Wagner

Thanks for sharing.