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Who Will Be Our Modern Day Jefferson?

"There is a bigger, better crusade for Ron Paul to lead, however. It could be implemented NOW, rather than in 50 years. And it wouldn't diminish his effort to expose the Fed and eventually phase it out.

Ron Paul needs to think "Independent Crusade" in the manner of Ross Perot in 1992, which would get him into the National TV Presidential Debates. The importance of this is that it puts Congressman Paul in front of 70 million voters on the major networks. Getting into the Republican nomination debates in primary season (as he did in 2008) only puts him in front of 10 million voters on the cable stations. Running as a Republican nominee is small potatoes. The big prize is the fall Presidential Debates. But only an Independent run can bring this about because Paul is not going to get into those debates as the GOP nominee.

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Some farmer of officer

Some farmer or military officer who get screwed over for something really outlandish imo.


I think about the recent

I think about the recent elections, and I become hopeful, maybe people are getting a clue.

Then I think -- these same voters gave us McCain, Obama... sorry, not so hopeful

People still think it's a question of Republican vs Democrat, with no desire to seek the truth or listen to someone like Dr Paul.

I mean our little successes here and there are great news of course, but, still, just so many blank stares...

Sorry to be a downer, I hope it's just the weather

*** God bless Ron Paul ***
* Ron Paul For President *

Contingency tickets for POTUS 2012

With the next POTUS election season getting ready to start, the election of a President Paul would be the surest way to restore our Republic. Can we, however, rely on Republican primary voters to do the right thing . . . not necessarily. We need a Liberty plan B in the event plan A (Ron Paul) does not secure the GOP nomination.

Plan B would require that constitutional 3rd parties work together for a coalition ticket. Whomever currently has the best ballot access, and would accomodate such a venture, should be used to maximize campaign dollars (ballot access is very expensive to procure). This coalition ticket would also need to pre-select an executive cabinet. This would indicate to the American voter that the coalition's Presidential ticket will hit the ground running. This would also serve to duplicate the campaign's message over and over.

Imagine a roster of cabinet nominees like the following:
Defense Secretary . . . Jesse Ventura
Attorney General . . . Andrew Napolitano
Secretary of State . . . Pat Buchanon
Homeland Security . . . Chuck Baldwin
Education Secretary . . . John Taylor Gotto
FED Chairman . . . G. Edward Griffin
CIA Director . . . Bob Barr
. . . O.K., you get the idea.

As far as the top of the ticket for either plan A or B, I like Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Jim DeMint, or even William Weld.

You know, we could even have a plan C where the democratic incumbent is also challenged by the likes of Brian Schweitzer and Jim Webb in the democratic primary contest.

Hell Yes He Can Win

Ron Paul can win the republican nomination. Given whats happened since the last run and given the right campaign management backed by the most involved grass roots supporters ever, hell yes he can win. Last time Ron Paul was basically unknown to the majority of the voting public. The issues as I seem them are: the size and over reaching of federal government,the foolish foreign wars, (I have yet to find a republican who can justify 10 years in Afghanistan and Iraq)and the feds destructive money printing. Combine those issues with the lefts support of cival rights, the constitutional freedom message and we have a winning combination of issues that no other GOP candidate has. With some money, the right political commercials (the 08 youtube vids were brilliant) showing that RP has been well infront of everyone on these issues and the economy. Add the most active and enthused supporters of any candidate, Hell YES he can win. Now lets get Ron Paul elected in 2012.

Ask Ralph Nader about getting into Presidential debates.

Ross Perot was the last person to enter a debate as an independent. Because of his success, the committee that puts the debates togehter (a private company) no longer allows anyone other than a repub or dem to enter the debate. The premise of this article about the debates is misguided.



Thanks for posting.

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Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Ron Paul is the Jefferson by FACT, not by platitude

Ron Paul is the Thomas Jefferson of our Day because of who he is, not because snotty-nosed children pretending to be analysts, bark empty words.

A true statesman, with 30 years of unflinching, principled defense of the Constitution of the United States, backed by every vote he has ever taken, fearlessly talked of American fascism, Nafta Super-Highway, US delusional foreign policy and warmongering, Blowback, ending the FED, sound money, bringing the troops home, The US Empire, the coming economic crash, the still coming currency crisis, loss of our sacred individual liberties, while ALL OTHER politicians of all parties cowered, pretended none of this was happening; cringing, hiding, lying, and blowing empty, meaningless words up the bungholes of the American sheeple.

FIND another statesman of Ron Paul's caliber and service-record. Then you can play your little games about who is the Thomas Jefferson of our day.

I agree that Ron Paul

is THE statesman of our time. I hope you aren't referring to me "playing games" as I only posted the article, I didn't write it or title it (obviously).

Sorry, I was not referring to you at all, or anyone but

talking heads on tv in general. I appologize. I wrote this in anger that some might toss the rubric "Thomas Jefferson of our day" around like they cheapened and co-opted Tea Party (Dec 16, 2007 original). My comment is really off the point of the article and I should not have written it here in this context. I was blinded my my fit of anger. Thank you for gently nudging me :)

I appreciate your post.

American Political "Parties" Are A Joke, IMHO !

MONEY is what is running the country, and how can the good Doctor compete against a regime that is currently authorized to print money out of thin air?

Here is a snip from history:


The origin and development of the American political parties stand entirely apart from the U.S. Constitution. Nowhere in it are they mentioned or even anticipated. Throughout American history they have been instruments of the democratization of the Constitution as well as a result of that process. The parties and their system of loyalty transformed the electoral college and the entire process of electing an American president into something approaching a majoritarian decision.


LMFAO, here we go again,

LMFAO, here we go again,

Spout about things that Nolan Chart and most have no clue about and how the political game is played.

Ross Perot was able to get into debates because he was a Billionaire way back then yes billionaire. He spent tens of millions of his own money to make sure he was on the ballots in every state and I don't think he even got on all the ballots.

You people spouting this really have no clue do you?

How many national seats has the (L) or (I) party won in the last say 35 years? Answer : NONE Why is that?

I would explain it in detail but I am not going to waste any more time on this, go do the research yourself before spouting this nonsense.

No indy candidate is going to win ANY national seat unless they can raise a couple hundred million dollars to spend and even then it is a long shot.

You want Ron Paul to win? Go and become a delegate for him.



I'd rather have a bottle in front o' me than a frontal lobotomy

I will. Will you?

It is a savior self situation.

Do you think Franklin and Jefferson and Adams stood around and wondered which one of them would be the hero? NO. They took it upon themselves to STAND ON THEIR OWN.
STOP waiting for a hero! BE ONE. Just a little one, just in your life, but STAND UP. Stop bowing down to other men. You have been programmed your entire friggin' life that it is good to get on your knees and do as the man in the funny hat or dress tells you. STOP IT. GET UP. LIVE LIKE A FREE MAN TODAY. Yep, someone may shoot you for it eventually. But until then...

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

third party during primaries= disaster

running as an independent only marginalizes his run(that is if he does run again in 2012). The best thing for Dr. Paul would be to run on the republican ticket during the presidential primaries. Now hoping that Dr. Paul gets over 50 million dollars in donations (AT LEAST), then I think it would then, and only then, be appropriate to run as an independent. Dr. Paul has even stated himself that running as an independent would be the wrong move....don't you all remember the MSM trying to get Dr. Paul to run as an independent even before the primaries weren't even finished and there wasn't a Republican nominee.

- Brennan

Ron Paul = Thomas Paine

Ron Paul is our generation's Thomas Paine. Our Jefferson has yet to come..

I was going to post something

I was going to post something like that.

Yes, the new Jefferson will have to come later. We have some work to do first.

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Wit in the historic sense of the word.

"Brevity is the spice of wit." - common wisdom through the ages.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Maybe we should look

in the mirror for a hero.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

We Don't Need A Jefferson

We need a Patrick Henry and a Sam Adams.

the french had plenty

the french had plenty

Big Shoes to fill..

Whatever happens it sure will be interesting.



I think the best quote is back in the GOP debates they asked Ron Paul about winning the GOP or something, with his different views. He replied "I am trying to become president of the United States, not the president of the Republican party."

No he wasn't

He was still running to spread the message. Now I want him to run to WIN.