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Am I The Last Person on Earth to See This? Keynes v Hayek Rap Video

I haven't seen this posted yet on the DP...but, if it already has been, I apologize. I am probably the last person on Earth to see it. Don't know how it got past me.


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That's one of my all-time favorite videos

Here's another youtube video most of you will enjoy:

The Making of the Keynes-Hayek Rap: Economic Theory Meets Popular Culture [John Papola]


The Keynes vs Hayek music video producer, John Papola, also produces the 'Deadliest Warrior' series for Spike TV.

Fear the Boom and Bust

Hahh, great song. I remember when this came out, my dad heard it/about it on NPR and sent me a link.
Thanks for the post!

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1st time for me.

Thanks for posting. It's going on my fb page :-)

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we now also have something called fire. ;)


awwww. c'mon!

I can't keep up with everything out there on the FaceTube...I have to live my life at some point! :(

I just saw it yesterday for

I just saw it yesterday for the first time too.

Yes...with the

exception of "the Bernack" you would be the last.

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(except for maybe my Uncle Chuck)

yeah i have seen it

but its fun to watch again. I will put it on my news site later.

here this is in case you missed this one its awesome


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I posted it last night on

I posted it last night on here, but my stuff usually falls off fast..:)

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how's your Martian rock collection?

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it's been around for a few

it's been around for a few months now. Judge Nap just had the creators of the vid on his show again this week